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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I've got an Alto 800 (2008). The driver side door of it needs to be slammed to lock properly. I could see that the door beading is a bit worn out which makes the slamming noice louder. I've tried lubricating the door latches / locks as well. Any idea of how to fix this problem at home? Appreciate if you can put some references to parts shops if need any. Thanks.
  2. Honda Grace DCT transmission issue is with only 2014/2015 model, not in 2016. is this correct?
  3. Hi All, Need some advice from the experts here regarding a possible gearbox failure in my NZT260 Toyota Allion (1NZ-FE). Couple of days back when I was on the way and fortunately closer to my home the car started to rev high up when accelerating and started experiencing a huge power loss to the wheels. I got home and I have kept the car in place till today without moving it to prevent any further damage. So basically the car engages the Drive mode and when accelerating the car barely moves (does not get past 20 km/h) but the engine revs high up. Only reverse is working without any loss of power. No noise or any cranking is heard from the tranny. Mechanics suggest that it is a common failure in CVT type transmissions in Toyotas' and it cannot be repaired, but replaced the whole transmission in full. All the maintenance have been done through Toyota Lanka and CVT transmission oil was replaced at the recommended intervals right throughout (CVT oil was changed in the last service as well). Toyota Lanka says the part is more than 900k, but recons are around 175k the least. The car has close to 186k mileage. Has anyone else running similar transmission experienced this? Is it possible to repair? If it has to be replaced, any tips on buying the part, replacement? Value all your ideas regarding this Regards.
  4. So guys, I just found out a rat has been attacking my vehicle (toyota aqua) for a while. One of my rear seat is messed up, and few warning lights are always on. Here's a shot. http://d.pr/i/17mtv+ This is my first time dealing with an animal attack and I have no clue what to do. What's the best cause of action? 1. Tow it to nearest toyota service point and get if fixed? 2. Dealing with local garages is a bad idea? (because it's a hybrid) Thanks for your advice. Update I took my car to Toyota Lanka. They immediately disassembled the whole rear section (hybrid unit). The rat has screwed up few wires that are related to temperature sensing of hybrid system. Most of the sponge like material that are between vehicle frame and upholstery has been damaged. Got a damaged seat belt, some plastic covers has been damaged. Found 2 mice under gearbox compartment, and I think they found another in inside AC system. They pretty much disassembled the entire vehicle inside from dashboard. The cost came close to 150,000 and I got 50% of parts covered from SLIC. By the way morning time one of SLIC agent is in Toyota lanka branch everyday, so if you're using SLIC there's a good chance of processing things quickly. They said they are going to cover the fresh air went from outside. Got it fixed within 2 days, I hate this rat.
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