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Found 19 results

  1. hey there, i am in need of some guidance in selecting a correct method to import a vehicle from japan. One of my relatives in Japan bought a 2018 hatchback 1200CC petrol few months back with water damage upto wheel level and have been using it there without any issues. i got my gov permit recently and i want to get that car down here through personnel LC. the reason is i do not have to spend huge amount for the cost of the car. As per my knowledge the CIF value in SL for the same kind of car is about 30 laks but i only have to pay my cousin in japan about 14 laks. if i open an LC for that amount it'll be considered as undervaluation right??? What is the way to open an LC for lesser amount for a damaged vehicle??? anyone with experience in vehicle importation please advice. PS - im not importing this so that i can hide everything and sell it for a profit. im getting it for my own use and so that others wont get rich by using my permit to import cars LOL.
  2. Hey Guys, Could anyone let me know the procedure for importing a vehicle body to Sri Lanka? And the procedure for obtaining a body permit? I have an old Mitsubishi 4DR5 J24 jeep with a badly corroded body(Vehicle Number 65-xxxx). I think it will be cheaper to replace the body rather than restoring it. I've seen similar vehicles available in foreign auctions. Thanks.
  3. Guys, do you know of any good car sellers who import from JDM auctions? A long track record of honesty and reliability is key, as I am wary of deceptive mudalalis. Thanks!
  4. JaiRay

    Importing Engines?

    Was thinking of importing a BMW m50 engine or even a jz motor. Any one have any information how the tax system works for importing just the engine of a car?
  5. Dear friends, Iam planning to import a LHD vehicle from UAE and drive in Sri Lanka, Is it really possible? if yes how much will cost for convert LHD to RHD? And what government guidelines for taxes and other charges, vehicle value is 1.8 M (LKR) Please advise, thanks,
  6. Hi, I'm hoping to import CRV-S AWD for permit. When i checked with agents, there are some import from Australia. There are some who import Honda CRV from Japan. 1. Are there any difference in two vehicles in terms of quality, etc. 2. If yes, what is recommended for SL. Thanks in advance.
  7. i want get some information about cars less than 3.5million for the permit.i know aqua is good but i think its not suitable for heavy load like 5 people in the car with other stuff.Then what's i can buy in this price range.thank you.
  8. Hi, I have been wondering that giving a 3.6 Million tax rebate is not fair on government servants or any individuals who import vehicles for permit. I feel the government has introduced permit just for say cause of strike caused by doctors. The permit which is introduced is of no use to the importers. Is it just me who is feeling like this or any one else ?
  9. I have ordered a brand new wagon r from A*W. I confirmed the order end of november. Two of my friends also ordered another two cars. From the begining of march when I inspect about the car the agent said the car has been arrived and told us to be prepared with the finances within a week. But yesterday when I inspect about it, he said car has not arrived and had just shipped from japan on 25th march. And also due to the yen hike a price rise may occur. My other friends didnt face such an issue and they have even paid the full amount and will receive car soon. When I called the agent he doesnt accept to the fact that he said car has arrived and will facilitate with the invoice. When I asked the number of the manager he doesnt give it either saying it will jeopordize his career. Please can anybody give any idea what ahould I do? I think agent is playing some games for commision. this is my first car and that too I am going to use leasing.
  10. Hello Community, Are there import duty concessions for Sri Lankan businesses that earn foreign exchange. If yes, can you please point me to a reliable information source on the topic. Thanks so much!
  11. Prasad anurudda


    How to rejister
  12. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a new vehicle to buy. I have done research and found there's no good quality vehicles to buy being in my budget which is maximum 2 million. There are some japanese cars but they looks very old (more than 15 years). And I'm not interested in alto even it's brandnew. So my question is whether I have possibility to import a car through auction or whatever for the above budget? If not, what will be the greatest opportunity to buy a car in here. Please help me. Thanks for taking time to tead this ☺.
  13. Hello experts.... I am tired and confused reading the gov websites & other various procedures which didnt help me. My question is Suppose I want to bring down parts of a dismantled motor bike, can i just get someone to ship it to Sri Lanka ? Is the customs going to screw me up ? What are the points I got to be aware of? How do I do this? Please help me out !
  14. Archfiend

    Import Tires

    Greetings All, Is there any restrictions in importing tires via ebay to Sri Lanka. Have anyone tried this? Is importing 4 tires worth the hassle? Because of the tire prices these days I got in to ebay and found a good deal from a seller. Appreciate your responses in advance. Thanks, Archfiend
  15. Which year is considered to be the limit to import a vehicle? Any possibility to import a 2004 model?
  16. Hi, Can anybody explain the import procedure for spare parts. what documents is needed. Do we need to register with VAT. And what is the tax percentage.
  17. Damith87

    Gov Taxes On Import Card/ Suv

    Hi all see this is valuable tread. I have a question, does anyone know how much is the custom calculation & how does it depend on the vehicle type ? I mean tax amount differce on Prius / Allion. Does anyone know how much is it for SUVs & Cars etc ?
  18. gasguzzler

    Using A Carnet & Left Hand Drive

    Hi Everyone, I've been observing this forum for a couple of days and it seems pretty active to actually be of good use.. Keep it up guys. I was just thinking of the possibility in getting a carnet de passage so I could use my Dodge RAM truck in Sri Lanka during my next visit. However is there any sort of restrictions on using a LHD temporarily ? Happy Holidays Everyone !!
  19. Nuwan007lk

    Importing A Toyota Vitz Scp 90

    Hi Guys, I'm planing to import a 2009 Dec/ 2010 Jan Toyota Vitz SCP90, auction grade 4 car from Japan. I studied some online auction site statistics and seems like we can get hold of one for about 650,000 Yen. (average) But I'm a bit concerned about the duty that I will have to pay at the port, according to my knowledge this is what I have gathered so far and guys please correct me if I'm wrong... Lets assume the car will cost 650,00 Yen at the auction, (check attached image) 1. FOB price = 650,000 Yen 2. Depreciation value for car (more than 1 and a half years but less than 2 years) = 70% check SL customs site 3. Lets say for Insurance + freight + Auction charges + additional accessories = 300,000 Yen 4. Total Duty as % of CIF = 120.5750% check tariff calculator According to this, 1. CIF value = (650,000 x 0.7) + 300,000 check SL customs site = 755,000 Yen 2. Total Duty = 755,000 x 120.5750% = 910,000 Yen 3. Total cost for car = 1665,000 Yen x 1.4141 = Rs. 2354,000 I wonder if I have made any mistakes but this seems pretty cheap for a car like this and it's too good to be true. The SL customs site says that they take the agent valuation for the FOB price and takes which ever is higher. How can we get the agent valuation price for this particular model? Does anyone know the agent valuation price for this? Are there any hidden charges which I haven't mentioned here? Please enlighten me guys, Thanx...