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Found 4 results

  1. Guys, I'm a young engineer working in Dubai. Usually I come to Sri Lanka twice a year (2 weeks each) for vacation and whenever I come I have to get a rented vehicle for my travelling. On average it costs me around 120k per year for rented vehicles alone. Considering this money drain and my plan to work in Dubai for next 5-6 years, I'm thinking of buying a vehicle for myself. Following are my requirements, concerns. 1. Fuel efficiency is not important, 8-9 km/l is enough 2. Need to have good ground clearance as I will ride on it roads less traveled in the hill country. But I'm not a serious offroader 3. Should be easy to maintain, repair as I don't have much mechanical knowledge and don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere 4. Usual occupancy will be 2-3 people 5. Should be auto gear as I have never driven a manual ever since that last ride at RMV Werahara 6. I will probably sell it after 5 years, so resale value is a matter Vehicles I'm interested in are, Suzuki Jimny (3rd gen.), Honda HRV, CRV, Pajero Junior, Pajero IO, Nissan Xtrail (1st gen.). So which one of these are better considering my concerns? Appreciate your valuable comments P.S. If you ask why I buy without continuing to rent a.) For the next 5 years I will have to spend 120x5 = 6 lakhs on rented vehicles. b.) However, if I managed to buy it around 2M there will be a opportunity cost of 160x5 = 8 lakhs (considering FD for 2M at 8% interest) c.) Insurance cost will be 25x5 = 1.25 lakhs d.) I allow 3 lakhs for maintenance and repair over the next 5 years e.) I assume I won't make a profit or loss by selling it (in real terms) after 5 years. So its a vs b,c, and d (6 lakhs against 12.25 lakhs). Odds are against my decision of buying one for myself. But there is this feel good factor by owning a vehicle in SL which cannot be measured. This will be my 1st vehicle in SL.
  2. Hi Guys after a long time, i am currently using a es8 need your advise on a Honda HRV 2000 model 2w drive which i am planning buy need to know 1. how much it does on petrol. 2. parts prices and availablity. 3. Second hand value. Thanks Khasim
  3. Hello experts, I am looking for a vehicle preferably a SUV (Which we normally call Jeep.) that suits me for the following reasons. 1. Long distance travel on weekends (Around 400kms) 2. May be petrol but it has to be economical (Therefore not thinking about X-Trail as I heard it runs only 6km per ltr) 3. Maintainability (ability to find spare parts ...etc bit easier) 4. Auto is better but I am not stick in to that. Therefore even Manual does not matter. Just saw a Honda CRV 2000 that the price was 2.5 Million which had some issues that they have removed the 4WD shaft (I was told that it saves some fuel but I really do not know that.), problems on some door locks, ABS sensor out etc. Is a CRV full-time 4WD or (AWD) and what do I need to check when looking for next time? Kindly post anything that you think is worth to know. Thanks so much in advance.
  4. Replaced the rear windshield of my HR-V at Stafford, Went for them by thinking that I will be able to replace it as before the damage. Had very minor scratches at tail gate also. They took around 5 days for the job and finally I went there to release my vehicle. I couldn't believe what I saw there. I was shocked and pissed off. All of us know that HR-V comes with tinted rear windshield, but they have replaced it with a normal windshield. I asked them what the hell you fixed to my car, haven't you seen any HR-V before.. Stafford people said, if you wanted a tint windshield, then why didn't you tell us so, This is crazy, There are no HR-V with a normal rear windshield, It came with all tinted glasses except front windshield , door shutters of driver and passenger. Stafford senior manager denied this by saying that there are HR-Vs with normal rear windshield. This is so damn crazy, I haven't seen any so far matched to what he told. Finally I said I don't want this, instead fix it with a tinted glass. But they said they imports only this windshield not the tinted one anymore, again said, there are some government regulations that prevents that kind of windshield import. Windshield cost me 45K at Stafford, before coming to them I checked the price with Samarasinghe Windscreen house, they had 2 windshields (tinted and normal) tinted costs around 37K and normal costs around 27K. But I went directly to Stafford by thinking that I can get the Genuine Honda, So there wont be any difference between my previous and new windshield ( which is going to be fixed). Windshield they fixed is genuine but not a tinted one. After seeing what Stafford has fixed to my car, I called Samarasinghe and Galle Motors, unfortunately they are out of stocks with tinted glass. So I left with no option and released my vehicle by paying 45K for the windshield. I have made this post to show how Stafford people behave and to how they deny everything and make stories to cover their dumb asses. So people be more cautious when dealing with nut cases at Stafford. Honda deserves a good local agent, but its not Stafford definitely.
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