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Found 192 results

  1. asanka_rg

    Honda Gp1 hybrid.

    Hello guys, I need your valuable comments regarding Honda Gp1 hybrid car. Im currently having a swift jeep. I'm trying for an upgrade. I want to know little more information of this car. Please comment on below 1. Is it full hybrid (what is the rough fuel economy) 2. How is the resale market. 3. How is the life of hybrid battery of this car 4. Any common issues which are known for this car. 5. Ground clearance compared to swift jeep. Thank you in advance 😊
  2. Hi all, I have a 2000 Honda civic EK3 and it runs very poorly when started after sitting for about 12 hours. I believe this is due to the engine temperature being lower than the operational temperature. It takes a couple of seconds (5-10) to start too, but when hot, starts within two seconds. RPM starts at 400 - 450 and if I try to hit the gas, the engine stops with misses. I have to keep it idling for about 2 - 3 minutes and then RPM slowly rise to normal. Any idea what this is? Thanks in advance, Vihanga.
  3. hasmax

    Honda CR-V 2018

    Dear All, I have thought of getting a Honda CR-V 2017/2018 7 seater 1.5L version. I went through some reviews but most were standard descriptions of features, etc. But I am in need of a more customized opinion considering SL context. My concerns are; 1. General reliability of the vehicle. This is the model built for australian market and will be imported from there. 2. Resale value in 3-5 years. Most told me that this model is not moving well in SL and it will become a "sadahatama oba mage" when I want to sell it. I would love to hear from those who owned CRV and have sold it and from the experts who analyase those market trends well. 3. Fuel consumption. I am not expecting miracles here. But want to know the approximate figures from current owners. I plan to import this by a permit and cost would be around 6M. I am thinking of CRV because of its range of options coming standard and being a 7 seater. So considering all the facts please tell me whether it is a YES or NO to get this vehicle. Thanks in advance and all your kind views are highly appreciated. Have a good day.
  4. A recent variant of the Yaris has emerged as Toyota Ativ and currently goes for around 6.5M brand new. Although its not a JDM model and is not assembled in japan, Is it worth the price rather buying a reconditioned Axio Hybrid (2016+) or Civic EX (2017-18 model) in terms of 1) Comfort 2) Reliability( Specially for continuous long distance driving) 3) Fuel efficiency 4) Acceleration, Ride comfort and Maintenance 5) Market Depreciation( since i run over 50K on each car i use, I don't look for profits but am concerned about the overall depreciation over time) Any expert advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi All, I am planning to go either of above options and i would like to know your advise of buying those 2 options. I have no idea to use for off road purposes, but i have concern about comfort, re sale value. Cheers
  6. Hello everyone. I am looking to buy a new car for like 32 lakhs. I am not a car expert so your ideas will help me alot. I have some options in my mind. I was looking to go for a Hinda Fit gp1 but I saw a post that it has some mechanical problems like engine oil draining. Belta and Yaris and wagon r are my other options. I am going to buy this with a 5 year lease and will be using it for next 5 years. I would use this vehicle for my daily works. Please give me your thoughts and help me to find a good vehicle.
  7. Please give comments on the usage of new Civic 1.0L turbo hatch in Sri Lanka.
  8. Janith996

    Honda Fit GP1 Passenger Seat Belt Alarm

    There is no passenger seat belt alarm in my Honda fit gp1 2013. Driver seat belt alarm is working fine. 1. is it the same for all gp1 or is it just mine? 2. if its the same for all the gp1,is there any way of installing a passenger seat belt alarm? (i bought the car second hand so i have no idea whether the previous owner removed it or not.)
  9. Hi everyone 😀, I'm looking for general advice on maintaining a honda vezel from any long time users of this vehicle. The 2018 version is pretty good so far I have done a mileage of about 1500km and the fuel economy is within 12kmpl in the city and around 14.5kmpl on the highways. I'm hoping it improves overtime. So, basically how to avoid any technical issues that may (hopefully not) arise in the honda vezel such as the dual clutch problems. Thanks in advance
  10. Does anyone know what kind of clutch the Grace have? Wet Clutch or Dry Clutch?
  11. uaz97

    Honda Vezel 2018 RS - maitainance

    Hi everyone 😀, I'm looking for general advice on maintaining a honda vezel from any long time users of this vehicle. The 2018 version is pretty good so far I have done a mileage of about 1500km and the fuel economy is within 12kmpl in the city and around 14.5kmpl on the highways. I'm hoping it improves overtime. So, basically how to avoid any technical issues that may (hopefully not) arise in the honda vezel such as the dual clutch problems.  Thanks in advance
  12. I have 2014 Honda GP5 which has 45000km milleage. Recently car started gave gearbox warning. I have changed the dct oil after warning appeared but it didn't resolve the issue. After driving sometime warning appears but there's no change in gear changing or pulling power. Everything feels normal. Warning gives with d indicator flashing. After warning appears car cannot put to park gear. When car restart warning get removed. I want expert advice what to except before go to repair it. Currently I'm not running the car to avoid any further damage.
  13. Honda Grace DCT transmission issue is with only 2014/2015 model, not in 2016. is this correct?
  14. Ahamed Irfan

    Honda Civic 2018

    Hi Guys, Need an urgent help. I have planned to get Civic 1L hatch 2018 EX Tech pack. It's around 6.8 million in Sri Lanka. Is it worth for money? If you think it's not worth for money whats your suggestions to get a car around 6.8 million. Would really appreciate your responses and thanks in advance. Cheers
  15. Hello Friends, I have recently purchased a Honda Civic 1000 cc turbo - UK domestic model. This comes with Honda Connect - Garmin navigation system. Could somebody help me to install the map of Sri Lanka in that system ? I checked with the agents and some people but got the impression that nobody had a reasonable idea on how to do it. I do not want to let an incompetent person damage my system, since everything is integrated here. If somebody had get it done, please share the details with me. Thanks in advance. Sudarshana
  16. I just came across this video about Honda CR-V 1.5T engine problems. https://youtu.be/AqzZm5j1Bl8 The reason to open as a new thread is I believe it is important that we pay attention to said symptoms. Hope Honda will treat this as a recall and can be fixed free of charge.
  17. Here goes the Owner's Manual for 2017 Civic Hatchback - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KKrX7JEivMh_j8_xNG6cZM_rflS2NFfD. This is good for the 2018 as well.
  18. Hi there, I have faced a big problem after replacing a under hood fuse box. the story is like this. i have replaced under hood fuse box because of some cracks on the old one. so after installed new box i have faced few problems. 1. security system (remote lock and unlock) works only when ignition is on. 2. interior light comes and off on when ignition is on. 3. mirror folding switch is not working. Checked all the fuses and relays under hood, driver side and passenger side so no issues. Do you guys know a good place to check the wiring on this case? Car is Honda Euro Accord CF3 - 1998
  19. Vishkan

    Honda Carburetor Repair

    Hi guys, i have Honda Integra 1988 few weeks back petrol started to leak from the carburetor can anyone recommend any person or place to rebuild the carburetor. This carburetor is from a EG8 when i was rebuilding the engine i replaced it with a reconditioned EG8 carburetor. i'm in desperate need of fixing this please help guys! Cheers!
  20. Hi all, I am new here. I've been using a Honda Fit Shuttle (2012) for about five years, and thought of sharing some useful information I gathered about it, since my search here did not show much (or have I missed them?) Japanese User Manual, and there is no English manual since it is a domestic model. But Honda Jazz manual is quite useful for many aspects. Below video is how you enter the secret menu in internavi premium where you can change the time. Your player may be slightly different, but find the corresponding buttons from the attached image.
  21. Wolverine007

    Honda Vezel Engine Oil

    I bought a used honda vezel recently. The previous owner has used toyota 10w30 engine oil about three times after 50k service (now at 62k). Should i continue that oil? Or change it to something else in the next service (at 65k?) Also i feel like the engine idling speed is high and the engine sound is also kinda rough. Is it because of the oil? Or does it requires engine tune up? Please advise..
  22. thee

    honda grace

    Hi ☺️, lm new to this forum n planing to buy honda grace 2017ex sensing..pls give me some feedback..thanks
  23. Hi, I get the "Honda Smart Key System Check" warning message in my Honda Vezel (2014). This message appears frequently but not always. Any idea what its all about? Also looking for recommendations to whom should I consult for this issue apart from Dealer. Thanks
  24. rohan krish

    CRZ door lock repair

    Hi friends, Would you please suggest a good place to repair CRZ door lock. Thank you,
  25. Pubsamare

    Radiator fan not working

    Guys, I have a honda ek3. The radiator fan is coupled to the AC fan (through a relay I think, I'm not exactly sure how it was done), to make the radiator fan to come on when the AC fan kicks in, which was done several years back. For the last few months I noticed the heat going up when stuck in traffic after a long run. No problems in continuous driving, including the highway. Today I realized that the radiator fan works when the AC fan kicks in, but does not work for rising heat when the AC is off. Before going to the mechanic, I would like to know where the problem could be. Aprreciate any insights for this matter. Thanks guys.