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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, My friend has a Honda FIT Hybrid Model DAA-GP1. Few weeks back he got his vehicle check engine lights on and put his vehicle for diagnosis at local Honda Agents. They said there is an engine oil burning issue and hence they advice him to do engine flush clean-up along with spark plugs & injector cleaning. Then as per their advice he did above. During the repair they changed engine oil from 0W-20 to 10W-30 stating that its advisable to move to a higher viscosity oil grade in case of oil burning. It costed nearly Rs 20k. Then again just few days after his repair, Check Engine lights came again. Hence went again to Agents & they said it's a known issue for my model a hence they need to repair engine by changing Pistons, Piston Rings & other accessories etc etc.. which is kind of engine overhaul which may cost on avg Rs160k ++ . Other option is just clean the pistons without replacing.... which may cost 1/2 of the above price. However they havent recommend same as problem can re-appear. It seems there were similar cases before for same model. My friend got shocked as his vehicle has done only 40,000 ++ Kms. Its totally a design fault. I couldn't believe why Honda can't manufacture an engine which can drive at least 100,000Kms without any issue as I never experienced same either with Toyota or Nissan. However through internet, I found that this is a known issue for Honda Fit & Insight, & hence Honda Japan has issued a recall notice for same. My friends model / Chassis No also falls within the recalled chassis range. Refer below link. ( Open link with Chrome browser and Translate to English via Google translator or refer attached 3 images ) http://www.honda.co.jp/recall/auto/other/170120.html Seems initial Piston design allows sludge formation on the edge of the piston oil ring, hence it may result in poor sealing of the oil ring. Due to above it may cause engine oil to leak into engine combustion chamber which causes cylinder misfire hencec trigger Check Engine Lights. Sometimes even short circuit spark plugs. In the recall notice Honda has clearly mentioned below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Chassis No range - Honda Fit : GP1-1200002 to GP1-1242186 May 10, Heisei 24 - August 2, Heisei 20 [Request to customers] 1) We are very sorry for everyone you love us, but if the above events occur, please contact the nearest Honda dealer in advance to inform us of your visit date and we will accept your inspection. 2) If parts replacement repair is necessary, we will do it free of charge ( FoC). 3) If you have any questions, please contact the nearest Honda dealer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since this is known recall, when i ask from agents , they informed me that they haven't officially informed to do this free of charge from Honda yet. Q1 : Has anyone experienced similar issue with Honda FIT GP1 ( or Insight ) ? How you have resolved it ? Have you guys replaced pistons + piston rings or only cleaned and re-fixed ? Q2 : I'm planning to write to Honda Japan and check validity of above recall option in SL. Does anyone has contact email of Honda Japan ? I couldn't locate it from their Japanese web site. Has any one tried this option before and any positive response /luck with it ? Thanks.
  2. There is no passenger seat belt alarm in my Honda fit gp1 2013. Driver seat belt alarm is working fine. 1. is it the same for all gp1 or is it just mine? 2. if its the same for all the gp1,is there any way of installing a passenger seat belt alarm? (i bought the car second hand so i have no idea whether the previous owner removed it or not.)
  3. Is some one know are Honda Fit GE6(non Hybrid) and Honda Fit GP1(Hybrid) same car? Is GE6 only difference it doesn't have hybrid Battery? Are other parts (Body, Engine, Suspension,Interior is same) so the GP 1 spares will compatible with GE6. I have searched the Forum buy couldn't find the answers. If anyone know in details please knowledge me. Any idea highly appreciated.
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