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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm looking forward to buying my first car. Need your expert opinion on this matter. I know there are plenty of old posts regarding the tagged vehicles but I need an up to date information as of those old post are somewhat now obsolete in their context in regarding the mileage and years of usage etc...Thanks in advance.
  2. Dear Friends, I am planning to buy a Honda City 2001 model car. What are the known issues with the car. Kindly mention any. Many Thanks
  3. My car is honda city type z 2001 auto When I start the car cold, lets say in the morning reverse gear not engages at once. It takes some time. Drive gear is working fine. After the engine gets hot working fine. And also shifting from 1 to 2 also takes time with cold start. Run the car for sometime everything works fine..... I changed the oil recently and its only old for 18k km... What could be the problem? Will changing the oil agin be a solution? Or the box replecement? ????
  4. My car is Honda city type z 2001 There was a pair of fog lamps already installed when I bought my car. That pair is not original, no original wiring is found. Each lamp has 4 pins, one pair is for the main lamp and the other pair for the ring (edging) around the lamp. I want to make this ring always on when I start the car and the main fog lamp controlled by the switch which I already have. What is the best and safe place I can get a positive(+) line out for these two rings to light-up?
  5. My car is honda city 2001 type z Idle rpm without ac is 600 and with ac is 900 Isnt this 900 is too low? Ac is not enough when it is parked under a hot sunlight....when running it is more than enough.. How can I increase the idle rpm when the compressor switches on?
  6. My car is Honda city type z 2001. My CVs are making noise when turning for a while. It means that they have worn out. Can they be fixed by using grease and new boots? How long can I run with this condition? Is there a possibity of breaking the joints while running?
  7. Gus does anyone know a place to buy these type of glow gauges for meter boards in Colombo. Car model is Honda city type z 2001
  8. Hi Experts Two months ago, i bought a Honda city 2001 model car which is a manual. When I bought it had few engine oil leaks and power steering oil leak. Therefore I asked my mechanic to replace all engine oil seals and power steering oil leak. By the time i bought it, previous owner told he did repair the power steering pump with full kit. However after investigation it was decided that the power steering oil leak is from the rack. Therefore mechanic replaced all the seals in the rack which cost me around 5.5k including labor. Its been like few weeks but I realized that power steering oil is reducing again. And i did some investigation and found out that it's only leaking when I turn the wheel to right hand side. I showed this to my mechanic again. And he told, he need to dismantle the rack again and see if a seal has worn out again or the issue is with the shaft. He also mentioned there are no recon racks for this if it needs to be replaced. My concerns are, what could be the issue? In case i need to replace the rack how much will it cost? and where can i buy one for mine?? Expect your valuable inputs guys ... Cheers
  9. Hi All, I brought Honda CIty 1996-2002 car resently. Having problem with its left side wheel. I have to replace the wheel, Disk, Shock , control arms, tie rods etc ... I could not found any place to get them.. (second hand) Can some one suggest place to look. Regards, Pra
  10. Hi guys. Im planning to buy a honda city 2003 (KD number) done 72000 ks. Car is in a good condition. For 2150000. Is it worth it ? How is the honda city 2003 modle , how is the fuel cunsumption? any user experience would be great. Please advice me, thanx in advance. ...
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