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Found 3 results

  1. Welcome to the AutoLanka RC build thread! List of Builds: 1. Tamiya TT-02 '99 Subaru Impreza Monte Carlo Build by Davy 2. Traxxas 1/8 Truck Volkswagen Baja Bug Build by terrabytetango 3. Vintage 1/12 Ford F-150 Restoration by Davy (coming soon) 4. Traxxas TRX4 Land Rover Defender by Davy Other RC related discussions: http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/9445-remote-control-cars/ http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/2148-show-off-ur-rc-cars/ (Unfortunately, most old links here are broken. But please use this thread to share photos of your RC cars)
  2. well, what does one do when there are no more cars to build? i for one would admire the rhetoric of that question, and continue building cars! this time round tho, much smaller scale. one of the core reasons as to why i'm such a car-nut were the toys i had as a child. i had a huge crate of hand-me-down legos from my brother and used to spend days on end building worlds with them. but it wasn't til i got my first technic set that i realised the potential of those little plasticky bricks! the set i had was a small one. the set i wanted was the equivalent of playboy's centrefold in the 1990 technic catalog. naturally my parents turned a blind eye/deaf ear to my whining, and i realise now that's probably because this set would have cost the equivalent of 50,000 rupees then, and they were not about to buy me toys for 5000 even, let alone 50,000! in hindsight i do feel terribly, for bothering them like i did. 26 years down the line, i come to learn that the technics i pined for are indeed the best that lego ever came up with! so i thought why not... it wouldn't hurt to have a few showcased around the house. these are the ones i've chosen to build: 1. technic 8865 from 1988. my dream. known as the technic test car, this 900+ piece monster came with pop up headlights, fully independent double wishbone front and rear suspension, steering, functioning 3 speed gearbox with LSD, V4 engine, and fully adjustable seats. i'll be starting with this. 2. technic 8880 from 1994 lego took their test car further and pushed the limits of what's possible with this one. 1300+ pieces, 8880 came with pop up haedlights, 4WD with two LSD's, 4 speed gearbox with syncromesh, V8 engine, and fully independent suspension with 4 wheel steering. 3. technic 8070 4. technic 8448 5. technic 9038 6. technic unimog 8110 i'll elaborate on those as i proceed with the builds. these sets don't come cheap, and the older ones are rather rare. will be updating as time and money permits. for starters i'll be working on 8865 and 8880. updates as soon as i receive the sets.
  3. Like the title says, could someone point me in the direction of a source for depron or similar kind of flexible yet strong foam? I'll be requiring a few square feet of the stuff with a thickness of 3mm. As usual all replies are highly appreciated.
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