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Found 10 results

  1. Anybody knows anyplace that i can do V8 swap for Hilux LN107 in Sri Lanka? Thank you in advance.
  2. Can someone please tell me the latest prices of the brand new single , double and smart cabs in Sri Lanka? Including chinese and indian ones .
  3. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the side plates ( With Hilux on it) for an older design roll bar( hILUX LN167). Basically whats shown in the picture. On the one I have the side plates are not there. Already tried Elcardo and Yunikon but no luck. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Is there a place that would repair an ageing Bonnet Insualtion or a place that might have a replacement for a Toyota Hilux (2001).
  5. Hi there, I'm looking for a Skid Plate (Sump guard) for my 2009 Hilux Vigo. I searched in most of the 4x4 part shops including 4x4 Motors, Ironman, Elcardo and some other shops but no luck. I would really appreciate if you could suggest me a place in Kandy or anywhere in the country where I can get one of this. Regards, Rushenn
  6. Hi, I own a 2010 Hilux Vigo 3L cab. I was travelling down to Colombo from Matara via southern Expy and my speed was about 100 Kmph. I went behind a passenger bus for about 5-10 min and wanted to overtake the bus since it's blocking my view and that's kinda annoying. So I pushed my cab about 110-115 Kmph and suddenly I felt a power drop (lost some pulling power). When I checked the dashboard, I noticed that the "check engine" warning popped up. I again backed up to the left lane and tried several times pushing the gas but the vehicle is not responding to the level I push the accelerator. Then I reached to the Welipanna Service Area and switched off the engine and checked for any oil leakages or any unusual smells coming out (from wire shorts etc). But couldn't find anythin wrong. So I started the engine after about 10 minutes and noticed that the check engine warning was disappeared. Then I checked the status of the pulling power at some vacant area of the car park and it was came back to normal. Then I started my journey again and the vehicle was behaving normal and the previous pulling power was restored. Tried up to 140Kmph and had no issue. What I wanted to ask from the experts here is, I suspect something went wrong with my Turbo and came back to normal. Is anyone out there who experienced such issue? Can there be any other reason causing sudden power drops like this? Thanks in Advance Kasun W
  7. Hello folks. I'm new to the country and this forum so a big hello to everybody here. I have decided to throw in the towel after charging myself with figuring out the best way to procure a vehicle while on assignment here in beautiful SL and decided to ask for help over here. I have three requirements and three questions. The requirements are: i) The car needs to be a dual purpose vehicle as my work obligations require me to travel extensively across SL from Jaffna to Batticaloa to Yala-Hambantota and back to Colombo. So it also needs to be brand new with Agent Support. (Doesn't necessarily need to be bought from an agent) ii) The highest my employer will go is Rupees 12 000 000. A spartan spec is a non issue. I'm currently interested in a Hilux CrewCab 2.8G or a Ranger Crew. iii) A support network for the final vehicle as agreed upon is paramount. Cost wouldn't make much of a difference. Readily available spares is a huge necessity as I'm required to leave behind my vehicle by the end of next year to the next fella who will be contracted to work and hopefully it still needs to able to take a proper beating down the line. As I was made to understand the VW Amarok is not currently being brought to SL and I've heard a few horror stories about the agents so let's leave that and the Mazda ute out. Does Sri Lanka have a strong presence from Isuzu? I would like a clarification on that aswell. Now to my three main questions. i) What's the import duty on a dual purpose vehicle? Is it the 57% that's been touted around or is it a much different amount? II) Who are some of the reputed car sellers if we so decide to skip an agent? Is skipping the Agent advisable? (Toyota Lanka seems to have a good reputation at-least on word of mouth but how has softlogic fared so far?) III) What are my other options if I decide to go a different way from a ute and decide on something different that might still fit my needs of being able to properly take a good beating down the road, carry aid material frequently and still be very reliable for around the same budget? Thanks heaps. Cheers
  8. I'm using a Toyota Hilux Vigo Cab. It has 31x10.5x15 A/T tyres and those are almost over. Planning to replace all 4 tyres. I want to know the pros and cons on up sizing the tyres to 33x10.5x15 A/T. Are there any bad after effects in terms of fuel consumption and mileage calculation? seeking for expert advice on this. Thanks in advance.
  9. Dear Friends, I need to find out a place where I can buy cargo management accessories for my Cab. This is a serious issue when I have small amount of cargo at the back coz it starting rolling all over the bed liner. For example think of a situation where you carry a Gas Cylinder. On the internet I found some accessories (shown below) and wondering whether they are available to buy in SL. So if anyone knows a place to buy similar items or professional place to get these done, Kindly share your valuable information. Thanks.
  10. Hi .I need some help.i called the rmv but dint get a proper answer. I recently purchased a toyota single cab registered with" L " number plate under motor lorry.now I want to convert this to a dual purpose.i kw in the past the rmv was doing this for a charge of arouns Rs.40000/=but since of late it has changed and i would like to know any members in this form have had recently done this and have any idea how much would this cost. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
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