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Found 6 results

  1. In my Jeep when ac is ON a crying noise is coming when going forward. But when it's OFF it's not coming. Some says it's coming from ac compressor and need to change. I have serviced also but they did not tell for any issue. Cool is ok but less in the noon with very hot times. Do you know what type of a compressor it has and whether I can put a passo compressor reconditioned to this. What is the cubic capacity of passo. Mine is Terios Cargo Volume13.4 cuFT OR 379 L
  2. Hi Guys, Could anyone suggest me how or where to find the coil of the engine heat indicator of a 4DR5 J44. It was burnt out. I attach the image herewith. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have a Suzuki Swift TH51s YOM 2003. Recently I noticed engine heat in increasing When vehicle is stuck in traffic and A/C is ON. Heat Indicator rise upto 3/4. Indicator comes back to normal when I switch off A/C. No any other noticeable changes (fan is working,water/oil level is normal) Did any one experienced same and fixed ? Please help Thanks
  4. Hi I have a 2007 toyota vitz and i noticed a while back after 1 hour driver the rim of front wheel getting very heat than the rear. front wheel has disk break. What could be the reason for this ? Also the break booster is fine. is it normal in vitz the speed u get is reduced quickly when you take the leg from the accelerator out ? thanks, Thusira
  5. Dear Friends I have FB 15 Car.Recently i got issue regarding Engine Heat. After several Checking i found it happen due water leaking from small horse from engine to car dash board side.(there are two same type horses and i think it will use for heater) what are the best method to avoiding heat ***Shall i use sillicon gum(water proofing ) and sealed. ***or remove that horse and sealed with endcap Please give me proper solution please
  6. I have EK3 96 Manual Last week I had my first run on Highway (only upto second exit) and I did about 15km on 130kmh (it was dead night.. no police). at the later part of the journey I see the car getting heated. the indicator was alomost at the red bar. I switched off the AC and reduced the speed to around 90 and then the temp was back to normal middle position. After the journey I checked the water level and the extra tank was all empty (it was full at the beginning and I was using coolant, not water). Yesterday I did a test with driving on high rev (around 3.5-4) on 2nd a small time to see if i can recreate the situation, it was heating. This was not there until the first Highway run. I had some high rev drivings before that but no problem on heating that time. Under normal driving the heat is constantly at the mid level. Any idea on what may be the problem? And any good place to check the cooling system?
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