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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys. I met and accident recently and damaged my car front bumper and the right side headlight. My car is mazda familia 1998 BHALP model. Now I need to replace light and front bumper. Unfortunately I can not find those parts easily also shops it available says high prices for these parts. Can you suggest good place to buy this? Colombo would be perfect.
  2. ravindasenarath

    Headlight Bulb Upgrade

    Hello everyone, I have a 1999 Mazda Familia BJ5P. From the time I bought this I had the feeling that the visibility on night is not good. Current bulbs are not that good it seems. So I wanted to insert a new bulb set. I don't have much knowledge on headlight bulbs. I did some googling and talk to some friends. I'm expecting to go for a halogen bulbs. Friend of mine said Xenon is tend to burn of quickly because of moisture. I also herd that I can add a relay and go for a bulb with higher watt. So I would like to have some advices on this from you guys as I always had(Which always helped me to get the best decision). Following is basically what I would like to know. What is the best bulb(In term of visibility) for a non HID headlight? - ( Brand name etc would help ) What is this go for a higher watt bulb with a relay thing? It is safe for car's electric system? Thank you
  3. Hi All, My dad's L200 is having sealed beam headlight and it is very difficult to drive at night. Is it possible to replace it with normal halogen bulb headlights. From where can I buy the headlights. I do not thing I'll have to redo the wiring. Can anyone recommend a good place to buy the headlights and also a good mechanic to do the job with a reasonable charge around Kottawa area. Thanks.
  4. Ek3 Ferio

    Help Choosing Headlight Bulbs

    Hi, I own a Honda Civic Ek3 96 car. I'm thinking of replacing its stock headlight bulbs with Phillips X-treame Vision bulbs. It is a halogen bulb which designed in a way to produce 100% brighter light than normal stock halogen bulb. (It says so and awarded as the best bulb) However, I'm not sure which bulb type to chose from. Since I'm planning to get it down from ebay I need to clarify if the below H4 bulb is clearly fit to my car. As per my knowledge H4 bulb should fit to civic 96 and in the H4 it comes both low and high beam filaments. Please help me on this regard. This is the ebay link I'm referring to; Thanks in advanced.
  5. I've been using this car for about 20 months now. when I got it it has done 56k and now 85k. during this period of time, I had to replace the low beam light several times, almost 8 - 10 bulbs I've replaced during the period. When I spoke to the previous user, who is a colleague at my work place, he also mentioned the same issue. Since the problem is known I had one spare bulb in the car this weekend, when I was travelling to Kandy, left side bulb went off, Upon reaching the destination I changed it. However when I stared the car last nyt to come back, the right side low beam gone off. Any good electricians who can attend to this. PN : My car developed a HV battery issue for last 6000km, I tried some diagnostics without changing the battery, nothing worked out well. last week I got a battery service done at Dilly's super in Panadura, where they cleared much of the oxidation from the bus bars. I've the pictures to post, but the capacity restrictions doesn't allows me to do so. During the trip to Kandy,the car did about 10% - 20% good on fuel. However I'm yet to confirm whether the HV problem is fully resolved or not.
  6. dilan_randika

    Wax Headlights & Taillights

    Hi, When you wax a car, is it ok to wax headlights & taillights using the same car wax? Do you guys do it normally?
  7. Ek3 Ferio

    Headlight Adjustments

    Hi Guys, Recently I had to remove front bumper and headlights to give a paint job to the front inner frame. Then after that I feels my lower beam is slightly higher than usual. I saw many on coming traffic flashes there higher beam for me. So Can one know a place to get my car's headlights adjusted according to the approved standard? I checked with Car Care Wellawatta, they are doing it but unfortunately the person does has met with an accident and they are not sure the date he returns to work. It might be a easy DIY job, but considering the location i'm living, space is limited and ground is also uneven. And I don't have tools as well. So could anyone help me on this issue to find out a place does headlight alignment except Car Care? Thanks,
  8. prvnrox

    Smoked Headlights

    guys anyone know a place to buy smoked headlights for a civic ek3 96-98??? or can anyone help me to find a place to smoke my headlights with a tint film(smoke film)??i asked several tint places they said they dont tint headlights and none of them are using a heat gun so i guess they cant tint the curves anyway.appeciate ur help guys! thank you!
  9. I bought Dual halo projector headlights for my civic ek through ebay So, when I was talking to a guy, he said there is a device which convert the following lighting pattern to the latter, Original type Low beam - Low beam projector light High beam - High beam light After conversion Low beam - Low beam projector light High beam - High beam light & Low beam projector light So any idea what it calls?
  10. Hi Guys, My car is at the painter’s and since most of the external parts have been taken off for painting, I wanted make use of the opportunity and clean the fog lamps. One of the fog lamps in my car was badly discoloured due to water leaking into the assembly causing one of the screws to corrode and spread the corroded metal particles everywhere (see the images below and you’ll see what I mean). So anyway, I thought of writing a DIY for whoever might be interested in doing a full cleanup of their headlights or fog lights. I found a couple of DIYs on the forum about headlamp restoration, but thought of posting this since this is a full cleanup. Here goes… What you need: A heat gun (optional) | Silicone sealant | Sandpaper 1200 grit and 2000 grit | 3M rubbing compound (or Brasso) | Clear coat spray can (optional) | Masking Tape | A bowl of water | An old toothbrush | A little car wash | Tools to take the fog light assembly apart, a set of spanners and screwdrivers would do. 1. Take the fog lamp assembly out of your vehicle. My fog lamp assembly looked like this: See what I mean about the discolouration? Remove the mounting brackets and set them aside with the screws and clips that hold the lens and reflector in place. 2. Use the heat gun on the edge of the lens to heat the sealant and carefully pry out the lens using a screwdriver. Follow safety precautions specified on the instruction manual of your heat gun to avoid risk of injury. Once the sealant is heated up, it will start to melt partially and the lens will come out easily. There is another method to remove the lens and that is to pre heat an oven to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit and put the lens in there for about 3 – 5 mins max. Leaving the light in the oven for a longer time will cause the entire assembly to melt, so you might want to be careful with this method. 3. To avoid the sealant sticking to your hand and every surface it touches, cover the sealant using masking tape. I initially thought that the masking tape wouldn’t come off due to the sealant sticking to the tape itself, but I had no problem, it came off fine. 4. Using water and the sand paper cut away the dirt and discolouration on the lens. Tear a small part of the sand paper and dip it in water and start sanding evenly across the front of the lens. I had some paint marks on my lens so I had to use the 1500 grit sand paper on those areas while I was able to sand the other areas with 2000 grit. Make sure there is enough water on the lens while sanding. The lens will become a bit foggy after sanding, don’t worry about that as we’re going to take care of it in the next step. I had to sand the inside of the lens as well. 5. Apply 3M rubbing compound (or Brasso) on the lens and polish it until the lens is nice and transparent. BEFORE AFTER Continued...
  11. Schiffer

    Help & Advice On Corona Premio

    Guys i need help on this area 1) Where can i find a pair of Original Fog lamps either recondition or brand new for the Toyota Corona Premio? (even Colombo is okay) 2) can anyone suggest a good place to do Headlight cleaning in Kandy? 3) my retractable mirrors aren't working, but can hear the motor working inside, can i fix this or will i have to replace 2 new side mirrors? and if so where can i find side mirrors for this?