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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, I need to fix a new DVD player to my Axio. I would like it to be a multipurpose device with following attributes. DVD, Audio player Navigation (built in or via phone) GPS (built in or via phone) Bluetooth connection (basically to connect mobile) Better sound quality I did some search in the market and found following information There are Pioneer and Kenwood players with phone mirror capability. But GPS function has to be obtained by using an additional gadget which cost around Rs. 25k. Non branded Android players with all the required functionalities, but not sure about the quality. Could someone help me in getting more information. Are there Android players from the popular brands? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi everyone. I owned a Honda CR V 2019 vti lx Australian model and it has built-in GARMIN Australia and New Zealand map. I want to replace it with Sri Lanka map. Anyone know how to do that? 🤔
  3. Dear members, I am looking to buy a GPS navigation system for my car and came to the point to select one system between S#la pro S#T and T#avi. Like to know differences between those two system and the best one to purchase based on your experience. * Already know that S#la gps not providing Live update, is this live update really need ? Thanks
  4. Hello Friends, I have recently purchased a Honda Civic 1000 cc turbo - UK domestic model. This comes with Honda Connect - Garmin navigation system. Could somebody help me to install the map of Sri Lanka in that system ? I checked with the agents and some people but got the impression that nobody had a reasonable idea on how to do it. I do not want to let an incompetent person damage my system, since everything is integrated here. If somebody had get it done, please share the details with me. Thanks in advance. Sudarshana
  5. My car has a media player which consist TV/DVD/Navigation. Its a Chinese media unit.Manufacture is Shenzhen ZD Technology. Player does not have any maps.Anyone know how to install maps on that player? I'm not sure what is the Operating system comes with player.Sometimes is may be windows CE or custom made OS.I put a photo of the display here. http://i60.tinypic.com/24lsrpk.jpg Are there any free maps which i can use with that player?
  6. iGO Navigation Android apk This is the simplest way to get iGO Sri Lankan Maps working on your Android Device. You need to follow the instructions in order to make it work. This is iGO 2018 Android apk cracked, it works on All screen sizes, and all Android versions. If your using a Car Android headset make sure the GPS antenna and the Head Unit is connected to WIFI or a Hot spot (even though the maps are offline when the iGO apk installation it will ask to connect to any available internet connection, afterwards you can disconnect the WIFI since this is for the one time installation .) Download the Zip Archive (from the bottom of this post). http://www.mediafire.com/file/ndtuw5jh1bt2a7a/iGO.zip/file once downloaded you need to unzip the archive Now locate your device storage : the root of your device since you need to copy the iGO folder and paste it inside the root of your device Move the iGO folder inside the archive to the Root of your Android device locate the iGO World all Screen sizes - GPSmap.US.apk inside the iGO Folder and install the apk Note: This app does not come from Google Play, so you need to tap install from unknown sources in order to install once installed click on the iGO App to load the application so, the app loads well in my Chinese android car unit you can accept the privacy policy and do the basic setup... that's about it. i have already added the sri lankan maps by default and if you want to add them manually download from the below link http://www.mediafire.com/file/36ddwa9q7lj1vz6/igo8.3_maps_n_files.zip/file unzip the archive and copy that content to Root>iGO>Content> .fbl > Actual Maps > iGO/Content/Map/ .fda > Driver Alerts > iGO/Content/Map/ .fjv > Junction view > iGO/Content/Map/ .fpa > Proximity Alerts > iGO/Content/Map/ .fsp > Speed profiles > iGO/Content/Map/ .ftr > Truck Info > iGO/Content/Map/ .hnr > Defined Routes > iGO/Content/Map/ .poi > Points of Interest > iGO/Contents/poi/ .3dc > 3D Buildings > iGO/Content/Building/ .3dl > 3D Landmarks > iGO/Content/Building/ .dem > Map Terrain > iGO/Content/Dem/ .hsp > History Speed > iGO/Content/Histspeed/ .ph > Regional Voice Corrections > iGO/Content/Phoneme/ .txt > Radar > iGO/Content/speedcam/ .spc > same as Radar > iGO/Content/speedcam/ .kml > Custom Points of Interest > iGO/Content/userdata/poi Voila! The app should be working at this moment sorry about the crappy images though let me know if this method works for you guys..cheers...
  7. Hi. I have a Honda CRV 2010 (JDM) which comes with the "Honda Internavi Premium Club" multimedia navigation unit. Seeking help on the following, 1. Language is in Japanese and can it be changed to English? If so where? 2. Can we install SL map to the built in navigation? If so how? 3. Are there specific replacement units (preferred Android) for this, where it uses the same built in GPS antenna, reverse camera and other hardware without the need for much changes? If so where can I purchase? Thanks
  8. May Vitz has a Navi model NSCD-W66. But does not work in sri lanka. Is it possible to fix it to work on sri lanka? I have the SD card too.
  9. Hi Guys, I was wondering whether there is any way to run gps on lower end car head units such as the KENWOOD DDX4016BT or whether there are any third party devices to enable this facility on these units. It would be quite interesting if it is possible to do so rather than splurge cash on a higher end unit just for this purpose. Any advice and leads would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello to all, This is to share some information regarding about the Navgo gps navigation unit that i have been using for a while and thought of sharing my experience with the member of this forum. please do not take this the other way round thinking that this thread is about marketing this product, as my intention is to share my knowledge and experience hoping to help other members in the forum . I drive a Toyota Hilux and have been owning the car for close to 8 months now. Since my family and myself likes to listen to some good music while enjoying the drive, I went with a Kenwood after market head unit since i do trust the brand and have a good sound quality as well. i didn't want to go behind a chinese crappy head unit, knowing the end result. While i was getting the head unit installed i also installed a Navgo gps navigation unit (basically it's like a piggyback ecu) since actually one of my close friends who lives in a Australia told me to get this unit installed as well ,while installing the head unit. I took his word and went on with it, and i am amazed with the results that i am experiencing . This unit actually supports all the maps in our country, and works perfectly well without harming the sound quality. I also did a research and found out that this Navigation unit is ideal for Jvc, Kenwood and Pioneer after market dvd navigation units. I was also able find this link in youtube, which is a video that has been done in our country and i have posted the link below. So there it is, i hope this information will be helpful,if anyone is seeking for an aftermarket gps navigation unit. thank you and cheers
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