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Found 3 results

  1. thejan123

    Value of $35000 permit

    How much price reduce when exporting with a $35000 permit.?Thnx
  2. cefiroA33

    Agent Maintenance

    Dear Fellows, I have a bit of a confusion over this whole agent maintenance thing and hope you would share your wisdom to sort it out. I have been going to the agents for periodic servicing of my car and it had failed to convince me that they have the most optimum solutions for the faults that are identified in the service and in fact for the day to day running repairs as well. Few instances of such bitter experiences are as follows: 1). Once I had a problem with Auto transmission and took the car to the agents as I wasn't a member of Autolanka those days and had to depend on agent's specialized service. The fault was that it took sometime for the car to move in the D on cold starts. The only thing the agents did when I took the car there was waited for something like 6 hours until engine cools down and start the car. and there simple answer was I have to replace the gearbox. 2). Then sometimes later there was a coolant leak from the radiator top tank. it was found out during the service and their simple answer was that I have to replace the radiator. 3). Again during another service it was found out that lower arm bush was damaged and there remedy was to replace the lower arm 4). The next instance was that there was a oil leak from the steering rack and there solution is to replace the complete steering rack. 5). The latest being that during the last service there was a coolant leak in the coolant line that runs from the radiator to the gear box (thats what they said) and again the solution suggested by them is to replace the radiator. Further, I try my best to rectify almost all the defects that are highlighted during the service inspection but at times some of them are left without being rectified until the next service. For my surprise they don't identify those leftovers as a fault in the next service which should mean that they have rectified by themselves. So my question for you guys is this. When everyone boast about agent maintenance, does this really mean replacing the whole unit for a small defect in a part of that? Isn't there anything called repairing the damage part of the unit in general vehicle maintenance like for lower arm bush you do some lathe work and replace the bush only, or the radiator coolant line you do some welding and get the leaks fixed? or the radiator top tank leak just replace the top tank with a new one? Are these remedies that most of our mechanics does at local garages (which cost about 1/10 of the cost of the agent's proposal) are unorthodox solutions that would lower the lifetime of the vehicle or something? Why does agents always propose the extreme solutions? And do they give enough attention to our vehicle? Do you guys think that the attention given by the agent during the service is the best I could get? Now I am thinking of getting rid of this agent maintenance thing this year and hope you would be able to either convince me or discourage me with my decision. I don't mind about the cost factor as long as it is worth spending. But I don't believe in wasting not only the money but also the spare parts .
  3. Hi freinds, This question is not about automotives, but since it relates to travelling and getting about using transport I hope it's ok to ask. I am in the process of planning a travel itinary for a few friends of the family who would be visiting Sri Lanka in April 2014. We are planning on doing a bit of travelling around to show them our beautiful isalnd, and planning to visit Pinnawala, Kandy, Dambulla/Sigiriya and a trip down South which seems like Galle, Benthotha or some place nice with a beach. We would like to stop for meals and a bit of rest while on the road and would love to know best places to stop for breakest, lunch or dinner which are clean, good service, respectable and not too expensive, which also have clean washroom/toilet facilities specially for the ladies. Any suggestions on other locations that would be of interest to visit inbetween the places above will be very helpful. All suggestions and advise is welcome. Thanks for taking the time to answer.