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Found 10 results

  1. Dear Expert, I am driving Toyota Starlet EP 91 around 2.5 years . Clock says running millage 170K +. From few weeks I face gear shifting difficulty. This is very prominent when starting the car, gear is very tight to move, even when Clutch paddle fully . Then gradually it become normal. Some times even when driving shifting gear to 1st is tough. feel gear leaver hit something inside. ( this problem arise more than 6 months) For info, my clutch is in far more bottom end of the paddle ( clutch releasing point) , my friend says driving my car is difficult due to this. but im used to it not face big difficult to drive. Paddle has lot of free movement. What is the reason for this ? What are the things need to do for rectify this ? What are the good practices overcome this kind of issue ? - Is there any good, reliable garage in Kandy to do this repair. ( specially around Katugastota). Pls share your views Thank you regards Amila
  2. My Toyota Carina my road 1991 model it is facing reverse gear problem.In the morning the car goes in reverse gear but if it kept in. Cold about a hour reverse gear don't work.it needs to run in forward about 5 Km then the reverse works again and if reverse works for a time it always work until rest of more than 1 hour.so in cold it doesn't work but in Garrard morning it works and in hot or running also work so please help me that what I can do
  3. HI, Automotive lubricant oils What do you all think about unmet needs with related to lubricant oil industry (Engine oil − Gear oil − Grease − Hydraulic and transmission fluid) and any issues that has not been addressed by lubricant manufacturers and distributors. Consider brands like Caltex, Mobil, Laugfs, Servo, Hyrax, Toyota, Castrol) (This is for a market survey and pls share your valuable inputs) Thanks
  4. I wanted your help because my gear don't change .I change to a new one but the problem is the same
  5. Hi, I'm using Suzuki Every (2016, tiptronic gear, 15000KM done). I get very abnormal sound when the gear is shifting up, actually the sound is bit loud and I can feel the the shift (like dragging). But all the five gears changing without problem, I want to know what causing the problem Is it coming from the tiptonic gear shifting unit? Thanks Abhiram
  6. HI all, My 2004 honda civic ES8 (EXI -1.5 cc) car not shifts gears smoothly in 1-2. There is a gear shift is not smooth and then the car jumps a bit as the shift takes place. Sometimes this jump get feel really well (mostly first 15 minutes of driving) and later on its very low(Sometimes after that time it very smooth). There is moment it wont give the jump feel too. Another thing i noticed, sometimes i need get the RPM in to 2500 ~ 3000 for 1-2 gear shifts. is it normal? I need the help for this issue. I would like to know following things, 1. What is the reason for this issue? 2. Anything that I can do w/o taking the car into the shop. 3. Can I drive on this for a few days or do I need to get into the shop urgently?
  7. Hey guys recently i foud to engage it to first gear while driving in low speed, but after i really slow dwn or stop its not hard at all, anyone has the same problem ? any solution ?
  8. Dear Experts I have Nissan FB15 car. Recently when i am driving, i felt transmission was delayed specially in upper gears ( 3rd , 4th) . I checked ATF and it seems ok with red+brown color. I havent any service details regarding ATf changed on previous owners. please let me know the issue behind this and better place to change ATF automatically specially in Gampaha/kurunegala or colombo Highly valuable your answers
  9. I owned Toyota starlet ep91 MT and im very new to driving ( 3 wks) some times with my poor clutch balancing car engine switch off. but when this happen in hill (with high degree ) car rolling back and this situation it is hard to tackle. my problem is, when the situation of Engine switch off in high hill, im try to push break paddle but car not stop rolling back, and it is very hard to push the break paddle. (Some time this happen when switch of when reversing) But when im driving it is not happen and break work in good condition. cld you pls explain me is this is normal condition ( because some one say that with engine off, it is not support to breaking system ) thank you Amila
  10. amilaart

    Way Of Gear Changing

    I was buy Toyota Starlet ep91 MT with the help of AL expertise and AL. As im new to driving im confusing in Gear changing. Last few days I did practice run with two of my friends. One friend says that, Do not run 1st gear so long time, change it ASAP, My other friend says that , wait till until vehicle reach some speed and then change it in to 2nd I saw my another office mate change all the 4-5 gear withing first 50 m but still vehicle speed around 20 kmph. As fuel consumption has strong relationship with the driving habits , pls tell me the best way to I need to practice.
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