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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Friends, I have changed CVT oil in my Toyota Premio few days back and used Toyota CVT FE oil recommended by Toyota for 1NZ-FE engines. ODO is 70k. Once it is done, there's a small jerk in low speeds 20-40kmph and feels the gear change which was never experienced before. I revisit the garage and they checked again and refilled with new oil. Had a test run and the jerk still comes in low speeds. Then they have scan the system and found no faults and had a test run again. Then the jerk is minimal and not upto a considerable level. Today morning once again jerk comes up and I visit again to garage. They have run the gear learn app in the scanner and test the CVT oil pressure. Then again jerk has gone when doing the test run. But when I'm travelling back few miles I still feels a small jerk(which didn't experienced before the oil change). Is there anyone face such issue after CVT oil change? Your valuable feedback and expertize advice really appreciated...
  2. I am going to buy a honda gp7 please enlighten me as to whether it has any problems regarding the gear box like in Honda vessel. Thank you in advance.
  3. Dear Friends, Need a big help. I have a Ford Laser BJ5 model. I ve been having issues with my auto gear transmission. In the morning when the car is put to Drive mode, it takes a lot of time for the car to be moved. I usually put the gear to D and wait in the car for about 5 to 10 minutes before it starts moving. Not only in the morning, also if the car is switched off for a little while for about 4 to 5 hours, when tried to put Drive, I face the same issue. However, once the car is moved, rest of the gear transmits without an issue during the journey. Only problem is when the car is parked for a while and then start. Do you guys have any advice as to what may cause this problem. Some of the mechanics I went to, advised me to change the Gear Box and see. If so,do you know any place that I can find a reconditioned Gear box at a reasonable price. Many thanks in advance. Dinushan
  4. I have a toyota corolla 110 car. Few weeks before, all the transmission oil has been drained out from my automatic gearbox due to an oil sealer issue. Without knowing that, I had driven the car about 50-100 kms. After inspection by a technician, I was advised to refill the oil and run. But since then, specially in the morning, the car does not move forward once I changed the gear into "D". It normally takes 3-5 seconds to pick up. But then it drives normally. Is there any solution for this matter, without replacing the gearbox? Thanks in advance.
  5. carson

    Axio 2008 Issues

    Hello friends, After using the CS3-2007 for almost 2 years, I sold it the last weak. I enjoyed the time with it, and many thanks to you guys for helping me with my CS3. A few days back I bought a Toyota Axio 2008-X. It clocks 86000Km and transmission oil changed at 50000Km. A tech guy said that he hears a faint hum from the gear box. But on climbing an elevation it can be brought to 80+ Km/H easily and on a avg drive it can reach 100+Km/H with the Econ bulb on. Two days back we went on a outstation trip and believe it when I say it has done 20.3Km/L on Oct95. It has a very good emission report. So I doubt the tech guy's comment. What is your opinion? It has PRNDSB gear possitions. What is "S" ? Is it for sudden accelleration or is it to gain more power when needed (eg: for a climb) - kindly explain.
  6. My car is lancer CS1 manual weekend running car When i was go to the office I park on the rode(not a in-house parking ) Eventing start the car I cant change gear when the engin start but engin is off its smoothly change please advice to me
  7. I have an ek3 multimatic.today when i was driving in the economy mode the dash board gear indicator showed the D bulb and it was blinking.when I switch off and switch on the vehicle again it gets back to normal.what is the problem?/ please help me out!!! thanx a lot!
  8. Hi Guys, We recently bought a 2004 Kia Piccanto (1086cc, auto, 45000km, one owner) for my wife. However, this car has now developed a gear box issue where it revs up in gear without actually moving. The car feels like it is in neutral even though it is in gear. I think it is something to do with the torque converter or the electrical unit that controls the torque converter. I contacted Kia Motors (Car Plan) but they have been little help and are unable to have a look at the car as they are fully booked out for quite a while to come. I will also need to tow it there as the car cannot be driven. As a result I have handed it over to the local mechanic who has come up with various theories and has sent the gearbox over to a 'friend' for repair. I have little faith that the issue will be resolved by this guy. Does anyone know of where I could buy or import a used gear box for a Kia Piccanto? I guess I should have just bought a vitz or a march, where parts would have been easier to source, but we decided to leave the herd and are now paying the price. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Bart
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