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Found 3 results

  1. So I got my gasket replaced and once the work was done, I look at the dashboard to see that now there is a permanent airbag light. Also, when I revved the engine the instrument cluster would switch off and on rapidly. So the mech tapped on some plugs & wires and although the rapid flickering stopped, it does feel slightly twitchy. The radio & climate control LCD screen are perfectly fine though. Also, when I reached home, I noticed a variation in the sound and saw that the engine is idling at less than 800rpm. Mech isn't an expert on wiring but he told me I might have some sort of a short circuit/loose connection somewhere. Nothing wrong with the battery terminals, infact the positive terminal is new. I'll take it to a technician tomorrow morning, I just wanted to know what to expect. This car has started to stab me in the back now
  2. When I was driving a 1993 Ford Laser in the on the high level road, one of the radiator horse started leaking inside and unnoticed. Heat didn't went up significantly since I was driving slow. Then I entered the highway and speed was increased. Just after 4km, it got overheated. We kept it to cool and put water later with the help of highway people. Then I drive another 10km and parked the vehicle. Following day when we start it, water comes out from the head gasket. I think it got damaged and it needed to be replaced. Some facing need to be done to the engine head also. So where can I get these gasket and what will be the replacement cost?
  3. Hi, Please advice me on what should I do when I came across 2 times in changing gasket (I have nissan N16 super saloon, YOM - 2000, 1.6L) either to go for a new Engine HEAD or New Engine? 1st Occasion - My careless driving (I never came across such a situation and didn't know what to do..but i was checking regularly the water level of over flow tank and the radiator) - No cracks found in Engine Head and did not pace the head surface (after checking from a leading workshop which is located at Maradana) - Replaced the gasket with a genuine nissan one. - There were no any leaks found and however cleaned the radiator to make sure there are no longer any blocks (whether existed or not). - Replaced thermostat valve with a genuine one, because there were no clue that the old one was functioning properly. - Replaced Radiator Cap with a genuine one because there were some scratches at the rubber cap of old one. - All of the mechanical part done by a experienced mechanic. 2nd Occasion - Regularly monitored the engine heat level while driving and checking the water levels of radiator and over flow tank in daily basis. - Replaced thermostat valve with a genuine one, it is not opening the valve at the correct temperature. (replaced with a genuine one) - Replaced sensor which brings the temperature level of engine to indicate at the dash board temperature meter. (replaced with a genuine one) - Both occasions, - No any leaks found (Radiator and hoses) - Replaced genuine thermostat valve. (both occasions) Now i'm in the 2nd occasion and according to the mechanic (the Nissan agent in Sri Lanka which located at peliyagoda),they said, after proper scanning and testing this time also found that there is a issue pertaining to the gasket or engine head. First occasion occurred in last December and again it happens now. Feel that if I fix the thing with existing engine / engine head from the agent it will cost me a lot because their labor charge is very high and if the thing happen again there is no point. Please advise me what to do next?
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