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Found 11 results

  1. My future wife managed to crash my car in to a parked bus in Kandy road. ๐Ÿ˜‘ Front left headlight, buffer, front grills and the bonnet are damaged. I have never done a serious accident repair before as this is my first car. So I could use some advice regarding the process. I took the car to VT*C Motors in Malabe as I have heard a lot of good stuff about them. They said that all aforementioned parts will need to be replaced including the bonnet (which I thought would be fixable by tinkering). My concerns are, Do I need to find spare parts? Or will the garage people do that to me? Can we trust them to repair the car with OEM parts? Auto start-stop function does not work now. Would that be due to damaged headlights? (which is kinda weird) Thank you very much.
  2. Hi everyone, My dad owned a KIA sportage 2006, but he passed away recently and now the vehicle was passed down to me. the vehicle was always part of the family and dad took very good care of it. recently I saw drops of oil at the bottom of the engine bay and I took it to a nearby garage. the man said its seems there is a leak from the gasket covers. I replaced all the gasket cover lining (I hope I am using the correct term). and the O rings on the top cover of the engine cover and the plugs. (apologies for not knowing the exact terms of the parts). Unfortunately, the oil leak did not stop. I live in Kohuwala, and I am so badly searching for a GOOD GARAGE, MECHANIC, or someone trustworthy who could help with this. taking it to KIA company is way too expensive for me. :( Kindly help me solve this issue. I dont want to be a son to a dad who couldnt take care of his father's precious vehicle.
  3. Can anyone recommend a reliable workshop, around DEHIWALA area, that can do corrosion work and re-painting? Thanks
  4. Hi guys just bought a Prius 2015 and now the leasing company is asking to fit a GPS meter which they will provide me with. If i get the gps from the company, can i fix it by myself? is this a hard procedure? where can i get it done? And can i fix it without been visible to the passengers of the car? Whats the price?
  5. Hi Guys, Today I have bought a honda city 2000 V-Tec car and I want to know a good and trusted place near Kandy to service and do some repairs in my car. This is going to be the first service I'm doing after buying it. There is a little power steering oil leak and I need to get it repaired too. So do you guys have any suggestions for me on a place to repair it? Service and repair from two separate places is okay. Also, I really appreciate it if you guys give me a hint on what to check in this first service after buying this old car...? Thank you.
  6. Dear All, I intend to buy a a C 180 2002 diesel (2200cc) or C 180 2001 Petrol(2000 cc) Pls advice what is the best buy in terms of pleasure and maintenance wise Also if there is a good garage to recommend in the vicinity of Moratuwa Many thanks in advance
  7. How long can we use the garage no plates legally ?
  8. Dear experts, I am planning on doing an Engine tune up and spark plug replacement this weekend for my Starlet EP91 ( fuel consumption too high). Please suggest good places I can get it done. Name of place, location and if possible how much it will cost me generally. Thanks.
  9. Nishan.dj

    Jay Leno's Garage

    Guys, Here is a good youtube channel that you will find it interesting to watch. https://www.youtube.com/user/JayLenosGarage/videos It is really an interesting to see how they have done such great works and also don't forget to watch this which is a bit funny to hear.. Hope you will enjoy..!!!
  10. Guys, need some basic information on starting up a service station. May be there are members who already run them or have contacts in this field. And I know itโ€™s a large investment so feasibility study and lots of preparation is required. Any inputs from automobile enthusiast here would not go in vain. At this point I am keener in getting to know about the environmental and legal side of it. One side of the land is a water stream and other side is main road. Once the legal side is figured out I will have to do the costing for equipments and installation costs Equipments (http://www.eskayservicestationequipments.com/water-service-station-equipments.html)
  11. Hi All, Can anyone please point me to a person, workshop that is actually good on GDI Engines & Pajero IO. No point in going to UM since the work they do is crappy!!! Also I'm not much satisfied with my present mechanic. He seems to be changing his word all the time 'n although he's from UM I'm beginning to have doubts over his expertise. (The guy seems to be ripping me off!!!) I'm getting fed up with the troubles that seems to increase day by day with my jeep and if I recall correctly everything started after the first injector clean up. Really tired of searching for places of GDI specialists, n am doubting if I can locate a person who has the correct knowledge on the vehicle. Please help me out if you can. Thanks,
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