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Found 13 results

  1. Dear all I'm looking for a suv for daily 200km drive, fuel economy and comfort matters. I'll be driving up and down to kandy from colombo. Any suggestions? Here are some options I've figured considering current market prices for my available budget.(5mil) Nissan X tail hybrid 2015 KIA Sorento Diesel 2011 Hyundai Santa fe 2010 SSang yong rexton 2009 Please give your suggestions.
  2. Hi friends, I would like to go with Toyota vehicle fuel economy survey. because it will helpful for all sri lankan or people who is gonna buy Toyota vehicle. Please take few second to serve others while searching. Please add Your Toyota vehicle Model: Manufactured year: Engine Capacity : Fuel type : Transmission Type : Economy : (kmpl) city limits (kmpl) Out stations
  3. I would like to know more details about the toyota corolla 141 2012 model. Its fuel economy(is it more economical than the older 141), current market price and any known issues and are they made in japan or some other asian country like thailand or pakistan.
  4. Hi, after some considerations, I'm thinking about buying a Toyota vitz 1999-2001 model as my first car. Any personal users of the 1000 cc manual? Is it good? Every foreign site lists it with atleast 15 kmpl, and saying it's actually a very good car even after 15 or so years of use. This is the reason I considered it in the first place. However, I'm confused with what I found here. I have done searches here and I'm all confused about certain facts like fuel economy. I have seen many people quoting figures like 7-8 kmpl. Isn't that simply absurd for a small 1 ton car? We had a 2002 Toyota Corolla 121 1300cc & 1994 Toyota Corolla AE100 1500cc as family cars and they consistently did more than 11 kmpl. Is there something wrong with the vitz? I thought it was an excellent choice for the price range. ~2 million. Especially considering it was the replacement for starlet which was already a great car. Reliability and fuel economy is my biggest concern since I'm buying it on 5 year lease and hope to use for all those years without major problems. Are your personal experiences different from what I have heard from other foreign sites? Any other suggestions?
  5. Hi All, I am planning to buy a toyota prius 2008 or Aqua 2012. before that I would like to know some basic details about maintenance cost of toyota hybrid cars since they need additional attention than conventional gasoline cars. Right now I am driving a vitz(im driving at 14km/l in city) and my main reason behind purchasing a hybrid is to save more on fuel. I am driving around 1000km per month Guys help me calculate overall cost per km of a hybrid car
  6. Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a car (preferably a 7 seater/Hybrid) for below 5 Million. What options I have? I am looking for fuel efficient vehicle as well. How about Honda Feed? is it a good option? Please let me know if any other good options you have. Thanks
  7. Hi there, I am Ziyan, finally after like a month of waiting, the admins give me the ability to post a thread!!! Hurey! I have looked up a lot of information on autolanka, b Background (I won't bite if you skip) A vehicle has to match its owner, its like a marriage, I believe. I am an engineer and I like quality and power but honer efficiency. The car will generally gold 2 humans and 1 dog but can also be 4 guys. It will climb the Kandy hill and I could use some power overtaking vehicles quickly in slim opportunity thanks to the jobless cops napping under trees. I live in Colombo and my gal is from Colombo and daily commuter where I am a freelancer mostly stuck in my office room. My ideal car would be kind of a Tesla S if I was in US, neither am I in the US nor do I have money and am looking for a car some thing about under Rs. 3 million. I plan to use for a few years and step by step upgrade to some thing good. Question I got an offer for a Nissan Cefiro... 230 JM YOM 2005 2350 cc Automatic transmission Agent maintained The car has been used sparingly by a doing well guy, low mileage, thus my concern (may be fair as its not his only car) I thought the car comes with teak interior with leather seats. But a friend who has once seen the car said it didn't have either. I thought Cefiro was reaching the luxury end of Nissan. Googling around, I didn't find useful information in autolanka about the vehicle. So I thought of starting a new thread. Comments on durability Maintenance and Spears (been towards the high end, I think it would use different spares than the over used Sunny) availability Estimated fuel consumption (city limits/long distance) I don't like Auto, but lets face it, I don't see any manual coming these days. What if there is a gearbox issue, can it be repaired or has to be replaced. What would the cost be if you know. Your thoughts of the car. Resale (I think it sells alright, some go within weeks) In comparison to a Mazda 3 (2005+) which is currently my primary interset given its rather sexy looks. I have a fallback to a Lancer EX (2007ish I guess) if I don't find some thing interesting. Thanks in advance for any of comments suggestions you make.
  8. Date: Tuesday, 20th September 2016 Venue: The Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka, 120/15, Wijerama Mawatha, Colombo 07 All automobile fans are welcome.
  9. Hi, I am going to buy an Toyota Avanza but many said it's fuel economy is low. Can anyone tell me you experience. I like to know how much it can run in city and long distance. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys.. Having thoughts of buying a used Perodua Kenari car. Don't have much of contacts and the car is not much visible on the roads. I asked a vehicle engineer and he told me that it has some engine issues. Pls help me here coz i have no clue about this vehicle. Is this a good fuel economy car?
  11. Ive just signed up for this site and all ive been seeing are that anytime someone puts up a question about a hybrid, flocks of users keeps insulting them on their vehicle. I really dont see what they have to hate them so much?? I own a prius 3rd gen and i can tell from over 2 years of use that although it may not be in the same class and far from the of looks as an exotic or be anywhere near a sports car in performance it does serve its purpose better than any other car ive used so far. Ive been using a 121 and ive been using beemers and several other US models and ive experienced first handed that this prius is much more reliable and much economical in every sense compared to other cars of the SAME price range. I am an avid lover of tuned modified cars and the prius does not make those come true but it still is one of the best cars ive ever driven. To anyone looking for a car which is reliable or economical i would recommend a prius although if looking for a cheap car it would not be bad to get a used 121 or civic (i am not a environmental freak btw though i do care for it :| ) The prius saves me a lot on gas and i mean a lot. i drive over 3000km per month both in colombo and to outstation locations. during long distance driving i ususally get over 20kmpl but if not going agressively i can get around 30kmpl while going at 50-70kmph. in rush hour traffic i get varying mileage while sometimes it may drop to 16kmpl but usually about 19-22kmpl. and considering the price of fuel it is a great saving considering i dont even have to use 95 octane. i was going to buy an allion 2011 but decided against it as the prius was full of options unlike the allion. someone here suggested that i test the pre collision system by driving at a wall or tree... and i did try it. but i instead drove it at a pile of cardboard boxes and for their info it did stop automatically without hitting it. and the radar cruise control is also a useful feature but i dont use it much considering our three wheel drivers and motor bikes. other maintenance stuff is also lower as the service has to be done only every 10000km and there is no need to change ATF oil or any belts. ive been using it for 40000km and the brake pads are almost like brand new. (in the corolla i would have to replace every 25000) the only problem is the stock ture size that came in the touring mode. the 17" 215 tires are a bit expensive but this problem is not there in the regular JP prius. ive yet to replace a single mechanical part and there have been no issues at all except that i drained the 12V battery once by listening to the radio in ACC mode for too long. another benefit is when the car is stopped you can use the AC without burning fuel. the performance is nowhere near a BMW or an american car but it does provide more power than the majority of vehicles in sri lanka (outside inner colombo ) and the acceleration response is better because of the motors. and in PWR mode it feels much better than an insight in S mode (though the sound of the engine is not at all sporty... sounds like an aircraft taking off) On the contrary to what people say, the battery is as reliable as any other part of the car and the chance of your battery failing is almost nil unless you treat it badly which is the same for a gasoline car if you do not maintain the engine it will be damaged. and the battery can now be repaired by changing damaged cells which are about 7000 rupees only. and i believe a reason people insult hybrid owners are because they drive slowly. thats the fault of the driver, not the car.. driving slow will not make it more efficient and ive seen people in jaguars and BMWs going slower than that. to all who think hybrids are cheap vehicles. just because they are relatively cheap here, in japan they are about two time more expensive when used than a brand new allion.. AND i know some here are going to say im jobless to be typing this yeah. true. im doing this just because some people dont care about saving their hard earned money that doesnt mean they should insult others who do try. anyone who has any questions im willing to provide answers to the best i can. and im open to any comments why your'll hate hybrids so much (P.S i did hate them before i bought one... so you should try it without being prejudiced)
  12. I hope this site is not already posted. (did a search) this site shows almost all car models with User submitted fuel economy. obviously a US or UK site but we can get a idea which models are better at fuel economy than others http://www.fuelly.com/ you can also check in different units: US | UK | L/100km | km/L KM/L for our understanding.. amazingly Corolla is not doing good fuel economy as they say in SL http://www.fuelly.co.../toyota/corolla http://www.fuelly.com/car/toyota/prius http://www.fuelly.co...r/honda/insight http://www.fuelly.com/car/mazda/3 http://www.fuelly.com/car/mazda/2
  13. Guys im planing on buying a Volkswagen Golf Mark 1 Diesel. Can anybody tell me how much one of those would cost in Sri Lanka these days. And if anybody out there uses one can u please tell me the practicality and issues u have with them. And even about a MK1 petrol would do. Thank you in advance..
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