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Found 2 results

  1. So i flushed and refilled the radiator coolant on my car today. just thought of sharing it in detail with you all who are willing to DIY, For the beginners like me to be precise. Things you Need: 1.) Radiator Flush 2.) Coolant 3.) A Garden Hose 4.) A rag/piece of cloth 5.) a bucket/tray to collect the water Step 1: * First make sure the engine is cool * Locate the drain tap below the radiator and remove it. * After Removing the drain tap Remove the radiator cap on the top * Let all water get drained and Collect it for future references Step 2: * Close the drain tap * Fill a small amount of water first * Fill the radiator with the Radiator Flush * Then fill in the radiator with water all the way and close the radiator cap * Start the engine and keep it idle for 10 - 20 minutes with the Heater ON (WARNING: Do Not Drive) * After 10 - 20 minutes, shut down the engine and wait till it cools down (approx - 1hour) Step 3: * After the engine has cooled down, Open the drain tap and then remove the top radiator cap (if not sure, use the rag/cloth to open the cap) * Squeeze the rubber pipes that transfer water and let all the water drain from the radiator * While the drain tap is open, run a hose from the radiator cap with slow flowing water so it wont overflow * While the water is running through the radiator, start the engine and let it idle with the heater on for another 10 minutes (might need a mate for that) * After 10 minutes or so in idle shut off the engine first and remove the hose * Collect the water to check whether the water is clean * Let the engine cool down for another hour or so before re-fitting the drain tap and radiator cap to avoid contact with the hot engine Step 4: * Re-fit the drain tap and fill it with coolant and water (make sure to use the right amount of coolant to water ratio, in my case 1:3) * There is no proper way to measure the water level, The best way is to determine with the collected water the first time you drain the radiator, Best thing is to use a water bottle when refilling to avoid spilling. * Top up the Reserve tank with proper coolant to water ratio (might have to remove the reserve tank from the car to get the water out) * Close the radiator cap and start the engine and let it idle for 10 minutes or so, so all the air will be out of the system and the coolant will be circulating properly in the system * let the engine cool down again and re-open the radiator cap, there will be less water this time so fill it with coolant and water till it reach the mouth of the cap and close the radiator cap. Things You Should Be Carefull With: * Wipe off water from the fan belts before starting the car * Make sure water want spew on to the distributer cap and so on * Before re-fitting drain tap make sure the engine is cooled down to avoid contact with a hot engine * Always fill it with coolant, Do Not Cheap out and just use water * If you have HID kits install, make sure water wont get contact with the balasters and wires. * Since the engine has to be on idle a lot, make sure there is proper ventilation for the exhaust fumes to go out. * Be gentle with the drain taps, since its made of plastic it might break off if way too much pressure is use. and for some cars like Mazda's u have to remove the drain tap with a wrench. Some Images of the process: Radiator Drain Tap: Existing Water in the Radiator (I removed the exisitng coolant the day before to do the process but because of the rain i couldn't proceed so filled with normal water before doing the flush): Filling Radiator Flush: Rubber Pipes to Squeeze: Heater ON: Collected Fluid after Flush: Running water through the radiator with the drain tap open and engine running: Collected water from the radiator after 10 minutes of constant flowing water: Refilling coolant: (1:3 - in my case) Refilling water (1:3 - i used a bottle to measure the needed ratio) Hope this will be helpful to someone. Good Luck.