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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Experts, I am new to here, and i never had a car. I just want to get some opinion and suggestions from you, to buy a car. I have already check some cars on ######.lk. I selected some models, nissan fb14, mazda familir, nissan presea, toyota sounua, 110 toyota, perguat 406 etc. I can only spend around 1.5 million and not more than 1.6. could you please suggest met what should i buy. Furthermore, I want a car that can do at least 10km/l. My most interested car is perguat 406 but i have hard that it parts are difficult to find in Kandy area.?? Thank you
  2. what is the best from fb14 1300cc or 1500cc with manual transmission. is there big difference between auto and manual in fuel efficiency of fb14
  3. Hi all, What is the best option for me among following cars. My budget is 13.5 Lks (Max) Mazda Butterfly (Familia 1996/1997 model) Toyota AE 100 Carina AT192 Nissan FB 14 Please share your experience & advises for make a choice. Cheers !!!
  4. Hi Guys.. Im new to this, i have trouble in my Nissan FB14 cos the engine runs fast at idle mode. RPM indecates 2000-3000 @ idle. (RPM meter working) when driving it does 8-10Kmpl (Avg). Seems it would be better fuel consumtion. What is the reason or is it normal..?
  5. Hi guys, I’m having a FB14 1500CC, YOM – 1996, Auto, Mileage - 163,149. (Brought it one month back) and recently I’m having the following issues. When I start the car and shift the gear to D (Drive), the car won’t move forward. If I paddle the accelerator then the engine races like it’s in the N gear. Then I move the gear to the 2 (2nd) or L (low) and car start moving. After that if I move it to D again, no problem car moves smoothly. This is occurring only when it stop for more than few hours. Usually in the morning when I go to office and evening when I’m going to return home. This problem occurs after I did a full service (changed oil filter and engine oil) at Auto Miraj. After that service run, handbreak indicator in the dash board is always turning on. My friend told me that it might be a problem with the handbreak switch. I have checked the break oil and it’s between Max-Min levels. Also my car does average 10-11 Km per liter on both outstation and traffic without AC. (I have travelled Colombo city area and Colombo – Badulla last time and got this figures. Most of the times speed between 60 - 80). Is it a normal KMPL value for this type of car? If it’s not, what should I do to increase fuel efficiency? I’m new for this car and looking forward to see professional help from you guys. Thank you.
  6. My car is a Nissan Sunny Fb14. Battery seems dead. it cant hold the charge. Nw im going to buy a new battery.. Current battery is 35amp. nearly 2 year old.. Since these days im working far away from home. Normally car is not even started for 2 weeks. Wiring, Alternator ok.. battery is bad Please advice me on this.. Should i go for a higher amp battery. ? which battery type should i go for.. sealed type or other ? Which brand ? warranty and other stuff.. thanks...
  7. Hi, what is the reasonal price for FB!4. Because I see price tag between 1.6-2m for a FB 14 which is around 13 years old. Do you think it a reasonal price range for FB 14? 3 month bag price range was between 1.3 -1.6 m. Why this kind of sudden increase. don't belive people will pay that much (1.8m) for a FB 14.Hey experts..what you say..Do you agree ? please advice. I am willing to buy FB 14.. what should be the reasonal price for of FB 14 which belongs 96 or 97 model year. with or without English numbers
  8. hi... im looking fo efi cleanup and tuneup for my car, Nissan Sunny fb14. please help me on this. 1. What should i let the mechanic to do or not to do 2. what is the best method of cleaning fuel system including injectors 3. what is the best place for it in above areas (any personal experiences) 4. how much money should i have in ma pocket for this..
  9. Hello all, Pls anyone explain me what are the nissan fb14 models & what are the differents of them???? Basically i have an idea about EX-Saloon & Super Saloon models. Also i knw that it has 1.3ltr & 1.5ltr models. But what are the models call Red light, White light, Separate light & etc. in local market ???? and which has highest market value among them ???? What are the key points should i consider in a inspection ???? Thank U.
  10. Hi.. My car is a Nissan Sunny fb14, 1500cc petrol, manual transmission, 210k on odo, 1997 Yom. Problem is its high fuel consumption. It does abt 9.5km/ltr. Done an efi cleanup (not ultrasonic) and tune-up recently. Fixed New Air filter and fuel filter. I normally drive 7kms in the morning and back to homein the evening. (No traffic blocks average speed abt 60km/hr) Lower AC usage (turn on and off when required). With AC, Idleing is ok but when going in uphill I feel more vibrations. Previous owner has open the Mass Air flow sensor circuit (located on throttle body) and when I open that I could see a tiny IC like thing had gone bad. No engine check lights, black smoke, Oil burning, idle rpm fluctuations, misfires. I think pulling power is ok.. (without ac). No lose connections of wiring. All suggestions are welcome….. what is the best should i do.. thankz..
  11. we bought this FB14 (1998) few weeks ago and garage told me that i have to replace shocks very soon.. now i have realized that vehicle is having low ground clearence.. Is fb14 having low grnd clearence comparing to other cars or does it cause by defect shocks.
  12. hi friends.. My car is a Nissan sunny fb14 97 Manual model.200k + on odo. Few days ago I have cleaned the efi, throttle body and done the engine tune up. fixed new Air and Petrol filters. Mechanic set rpm to abt 750. At that moment it was working fine. But at the moment problem is idle rpm fluctuates (without engaging AC, Head Lights or power steering). Most of times idle rpm is 1400, sometimes it stays abt 1200 or come back to normal 750. If I depress the accelerator when rpm is at 1400, rpm drops and then increases. Please consider following facts Previous owner has open the MAF sensor circuit, this time my mechanic reopen it and clean the circuit using contact cleaner. I saw that some tiny transistor like things had gone bad. (Mechanic said its not a problem.. ) When is touch the wire of Throttle position sensor rpm changes, when I disconnect the socket of throttle position sensor engine comes to normal rpm (750). bt sometimes it doesn’t. when i stard the engine without Tps idle is fine. bt some times it doesnt.. There ar no warning lights on meter panal. what should I do.. scanning?? or change the throttle possition sensor. ?? any suitable place in Kurunegala for this...?? Thankz..... F1... F1... F1...................
  13. hi Expertz.... i bought nissan sunny fb14 digital meter car recently. Odo was about 160,000km. Since there was a problem i had to replace the meter with a recondition one. New odo meter reading is about 1500kms. its a funny mileage for a 14 year old car. So is it possible to get the previous value..(or lessor value....about 100k.. ). PM me please if there is a place that i can change the Odo value.. Thanks ma friends...
  14. roshanjmapa

    Nissan Fb14

    Hi All, have a good day !!!! I have a Nissan FB14 ,and it has a oil leak from the engine. I'm looking for a good mechanic from Bokundara/ Boralesgamuwa area. If anyone knows a good mechanic please let me know. Thanks.
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