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Found 7 results

  1. Madushike

    Nissan Cars

    Please someone tell me what are differences between Nissan FB 15 and N16. Why N 16 has a low market value compared to FB 15 eventhough the YOM is late??
  2. About one month back I was fool enough to do high pressure wash in my car engine bay. Soon after that I felt rough idling and sense of engine was going to stall. Then my mechanic and I removed most of the sensors and connectors including MAF, ECU, Throttle body, coil packs, applied air and contact cleaner (Wurth). Problem was solved at that time but end up with a high RPM of 900-1000. (It was used to be at 700). Then did idle air volume learn from a place but it wasn’t operated by usual technician but it came down. But after driving for about 50 km ( after 2 days ) some kind of a jerky feeling started to feel while idle with specially AC on or while gear in D or R without AC. It also occur when cruising around 60kmph when OD engaged, torque converter locked and cruising RPM comes near 1400-1500 area. It doesn’t occur in RPM like 2000. Battery voltage didn’t dropped when this happened. After driving about 250km (I came back to work) I did a clean and removed MAF connector while engine was running (I just wanted to check MAF) and removed battery terminals for a while (2days) and allowed ECU to reset. Surprisingly it improved for few km and started again. After coming back (another 250km) did a sensor clean again and did a re-learn from a different scanner (x431) things got solved significantly and frequency of occurring went down and happened only at idle with lesser frequency. Later, in the scan report I saw load indicator was on while doing that even though everything was turn off (may be cabin light was on or car stereo panel lights stays on though it is turned off). I went over internet for read regarding this and saw “ Accelerator paddle release position learn and Throttle close position learn” should be performed prior to idle air volume learn. I changed MAF and O2 sensor later. Even though fuel figures came close to factory figures (16.2/16.6 kmpl) those symptoms didn’t improve. My next plan is to check fuel pump and AC (clutch or something) So, 1 What may be issue? 2 Is idle air volume learn is highly sensitive thing that need to follow exact procedure? 3 Is this condition relate to above thing or any other isolated condition? http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/15462-fb-15-idle-drop-issue/ this thread somewhat similar but not exactly similar
  3. SMadu

    Bluebird Sylphy

    Hi Experts, I'm looking for a help from you. I sold my car recently and need to go for a car for about 2 Mil. My idea is to by a car for that price and use it for about one and half years and go for a better one later since due to some other reasons I'm not in a position to spend more than that during this year. With some search I found Bluebird Sylphy as a decent car which is available for my budget. But I would like to get to know following information about that car. YOM - 2001 - 2004 Transmission - Auto Fuel consumption in 1.5 l model and 2 l model ? At the same time I'm considering following vehicles too. Toyota Cami Mazda Familia 1.5 Auto FB 15 New shell 1.5 Auto Toyota 110 1.5 Auto Swifts (Indian) zxi YOM 2007 / 8 Appreciate your support.
  4. The Don

    Fb 15 Idle Drop Issue

    A friend drives a 2002 NissAN Sunny FB15 Super saloon auto gear. Recently the auto box was repaired, but since then an interesting problem has developed which is probably not connected to the gear box issues. The car is perfectly stable most of the time. Idles nicely at 900 rpm with the AC on. But when you drive for a while and stop with the gear in D sometimes the idle just suddenly drops and the car stalls If you put the car into the reverse gear the same happens (this is from a standing stop) This behaviour is also observed when the gear is in neutral. Now a number of mechanics have tried to repair this and often they find it difficult to reproduce the problem. The last Lal Alawatte said he had replaced "some sensors" (my friend is not technically minded) and the car was ok for over 2 weeks. Then the problem returned. When I had a look at the she was able to demonstrate the problem in the above scenarios (so clearly she hasn't gone cookoo). Since this has already been taken to a number of mechanics I wasn't sure what to suggest. Any of you guys had the same problem or any ideas?
  5. Dhanushkapg

    User Manual For Nissan Fb 15

    Dear Friends I need user manual for Nissan FB15. if anyone able to find please share it
  6. Dhanushkapg

    Hub Raser Replacement

    Dear Experts. I am using Nissan FB 15 Car, Recently i heard "HAMm " Sound when i pick up my car. According to observation it comes from front wheel. I saw it to A*W friend and he told me HUB RASER need to be replace. ( This sound like HAMM) . I like to know what are those rasers and how much it will be cost when iam replace front wheel
  7. Dhanushkapg

    Hub Raser Replacement

    Dear Experts, I am using FB 15 car, Recently i heard HAMMMM Noice when i pick up the car. It comes from front wheels. Then i show this issue to my friend of A*W. He informed need to replace HUB raser. Please let me know How much will be cost for this replacement? and How long it will take to replacement.