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Found 42 results

  1. Hi All, I bought a reconditioned engine and replaced it at Sunil Motors Boralesgamuwa. After two days of the replacement, in the morning I went to the emission and it was passed. Then I waited around at home 1hr and started to go to a near by place. After around 1.5km the car was suddenly stopped. There was an AC Idle issue due to Sunil Motor mechanic adjusted wrongly. I adjusted normal idle correctly but could not adjust AC idle valve since I had no proper allen key for that. So for all earlier trips I did not switch in AC. For this small trip I had to use AC since my wife was with me in car. When idling engine is stalling since not enough air. Kind of this happened before the sudden stop. I tried several times to start but engine rpm rises comes back to zero. Forcefully I peddled accelerator and got into a nearby spaced area. While I was forcefully peddling I engine gave a huge thud noise.  Mechanic came and tried to rotate the engine. Engine locks at one point when turning. I still cannot think what happened. Because, 1) Engine was a very good one since we carefully inspected rubber hoses, sensors, coolant passages, cam shafts, even the thermostat was like a brandnew one. 2) After the replacement I drove around 50kms and nothing was wrong in the engine. If mechanic had misaligned the timing belt this could have happened sooner. Am I ryt? Anyway mechanic will start to dismantle engine on tuesday. Highly appreciate your comments.
  2. Hi everyone, I feel a jerk when pressing the accelerator at low speeds in my axio 2008. This often happens when car is traveling at about 10 - 30 kmph and when i take the foot out of the accelerator and then start again to accelerate. Just when i start to accelerate car jumps a little. I also found a same thread with this problem here. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/13402-toyota-axio-jerkingvibration-problem/ This is kind of exactly my problem too. But unfortunately i couldn't find an answer there. I took it to two mechanics and they couldn't say anything exactly and they suggests things like engine tune-up. Is there anyone who faced the same problem ? what could this be ?
  3. I would like share & get your ideas, experience regarding to engine oil for 'AE110' , For my , Year 1998 Engine Oil : Mobil 2000 10W,40W
  4. Please tell me about recommended engine oil brand for toyota corolla AE110?
  5. Hello All, I daily drive a corolla 121 (YOM - 2000) with 230k km on clock. Recently I'm experiencing a loss of engine oil (very small quantity). I drive this approx 15km daily. Every two weeks now i have to refill the engine oil by approx 1L. No leakage on the floor or no black smoke is producing. What may be the issue on this?
  6. Hi guys, this is my father's swift 2004 1.3cc car. For some time now, an unusual sound comes from the engine bay when engine is started, in low RPMs and also when moving with 'D' but most of the times with lower RPM values. It's more like a 'Grrrrr...' sound. that's how I can explain it. It was checked at a local garage for a possible engine mount issue but they said there's no problem. Still it is there. I have a small video clip but the sound I mention here is barely audible in the video. If anybody has an idea what this might be, it would be of great help to get this sorted out. Thanks. URL for video clip
  7. My eg8 is currently running on D15 vtec e engine. I'm planning to do a complete engine swap to b16 (v tec if I'm able to find one). I just need to give it a bit performance upgrade and have a neat drive. no body kits or whatsoever. My plan is to update: complete engine (distributor, ecu, fuel line, injectors, etc) gear box and clutch all 4 disk breaks Anyone here has done the above upgrades? How much would it cost for that roughly? I know its hard to find a b16 and any tips for that as well? Taking some advice before jumping to the process.
  8. HI, Automotive lubricant oils What do you all think about unmet needs with related to lubricant oil industry (Engine oil − Gear oil − Grease − Hydraulic and transmission fluid) and any issues that has not been addressed by lubricant manufacturers and distributors. Consider brands like Caltex, Mobil, Laugfs, Servo, Hyrax, Toyota, Castrol) (This is for a market survey and pls share your valuable inputs) Thanks
  9. Was thinking of importing a BMW m50 engine or even a jz motor. Any one have any information how the tax system works for importing just the engine of a car?
  10. I have Hijet Van, recently I did Engine Tuneup. They did only replace plugs,pressure injector and clean fuel tank filter. This is enough or not? is it not enough where the place for it and what is the cost.
  11. Hi guys!! I’m looking to buy a vitz 2007-8 model as my first car, need advise how to check the engine and what are the consideration during the inspections Also, any other sugestion for 26laks budget except wagon r??
  12. I have a nissan ad wagon 2003 model and today i went to mannar while driving my temperature gauge reached the high level , what is the reason for that? The fans are working properly and the return water also flows to the bottle again . So that the thermostat is also working properly
  13. I drive a 2007 Toyota Vitz and recently started having issues with the engine. When I gas the engine, it does not give me the power I need. I hear the engine rev but the power just isn't there. When I need to overtake another vehicle, I usually put the gear to "S" for that reason and that gives me a little bit of power to over take that vehicle. Also having issues when the vehicle is stopped. When in traffic in a slope, the car goes to reverse if I don't push the gas paddle quick enough. This also happens when I let go of the hand break after it being parked. I have cleaned the injectors and replaced the spark plugs. It was good for sometime but the issues came back. Appreciate some help to know what's going on with the car. And if someone could point me to a place where I can trust and fix these issues, that would be great. Thanks.
  14. We have a Honda Civic EK3 Ferio Vtec Automatic 1996 JDM vehicle. My brother has recently bought it. We did the spark-plug replacement and injector cleaning. Also air filter and oil has been changed. Patrol filter is new and auto gear oil is also good according to technician. But we dont know whether previous owner has used Honda Multimatic oil for the gear box. Also few screws in the distributor is broke, thus we didn't had the chance clean it in the tune up. Now the problem is it's fuel consumption. It does 11.5 km per liter in the highway with AC on and speed at 100kmph. In Colombo consumption is 6.5 km per liter. I measured it full tank to full tank. Other than that when we accelerate from idling, it gives a strange metal scratching noise and a knock from timing belt area. Alternator belt and AC belt is also near to packing. Thus couldn't tell exactly what is the noise. It shows 150k mileage. But surely it has been reverted, I guess t has done more than 250k Any guesses about the problem.
  15. Hi Guys, I have a Honda car with Single Carb EG8 1995 model. I have few problems with the current engine and would like to enhance/upgrade the ride with conversion or new engine. Current issues - Carb is not working upto the mark as some fuel lines are not connected to carb. - Engine oil burning. This will happen only during the last 1000kms before the next service. Using Caltex SAE 40 Engine oil. Service period 5000km. Current mileage 261,550 kms - Its difficult to start if I parked the car 2-3 days without start the engine.(Battery is full charged and auto choke not working) I'm planning to use this car till 2021. So think about conversion/upgrade would be useful for me. Thinking about below options, 1. Repair the current engine and use it. 2. Remove the carb and do a EFI conversion. 3. Replace with Exi engine.(this option to avoid the hassle of EFI convertion) 4. Replace with VTec engine. Please advice me on above options with the price and the complexity of it. Also I would like to know the places/persons who are selling above mentioned type of engines with complete set. I have gone through the below threads as well.
  16. Heya, I have an automatic 2008 Suzuki Swift and recently it's been shaking/vibrating/juddering quite noticeably when the engine is turned on (whether it's cool or warm). I've always waited for the engine to warm up for a few minutes before driving it, so I really don't know what's going on. I've also noticed that when I put the windows down, the sound of the engine when accelerating is quite unsettling, sounds like a long and loud dry wheeze, I can't really describe it. It just sounds really unhealthy. I also remember one time when the accelerator just stopped working while I was driving (felt like it ran out of gas but I had just filled it) before any of this vibration stuff started, so I pulled over, waited, and then it started working as normal again. I literally have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to mechanical terms and all that jazz, I just thought I'd come here to ask what's actually wrong with it before taking it to a mechanic. My dad knows quite a lot about cars but he isn't here at the moment so I thought I'd come here to get some helpful info to pass on to him. I read somewhere that it could be something to do with the cylinders; if it is I can give some more information later on, but for the moment I'm just looking for what this issue could possibly be. Thanks in advance! Melina
  17. Guys can somebody tell me about the Sorento 2003 model. I found one with 2.3L Petrol. can you guys share your opinions on this vehicle. Fuel consumption Pleasure Services worth to buy or not and everything you know about ps - i found this one. as it has nothing much, i posted this
  18. Hi, I'm wondering whether there is a place where offer an engine Cabin wash and Detailing service as featured in the below Video.I don't think even TOYOTA offer this sort of detailing process. Any opinions in to this???
  19. Dear All, My car is Toyota 121, 2003. It is good running Engine, but these days fuel consumption is very low in traffic, earlier 13 - 14 done. but now it s doing only 9 -10 can you tell me the reason. and I am going to service my car next week. tell me what is the recommending oil and filters. ( My car is Manual gears.) On the other hand i wont to know what is the recommended lube oil for Diesel heavy vehicles, DS 40 or SAE 40 and why?
  20. I own an Eg8 and there is a burning smell coming from the engine when going at high revs is there any idea why it happens.
  21. Hi everyone! This is my first question on this forum So I have a 2002 Ford Mondeo 2.0l and the issue with it doesn't go over 4000 rpm when accelerating. Engine starts to miss a bit at 4000 and hangs there. All I know is that the previous owner has changed the stock injectors to injectors from a different 1.5l Engine. (I know right ! ) So I was wondering whether this could affect the rpm. (That might sound like a no shit question but please do help me). All I've been doing after I bought the car was replacing what was messed up with genuine parts. Thanks in advance
  22. Hi Experts, Need your help on clearing a doubt! Did honda civic Eg8 of YOM 1992 came with a original vtec engine of 1.6 ?
  23. Hi Guys, Could anyone suggest me how or where to find the coil of the engine heat indicator of a 4DR5 J44. It was burnt out. I attach the image herewith. Thanks.
  24. Hello good people! We have a 1982 KE-72 wagon which have two main issues. 1) In first and second gears engine gets slowed with A/C on. This happens only with A/C powered on. Without A/C it works perfectly. And only in 1st and 2nd gears this slowness appears. In 3rd and 4th gears engine runs smoothly. This slowness wasn't there before. It was running okay even though it felt under powered with A/C. 2) In 4th gear around 80kmph engine makes a huge noise. That with A/C too. Without A/C doing around 100kmph is okayish but after that again that huge noise comes. I honestly was afraid if this thing will blow up. Is this due to engine degradation? It's got almost 300k in odo. Are there anything can be done to restore it to a better state if it's engine degradation? Or this might be some mechanical problem? What things can be done to solve this may be? Thank you
  25. Hey guys, Need ur input in sorting this out. I have a carina AT 170 for 3 years and im happily running it H/E, the engine is close to under compression and I am thinking of replacing the engine instead of repairing it. Current Engine - 5AFE carb engine Problems with current engine - Blackish oil..Carb is okay but not at its best. - Does about 7-8 in city. Previously did about 9-10 but I run about 1500 kms per month, slowly has gone down and as per the mechanic ( who did a good job previously) says the carb and the engine is also UC. The car was running on gaas previously as well (previous owner mucked it. not me ) - Bit noisy - Doesnt leak oil, but there is a bit of oil on the top of the engine. I thought of plugging in a 5AFE EFI engine. and I need ur input on this on these factors; - Whats needed to be done? Replacement of engine/computer box/ and fuel pump? Anything I should be worried about? - I have got a good engine for a cheap price...Any clue if i can buy the computer box separately? and fuel pump separately? - Any good places where I can get a good engine? If its a very good carb engine I do not mind actually. Any places I should start looking from? - Last but deffa not the least, has anyone on this forum done this to AT 170 or any car similar? Thanks
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