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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I just did the 2nd service of my car couple of days ago and I noticed that after washing the undercarriage, they washed engine bay area with high pressure water and also dried it up with high pressurized air. Is this normal practice or not recommended at all? I remember I read somewhere in AL that engine washing is not a wise practice or something. Anyway no any problems occurred after that. Engine bay looked very clean as well. 😏 Can you guys give me some clarification on this so I can be vigilant next time. I hope they know what they are doing. TIA
  2. Dear Experts I have a Toyota Vitz 2018 and I wish to Wash / clean it's engine compartment my self. (I get the inspection service done every 5000km at a workshop of a reputed automobile engineer; Not at a service station). At A**o M*r*j, I have seen they are using a chemical called H2L (not H2O). They say that this chemical doesn't conduct electricity and therefore it will not damage an EFI engine. A*W imports an engine degreaser called Sonax from Germany. I saw you tube videos of Sonax and according to those videos, they just spray Sonax degreaser in to engine and compartment, apply with a small brush and then WASH WITH RUNNING WATER. According to this video, washing engine with water is not harmful. I have observed that in my Vitz, at engine compartment, each and every wire coming into connecters, are going through small rubber bushes. I think this is to prevent water from entering in to connecters and sensors. So, according to my observation, washing engine with water can't damage it. So I expect your advises and comments regarding this.
  3. Hi all, I own a Toyota Aqua. And I do my regular services at C*rePo*nt. Last time when I took it there for the service that guy who changed oil requested me to do an engine bay wash saying that area is so dusty. Upto that point I only allowed them to use the high pressure air (Because from the place I bought the car asked me not to wash the engine bay as it might cause further damage). The reason that serviceman told me was that due that dust it might create an unnecessary heat in the invertor and may lead into early problematic situations. Also he stated that they use a special chemical instead of water. So I allowed them to do so. During the process I saw them using high pressure water. Since I was in a hurry to my workplace I was not able to ask them why they used water as well. So my questions are 1) Is it okay to do such an engine bay wash especially for a hybrid which is filled with complicated electronics? 2) Will the dust really remain as a causative factor for heat generation in the investor (like the dust layer acting as a heat insulator) ? 3) If it is necessary to do the wash how often should I do it (I know this question may sound stupid as it depends on the amount of dust collected. But I mean generally is it necessary to do it like I change oil in every 5000km's. I use solely this car for driving within the Colombo city) Thanks in advance!
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