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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, Does anyone know a place to buy Trunk Emblems (HYUNDAI,ACCENT named sticker like ones) of Hyundai Accent 2001? Thankz
  2. Hi Guys, The badges of my car had to be removed prior to a paint job and now it’s time to put them back on because the paint job is complete. The badges cannot simply go on the car as they are, because the remaining parts of the double sided tape are still on the reverse side of the badges. That has to be be taken out and new tape has to be pasted so that they firmly hold on to the body without falling off. I thought of writing a DIY with the intention of helping someone who might want to do this at home without visiting Darley Road. What you need: 3M double sided tape | a sharp blade | 150 grit sandpaper | 3M rubbing compound (optional) | Cotton rags | A flat surface to work on A bit of advice on handling the badges first: - Be VERY gentle on them. The last thing you want to do is snap one in half or crack them. Except for the common models, these badges can be hard to find. I had to buy the GLX badge that you see in the images below, from eBay after sweeping Panchikawatta for one and failing. - Secondly, be cautious when working with the blade. If you’re not sure that you’ll cut into your fingers, wear a pair of gloves. - Finally, put an old cardboard or some sheets of newspaper over the work table to avoid cutting into the table with the blade. Let’s begin… 1. The first step is to clean the badge. Use the blade to remove the remaining glue or double sided tape. You can rip the double sided tape remainings with your fingers as well. After most of the stuff has been removed, it will look like this: 2. Before pasting the new double sided tape, the surface needs to be smooth, so we’re going to use the 150 grit sand paper to smoothen the surface out. I’m going to do the entire process for the letter “R” in my LANCER badge from this point onward and it’s pretty much the same for the rest as well. Keep the badge on the flat surface and start sanding until the last bits of glue disappear and until the surface is nice and smooth. 3. The double sided tape can now be pasted on the badges. The tape I had was not wide enough to cover the entire height of the badge, so I had to paste two stripes. I recommend having a wider tape so that the job is much easier. Paste the double sided tape carefully. Make sure you cover the entire reverse side of the badge. If you decide to rivet the badge later, having covered the entire badge will prevent water from reaching the rivet hole, thus corroding the body/trunk lid. Cut the excess parts of the tape with the blade making sure you don’t scratch the front side of the badge. For letters with an enclosed area in the middle (i.e.: A, B, D, O, P, Q and R), turn the badge over and cut the opening from the reverse side. This is one of the tricky parts of the process and requires a steady hand. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the remaining letters of the badge and we’re done. Following is the Mitsubishi three diamond logo that I did with just a few cuts on the tape. 4. Use the plastic rubbing compound and polish the chrome parts of the badge to give them a shine and to remove dirt stuck in the hard to reach areas. That’s about it, now the badges are ready to go on the car. I’ll be pasting the badges on the car within a couple of days, so stay tuned for more posts. Your comments are welcome as always. EDIT: Updated image URLs
  3. Hi guys.. Dose any one know a good place to buy car badges. (for any Make and model - Not for too old ones ) a place around Colombo, Kandy.
  4. chamwic

    Toyota Limited Name Sticker

    I'm looking for Limited sticker for my Toyota Sprinter EE111. I asked the price from agents and they said it costs 3k each. The car has three gold color stickers and it'll cost 9k then. Are there any reputed places who makes vehicle stickers and emblems? Please someone advise me on this or any other alternative. Part information: http://toyotamarket.ru/jp/152140/039/3/7501/1/75361A/