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Found 6 results

  1. I am asked to replace tapper cover (rocker cover) and gear box mount for my Viva elite (100k+ kms done). Estimate for both at the agent is about 85k with engine tune up. Any members can share your experience with this change? Are these critical jobs which I can only the trust the agent with?
  2. Hi, will it take high maintaining cost for Viva elite ABS models, when ABS going out of work, or will it be low maintenance cost for non ABS models. I needed to select a model which has low maintaining cost. some says ABS model are very expensive (Maintaining) Tks
  3. Hey all, It's 2019 and most of the topics related are a bit old and I want a fresh opinion on what to do. I will make this simple as possible. I have a budget of 2.2 million and I'm trying to buy a car for daily use. I'm not really concerned that much about the fuel consumption as long as it's above 10km/l in city traffic. Since safety is also important to me I have decided to stay away from all Indian cars. The most bugging decision for me regarding is whether to buy an 10 year old car or a relatively new Micro Panda Cross 2017/18. The old car options I have are; Nissan March k12 Viva Elite 2013 Honda Fit Aria 2005 Mazda Demio 2004/5 I would really appreciate your guidance. Thanks in advance.
  4. Since the lease is almost over thinking of splurging a bit on my Viva Elite 2013. Username is CarNoob - 1991 for a reason. Lol Thinking - Sound system upgrade (Currently stock) - Good Seat Covers? (Currently stock) - Alloy Wheels (Thinking Matt finish) (Currently stock) Specify if I should? If I should do anything else on top? And vendors/ Suppliers you would recommend? Regards, CarNoob1991
  5. Posting this on behalf of a friend of mine. This is regarding a perodua elite 2009 model. When the car slows down, the engine light on the dashboard gets switched on and the engine is turned off. This has happened only a couple of times and did come up when i was driving the car once as well. However, the car starts up normally again and seems to run smooth after that. Guys any idea what the issue can possibly be? Any idea of a place to go to? is the agent the best place? Anything more we can do to know the root cause of the issue? Searched around the forum..Could not find a similar post. Apologies if I missed an existing similar topic.
  6. Hi guys, I'm planning to buy Viva Elite manual transmission car and I need to know your opinions about its fuel consumption. I have seen a lot of comments about the automatic but could not get enough information about the manual car. How much fuel efficiency can I expect from this car in the Colombo city area? Thanks in advance..
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