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Found 3 results

  1. Ok so this is my first ever DIY post so bear with me. Recently I happened to buy a e46 it was in good nic till…. well the cluster died on me . I was looking at dishing out some 140K for a virgin cluster with programming or having to buy a used one and live with wrong mileage and the DREADED tamper dot. Being a software guy by trade, I started looking into buying a used one and to somehow reprograming it to get the correct mileage and VIN. It went well, thus this DIY. My existing cluster was Motormeter and my replacement was Bosch. Doesn’t really matter the manufacturer any e46 cluster should work but I got a pre-facelift cluster cause I’m paranoid. This DIY assumes you have NCSExpert installed and updated with the latest DATEN files. You are going to need a bucket load of stuff. A used e46 cluster (ebay) T20, T10 torx bit drivers. (ebay) Pieces of paper Some experience in hot air soldering (I’m a complete noob at it) A good hot air soldering station Solder Paste/Solder wic Tweezers Surgical Alcohol / Probably some beer too Cotton Wool Nerves of steel Blank M35080 EEPROM chip (ebay) R270+ chip programmer (ebay) A steady hand K+DCAN USB to OBDII cable (ebay) - http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-USB-OBD-DIAGNOSTIC-CABLE-INTERFACE-INPA-K-DCAN-ISTA-ISID-SSS-V32-Progman-/331800219469?hash=item4d40d58f4d:g:RpsAAOSw~otWcZo8&item=331800219469&vxp=mtr NCS Expert with latest E46 SP-DATEN files (I had v54 downloaded from https://mega.co.nz/#F!0N8A3LSb!kPyNeBaKoO1GaGoSokfuJA) Cluster Removal Pretty straight forward. Use the T20 torx bit and unfasten the 2 screws at the top. Unlock and pull steering wheel towards you and down to make room to take the cluster out. Pull the cluster out straight and try to partially take it out to the right hand side. There are two connectors at the back. One for power and the other is the CANBUS connector. You want to rotate the white tabs up so the connector backs out of the socket and pull them off. New Cluster Install Install the new cluster temporarily. Reverse of the way it was removed. Check if everything works properly. It doesn’t matter if you get a cog like sign on the panel where the gear selection is display. It will go away once you code it later. Plug in your OBD cable and fire up NCS Expert. Turn key to the 2nd position. No need to start the vehicle. Mine is a 2001 Preface-Lift so it might be different in newer cars. Load the Expert Mode profile. Press “Vin/ZCS/FA” ZCS/FA f. ECU E46 KMB (KMB means instrument cluster) You want to make note / take a screenshot of the FG code. This is the VIN that’s stored in the replacement cluster. Turn off the ignition. And remove the cluster and take it to your work area. Cluster Dis-assembly You might want to practice with the dead cluster first. I did and it was worth the experience. Mark where the 4 T10 screws are located. There are many more holes than screws for some reason. Better to put them back where they were removed from. Unscrew the all of them and pull off the back cover. Holding the circuit board from the square socket connectors pull it straight out. You would want to take care not to touch the black printed board with all the speed / rpm values and stuff. It’s a matte black paint and gets scratched easily (ask me how I know), which will ruin the cluster. Tap the 5 needles so they are settled at the lowest position. Take some pics of exactly where they stop/rest because you are gonna remove them and you want to put them back at the correct positions. Now take a clean piece of paper, rip it in the middle like the pic and place it between the needle and printed board. This is for protection because you are bound to scratch the board if you do not. Now twist the needles counter clockwise while pulling up very gently. It’ll take about two full turns before the needles come out. If you pull too much the black pieces at the middle tend to brake off (This is why you should practice on the dead cluster). You want to remove the RPM needle last because it gets blocked by the fuel consumption needle when you try to turn it. At assembly the fuel consumption needle should be installed last. Once all the needles are removed, gently pull out the printed card and then the clear plastic bit under it. Next remove the two LCD panels (if automatic) one if manual, by releasing the clips at the back and pushing the metal frames out. Take note of the orientation they come out at. You would want to put them back the same way. Now the white plastic back panel should come off easily.
  2. BatMaan

    BMW e46

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a bmw e46 facelift model petrol or diesel automatic....What's the price range now going???
  3. Hello guys, I currently own a Mazda Demio DE3FS 2007. I have no prior experience with a euro car. But always wanted to own one. This idea of owning a BMW 320D E46 suddenly came because the owner of my rented how is going to sell his beamer. I know the car for 2 years now and this is how it is. * Car was bought directly from Germany when he was the Sri Lankan ambassador to Germany * Car has only 60,000 kms on the clock * He drives his car only about 100kms for a month during last two years * He asks 2.8 mil for the car These are my requirements with the car. * Reliability is a top priority. I drive long distances in the night. Therefore, I don't want to be in trouble in the middle of the night. * Affordability - I can set aside Rs. 240,000/= a year for the car (insurance + service + maintenance). I drive about 15,000-16,000 kms per year. Opinion from the experts are highly appreciated.
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