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Found 2 results

  1. sira

    Ek3 Break Issue

    Hi Last Friday I met a small accident. I was driving around 50Kmph and suddenly the front car stopped and I was not able to. My car was skidding about 2 Meter and hit. It was small damage for both and called the insurance then all sorted. I admit that the speed was little bit high and distance was closed. However this feels me little bad experience. I had Nissan FB13 and it also had similar issue and it was so bad. Rear wheel break is very poor. But this is not that bad but I want those rear wheels have very good break. This does not have ABS. Normally I do not apply hand breaks when I park this in my garage. Some cases do not drive this car for a weeks’ time. What happen is, when I release the hand break breaks will not release. The break gets bind due to corrosion with the drum surface. Normally after washing the car I park in the garage. So water may stay there and start corrodes with drum surface. This is my findings, In the morning when the drum is cool, the breaks are fantastic. I can feel that rear wheel got good break. Car stops quickly and not dragging. But after few min time when the drum is heated up the break was not too good.What is your idea of this issue? Do you think something different? The break paddle not sink and not even move 2 inch down. Replaced the brake shoes 2 months back and bleed the system. Please let me have your commnets Sira
  2. Andrew_GTR

    Cmsc Katukurunda Drag 2012

    1.NAME OF EVENT :CMSC DRAG 2012 2.VENUE OF EVENT :Katukurunda Air Force Base – Kalutara 3.RACE DISTANCE :Approximately 400m 4.STATUS :Club Meet with National and Regional Participation 5.DATE OF EVENT :9th December, 2012 6.AUTHORITY :This event is held under the Supplementary Regulations (S.R) and any Additional Supplementary Regulations (A.S.R) issued by the Organizers, under sanction by Ceylon Motor Sports Club (CMSC) & Sri Lanka Automobile Sport 7.EVENT PROMOTER :Ceylon Motor Sports Club. 9.ORGANISERS :Ceylon Motor Sports Club. RACE CLASSES 11. CLASSES AND ENGINES 11.1. CLASSES Class 1: Cars upto 1300cc – N/A Class 2: Cars 1301cc upto 1500cc – N/A Class 3: Cars 1501cc upto 1600cc – N/A Class 4: Cars 1601cc upto 2200cc – N/A Class 5: Cars Open 2WD Class 6: Cars upto 3500cc AWD Stock Turbo Charged Class 7: Cars Open 4WD Class 8: Bikes upto 600cc Class 9: Bikes over 601cc Class 10:Cars upto 1600cc turbo open •N/A - Normally Aspirated. 11.2.ENGINES 11.2.1. Rotary Engine: Engine capacity will be multiplied by a factor of 2.0 13. ENTRIES 13.1.Entry Dates: Opening Dates : 19th November, 2012 Closing Date : 6th December, 2012 13.2. Entry Fee: Rs 5000.00 per entry. This amount goes directly to the Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit to assist the differently abled children of the Air Force personnel. Completed entry form must be submitted with full entry fee to specified collection centre. 13.6.Entry Submission and Payment 13.6.1. STEP 1: Entries are to be registered at “No. 2/1, Hunupitiya Rd,Colombo 2, from 9am to 4pm.