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Found 6 results

  1. My car is a 1998 corolla AE110 and from last month, having small oil leak from distributor. For last two three days there is a strange sound coming when accelerating and it’s only comes in 2nd gear onwards. if anyone have idea about the issue and appreciate your recommendations on good mechanic/garage to fix this issue.
  2. I have a 1991 Nissan AD Y10. There is a knock(like misfire) when the engine is advancing. Every time I quickly push the throttle, engine knocks like it does not give response for a moment and then pulls. I tried replacing the carburetor and distributor. No luck with them. I suspect the issue is with the ECU which is fitted on the side right side to the gas paddle. I took the car to several garages and what I heard from them was, ECU does not play any role in connection with the ignition system of this car. I never have opened and checked the engine too. Can someone please help me with this. Anyone who experienced the same problem. Suggesting a good place to diagnose this would be a help too.
  3. Want to Jump to the 2019 discussion on this? Click here. Guys I want to do a little research on service quality, customer support from our local agents for different vehicle makes, please share your experience. Even though most of us heavily depends on our own preferred mechanics, it's good to have some support from official local agent for our vehicles (if exists). This is something to consider specially for first owner vehicles since on serious damages there's nothing much a local mechanic can do other than saying "take it to the company", have you delt with the local agent for your vehicle make? how's your experience? My Experience With Toyota Lanka I bought my toyota aqua from a sale at dutugamunu street, so it's a JDM one and i've took it to Toyota Lanka 2 times and their service has been outstanding. My car recently got attacked by a rat (http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/16551-rat-problem-advice-on-next-steps/) and did some serious damage and local mechanics couldn't even figure out what the warning light was for. They found the tiny wire break within 20 minutes and gave me a good walkthrough (they know their stuff). Please share your experience, will help others to determine what kind of after sales support available for their vehicles.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a toyota carina AT192 car. While i was driving 10kms suddenly check engine is indicated and car was stopped. Then I had to drag the car to a garage. then they attached a scanner and scanner indicates "Ignition system" and they said i need to replace the distributor. then I bought a distributor and attached it to the car and they replaced one of relays. garage people drived the car for around 6 kms and then that problem did not come back. after 3 days, again when i was driving the car for 2 kms, again the same problem occurred. then garage people attached my previous distributor back and checked. they brought the spark plug wire to top and spark plug wire is sparked some times but some times it does not. then they removed the computer box and checked. some capacitors are overflowed and computer circuit board has brown color patches there. then they asked me to replace those capacitors. still that replacing capacitors is in progress. so please tell me what would be the actual issue and what should i do for this issue? thanks in advance
  5. Hi guys, I am in a need of EG8 vtec distributor. I thought ignition coil was bad and bought a new one. But actually CMP sensor is fault. If you have got a removed distributor(most probably due bad coil), please let me know. I only need the housing with CMP sensor. Regards, Indika.
  6. I had a problem with my distributor. I replaced with a recondition distributor for 16 000.00. I drove one week with pleasure. But now the problem comes again. It is difficult to start my eg8. When I throttle it stops. what to to. Any help would be greatly appreciate.
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