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Found 21 results

  1. Sanjjj

    Mazda Demio Door Visors.

    Can anybody let me know a place where to buy mazda demio door visors.
  2. Lakshan Maduranga

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    Hello guys, I'm planing on buying my first car; a 2009 (December) Mazda Demio. I have some questions in my mind. If you have enough time; please be kind enough to answer them. I already searched many previous threads, but couldn't find the exact answers I'm looking for. They may seem like stupid questions; please don't get all mad at me; (I've seen that attitude in previous threads) I'm a total stranger to these vehicle related stuff! Your kind assistance is highly appreciated. 1) I'm having a hard time deciding on whether to buy a car from a local car sale (Got a good deal for 2.9 Mil from a reputed vehicle trading company) or directly import one under my name. What do you guys think? What will be the cheapest option? (I won't be needing any assistance from a finance company) And if your answer is to go for importing under my name; i.I read I can only import vehicles which are only two years old; what do they mean by two years old? Do they mean since the year of made (YOM) or the year of registration of the car? ii.What will be the duty (Some rough figure will be okay) I will have to bear? iii.I have contacts in both Japan and UK; (Not in for business, they are there for education). Will they be able to send me a car? Which will be the cheapest; UK or Japan? iv.Please suggest (PM me) any reputed/trustworthy vehicle importers you know. 2) If you had to choose between Mazda Demio and Toyota Vitz; what would you choose? and why? (Your personal opinion) 3) Please comment on second hand market of this car. 4) Please comment on fuel economy of this car. (Compared to vitz?) 5) Are there any known issues of this car? 6) Will I be able to find spare parts of this car easily? Who is the agent for Mazda cars in Sri Lanka? 7) Any general info you think I should know? Thank you very much!!!!!! (For at least reading the whole thing) Regards! Have a good day!
  3. ChanDK

    Demio 2009 Spoiler

    anyone knows where to buy and hook up spoiler for Demio 2009 (DE3FS)
  4. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Hi members, yesterday when I was driving my Demio when drepressing suddenly brake pedal went all the way to the floor. Luckily I was near a garage & took the car for inspection right away..however after about 10min or so brake system came back to normal without having to do any repairs..I searched the forum/Net and found out that, 1- Could be a brake fluid leak- which was not the case & the mechanic did a through inspection 2- Error in the braking booster- highly unlikely according to mechanic’s advice 3- failure in braking master cylinder- which mechanic suggested that if the issue happens again he will do an inspection on the component.could be an internal issue he said. he advised me to drive the car normally for the moment and not to panic. I am skeptical and I need a second opinion on this and appreciate if you guys could shed some light. thank you.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to buy one of these cars and appreciate any comments on fuel figures and maintenance cost of two cars( I did search and read most of related posts ). According to my research these and concerns/facts I have found. Still I would appreciate everyones feedback. Demio should do better on fuel than Swift ( Swift 10kmpl in town I read , Demio not sure 12kmpl? ) Demio parts are expensive than swift. - Buying car around 2008 what would be replacements I should expect to? ( Socks/ Shock mounts ). Eg. Had a Mazda familia BJ5P for 2 years. It costs around 35 to replace engine mounts ( Left one original and others Malaysian ) still I'm not sure whether it is expensive or not compared to a similar are of other brand. Steering rack issues. - I read in different places both cars have known issue with steering rack issues. I called to Mazna motors and they also said rack failure is common with Demio and will take around 100k to replace genuine or can do some what less expensive fixes as well. There is where I got shocked and started to doubt on Demio. 1 Lak for rack . Is same figure goes for Swift rack issue fix? Thank you
  6. Chaveen Dissanayake

    Toyota IST 2004 vs Mazda Demio 2008

    What would be the best option between the IST 2004 & Demio 2008 ? (Performance & economy vise)
  7. HI Guys, I'm planing on upgrading My Mazda Demio(1st Gen) .. below are the options I'm locking for , help me to chose the Best... Mazda Demio 3rd Gen - 2007 - 2.5 Mil Ist 1st Gen - 2003/2004 - 2.5Mil SX-4 - 2007/2008 - 2.5Mil
  8. Chanakaj

    Buying a Mazda Demio

    Hi friends/ Experts, I am planning to buy Mazda Demio car (2010) and need to know few things from you guys. I have taken the decision considering my budget as well as the look of the car. Please feel free to share if you have any suggestions and answers/ explanations for below points. 1) What will be the fuel consumption (avg) in city limits and outstation? 2) Are there spare parts available for this model locally? Thanks.
  9. Hi everyone, Happy New Year ! I am looking for some guidance to buy a used Mazda Demio 2008-2010 1300cc model. What are the pros and cons in this car? specific details to look for and fuel economy etc... Thanks in advance.
  10. MazdaJay

    Mazda Demio AC Compressor Noise

    I drive a Mazda Demio 2007 model and it gives a rattling noise when I turn on the AC. Is it a big issue or where can I get it fixed. I am fairly new to Mazda and your opinions on this are really valuable.
  11. bimalnp4me

    Plastic Upholstery Repair

    Plastic Upholstery Repair... Guys, I'm using a Mazda Demio Dw3w 1999 car.. my Plastic Upholstery is look like c$%#.. (People say all the mazda are same) is there a place i can repair those.. it's very scratchy.. color also faded .... i check some one has paint it in his car and it didn't look good.. because this plastic has a pattern to get a leather look, and once we paint, all messed up... even if i can replace this interior panels it would be grate.. please HELP...
  12. Hi I have a Mazda Demio 2009. I want to change the Gear Box Oil. When called Colonial they said that they use Oil named "M Five" for 12K and "FZ" for 17k. When I called a local garage guy he said he is using Valvoline and it will cost 7k with labor. Please comment the suitability of the oil. Both places said that they manually clean the sump and clean solenoids as well. Would like to hear your expert view.
  13. Hi Guys, Can anyone help me find Owners manual and service manual for Mazda Demio 2000 model? Thanks in advance. Shan
  14. bimalnp4me

    Bonnet Paint - Black

    Hi Chaps.. I have a silver Mazda demio. I need to paint it's Hood black(Matt Black) ... 1. painting car hood in different colour is it illegal? 2. I might paint roof as well - is it illegal
  15. i would like to upgrade my car.. i'm using a mazda demio DW3W - 1998 model Manual i'm planing to upgrade my car.. should be a hatchback.. 4 door.. practical.. i see few march beetel 1.3 Manuals for around 1.6mill.. (one SR for the same price) I'm looking to sell my car and + 0.3 mill to get new one.. is worth it doing? how comparing when this cars ? can't find any OLD thread on autolanka to compare this two..
  16. bimalnp4me

    My First Car - Demio Dw3W

    guys.. brought my first car - mazda demio 1998, pre face lift.. 1.3 Manual bought one month ago.. run so far 2000km.. happy with the car.. only issue was with the gear box.. when i change to the 5th gear it gives a humming sound. (Sound like a Super charger in my own world ) apparently previous owner try to reaper the gear box and and the it didn't end well.(I didn't come a cross the issue until i ran few 100km) unfortunately now it's my problem .. one guy advice me to replace the whole gear box. I check with japan lanka and they don' t have. any idea about place to look or any advice?
  17. Hi All, Though I'm a member of this forum for sometime, this is the first time I'm writing a post. I need your kind help with this. First of all, thanks all for the valuable content you create in this forum. I settled for a Mazda Demio 7 months ago thanks to the posts I found here. I'm quite happy with the car so far. This car is maintained by the agents and used only brand new Mazda genuine parts so far. I decided to continue the same and done all the services with the agents. Then came this problem. I need your kind advise before I commit to fix this with agents. For few weeks, it takes time to start the car when the car is cooled down. I got this checked by the agents. They said the issue is caused by the faulty fuel pump and I have to replace it which costs Rs. 52,000/= + tax + labor to fix. Since I'm not an expert of the internal bits of the car, I need to know, 1. If it is a possibility that faulty fuel pump can cause this kind of a problem? 2. Is it a good idea to use a used original fuel pump? (forgetting the maintenance tradition. I'm not as rich as the previous owner ) Thanks in advance.
  18. I'm about to buy my first vehicle. my budget is Rs. 2.8M (max ). i find it very difficult to decide on what car to buy. I've gone a bit forward with mazda demio, as i feel like i should go for a hatchback. i could find a 2011 1.3cc demio for Rs. 2.85M, which i liked most. but i'm afraid to pay that much for it (due to negative things others pointed out. mainly low resale value, its a hatchback etc...). I thought about this as much as i can but couldn't come to any conclusion (that should be normal as i've almost no knowledge about this field). I'm posting this here, as my first post, hoping someone will shed some light helping me to find a way out (I have high feelings about these forums as i've often found a good bit of news here). I'm open to any suggestions. But for some reason, i prefer demios over the others. but of course, with valid reasons, i might be able to think of something else too..
  19. Emac

    Mazda 3 Or Demio Or Axela

    Hi Guys, Been facinated about MAZDA and want to go for one. There are the Mazda 3, Demio and Axela 2006 - 2009 models which got my attention Will be great if I can get some assistance for the below: 1. An auto, triptonic or even a manual 2. Fuel Consumption 3. Style 4. Handling and safety 5. Maintainence (Service cost / spare parts) 6. Why is Axela being costly than Demio? 7. Anything in perticular I should be knowing like the gear box, fluids ect.. ect., (seems like there are several models with unique features on this make) I believe all these models have a good resell value. I have a budget of Rs. 30 M Your openion on these models will certainly help to make a decision...! Emac
  20. Guys What do you think about Mazda Demio 2000 models ex : http://####/en/mazda-demio-for-sale-kegalle-5 ( not my add or promoting , just to illustrate ) My budget is around 1.5M max. what i really like is look of this, so can you please kindly comment about 1. Is it worth to spend 1.5m to buy such model? 2. fuel eficiency 3. parts availability 4. Other usefull information Note: I havent own or used mazda car before. My knoledge about automobiles is really poor. So let me know your valuable ideas, Thank you Jaya514.
  21. Hi Guys, Does any Mazda Demio owner know if a AC/Cabin Filter is there in the Demio ? usually my previous vehicles had. But when I went to Auto**M** their technician try to search it by removing the cabin but couldn't find it. I think there should be one