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Found 7 results

  1. what can i say? i just had to. the moment i saw this car, i was transported to the botanical gardens in hindi movies where i was hiding behind one tree and the datto was hiding behind the other and we were running into each others arms in a field of flowers, with kuch kuch hota hai playing int he background. apart frmo Givantha's i highly doubt there another 510 out there as pristine as this. everything is in there, in working order, AND looking like it rolled out of the factory yesterday. completely amazed at its condition, for a 45 year old car... for now, i'm just gonna run it. can't have a another project in hand. this is to be a daily driver, mind you. and i will bring it up to scratch soon. once the teg is out,
  2. Good day All, New to the forum here ;) I'm looking to purchase a car manufactured between 1960-1990 for a full restoration project. Would love to see if any BMW e34 (1984) are available. Even a Datsun b210 is okay. Original book should be available. It doesn't matter if the car is in very bad condition as I plan on working on it from ground up. I'd really appreciate if you could let me know what cars are available. Thanks in advance!
  3. I am searching the attached items to restore my Nissan B210, (1975) If anyone have a contact of finding these items please inform me. Under each image i have mention the quantity required. My contact number is +94711735083.
  4. Hello, I just got a project car. A 1979 Datsun 510(140j) 4 door . I am looking to swap the old L14 datsun engine which has clocked in over 500k, For a SR18 or a SR20DET. What is the cost and where can i purchase these engines with the transmission, wiring, etc? Or else how much would it cost to import it? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi there, My dad owns a nissan sunny b310 and its been with our family for the last decade. The car all in all is quite alright and runs okay with a general mileage of about 12kmpl. In recent times with the implementation of these eco tests, it has been failing miserably despite what adjustments i do. They ask me to clean air filters, adjust ratios, clean plugs. Im just so confused. Water literally drips from the exhaust so i don't really see it out of tune. Even today i went to get an eco test done and they failed the first attempt saying the fuel flow is a bit too much and that i should clean my air filters. I have no idea how a car so smooth manages to fail like that. Please if anyone knows a place where i can have this properly looked at and tuned to pass these tests it would be great. Preferably around kelaniya, kiribathgoda, kadawatha areas in general. If it's a real professional i don't mind going the extra mile. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello everyone, It's a privilege to have a discussion among you, experts. I started restoring my B211 car and the tinkering is almost complete. Front bumper of the car is rusted and damaged. Can you guys suggest a place where I can have a nickel bath and fix it?? And also, please let me know if there's a place where I can find exterior parts for my car.... Thanks a lot.....
  7. Hi Everyone, I just brought my first car, 1976 Nissan Sunny B211 AKA 'Batu Sunny'. I fell in love with classic cars, wanted to restore a car to its orginal spec. so i bought my Nissan B211. Thing is, i have very low knowledge when it comes to car/mechanics. So I joined this forum to seek the experts knowledge. I want to restore this car to its original condition. The car is in fairly good condition considering its age. There are some missing interior parts but most of the original interior remains in good condition. I'm posting some images and i would love to hear from the experts. Please share your ideas.
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