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Found 9 results

  1. So I got my gasket replaced and once the work was done, I look at the dashboard to see that now there is a permanent airbag light. Also, when I revved the engine the instrument cluster would switch off and on rapidly. So the mech tapped on some plugs & wires and although the rapid flickering stopped, it does feel slightly twitchy. The radio & climate control LCD screen are perfectly fine though. Also, when I reached home, I noticed a variation in the sound and saw that the engine is idling at less than 800rpm. Mech isn't an expert on wiring but he told me I might have some sort of a short circuit/loose connection somewhere. Nothing wrong with the battery terminals, infact the positive terminal is new. I'll take it to a technician tomorrow morning, I just wanted to know what to expect. This car has started to stab me in the back now
  2. Dear Members, I'm not sure if the forum is still active but I'm just wondering if anyone know or have experience in converting an EK3 dashboard from a single Din to double Din.. Appreciate if someone can help me out...
  3. Guys, Any idea what this symbol is about? It’s in my friends 2015 Aqua
  4. Hello guys, Finally I’m happy to say that after many years, I’m going to sell my car and buy an Axio Luxel Alpha.So the car is owned by one of my father’s closest friends and he is the first owner. He personally imported and maintained the car well. At the moment the car has only two issues. One is the famous dashboard cracking problem. Other one is a bad Right side front shock absorber. I have driven the car previously and man that thing pulls hard.So I used my 121 during the same period of mileage but since this has a different engine and a gearbox, I have a doubt about maintaining it. So please give your advice. The car has done nearly 120k kms 1.Do I need to change the CVT gear oil? 2.Where can I get the dashboard problem sorted out and how much will it cost?Most of the advertisements in famous sites have quoted 20k.Is is for the repair or replacement?Which is the best option? 3.I previously used B/new KYB shocks for my 121 and I felt that they are pretty hard.So one of my friends said to use good reconditioned shock absorbers.He also uses them for his 110.If then where is the best and trusted place to buy them?Do I need to replace both right and left ones? 4.The car currently has rim cups.I plan to replace them with original alloys that came with it.Where can I find reconditioned original alloy wheels? 5.Other than that,what are the general maintainence stuff I have to do after purchasing? 6.Is there any known issues for this prticular model? -One more question.Does the Luxel handles better than the G and X versions?Someone has mentioned about a rear stabilizer bar previously in the forum.Is it true?I never had the chance to push it to the limits😃 So finally I have to let go my good old 121 baby.Since she gave me no troubles during her 6 1/2 year stay, I hope the next owner will have to worry about nothing.I also touched 180kmph twice and the car felt well planted and no stability issues came. Just a bit sad to let her go😐 Cheers🤟🤟🤟
  5. Hi Everyone, Hope you all are doing good, Do you know where I can fix the crack in my dashboard due to intense heat having been parked in hot sun for long time. Also would like to know a good place you can do other fiberglass/plastic fixes such as fixing broken clips, air vents in the dashboard etc.. Thank you so much for your time. Best Regards, Dushan
  6. Can you recommend a good place to get this problem diagnosed and fixed. In my Honda Fit GP1, I get a an annoying vibration/rattle sound (like a vibrating mettle sheet) from dash board (in the area of the car stereo) when the car hit pot holes or in a bad road. I can also recreate the sound by thumping on the dash board or when closing the glove compartment. This happen only when its hot outside. There is no issues at night or early morning, or in rainy or cold days. It happen only when the sun is up and hot. I usually get all work done at agent (Stafford). But I have a feeling that due to nature of the issue, this is more of a job for a mechanic with lot of patient, willing to spend some time going through it to figure it out unless they have dealt with similar issue before. Also if the garage insist on bringing in the car early morning as some do, I wont be able to demonstrate the problem as this is heat/time dependent. Can someone recommend a good place around Colombo for diagnosing and fixing thins kind of thing. Or do you think this is a job for the agent.
  7. Hi Guys, While some might think that upholstering a car is something that you should leave to the professionals, there are many parts of upholstering that can be done at home with very few tools and little effort. We’ll be looking at restoring cracked upholstery and this is specifically rexine. My illustration is for door cards, but this can very well be applied to dashboards and other rexine surfaces as well. I’ve always avoided applying strong cleaning solvents on my dashboard and other surfaces inside the car, but even when I bought the car I noticed that the rexine on the door cards were starting to crack. Probably years of strong chemicals plus the car being in the hot sun at times. Anyway, this is the issue I have had: As you can see, the rexine is cracked and is lifting off from the door card. I’ve already taken off one door card for my experiment and I’m not go into details about how to get the door card off because it varies from vehicle to vehicle. Just mind the electrics, keep track of where the clips and bolts go and you’ll do fine. So we have our panel at hand now. Let’s begin. What you need: New rexine. I got mine from Wijerama (Nugegoda) and it was 550 bucks a Meter. A Meter is more than sufficient to cover all four door cards in my case. Had to hunt a lot to find the exact shade and pattern. Contact adhesive (aerosol can preferred but even a tin of Multibond will do. I couldn’t find a spray can so I stuck with Multibond) A small brush to apply the glue A (very) sharp blade and scissors A heat gun (or hairdryer. Heat gun is better in this case) Measuring tape, Marker/Pen Step 1: Preparing The Surface In my case, the door card was two panels held together. The panel with the rexine finishing, which is the top part, needed to be taken off from the other panel in order to complete the job neatly. Otherwise the new rexine needs to be tucked in between the panels which might cause it to come out with time. I’m not gonna go into the details of how I managed to get the panels parted, but after the rexine panel was removed, I Carefully peeled away the rexine (in such a way that I can get measurements if needed). Also, underneath the rexine was a very thin Styrofoam kind of layer I was able to remove only the rexine without damaging this spongy layer. Step 2: Cut The New Rexine Using the old rexine as a rough template, make markings using the pen and measuring tape. Make sure you leave about an inch or two of a margin because the rexine has to go over all the contours on the panel. You do not need to worry about openings and screw holes in the panel. Those can be worked out at the very end. Just cut the outline. In my case it was a rectangular piece of rexine. Step 3: Paste The Rexine Start with one edge of the panel. Apply a layer of glue using the brush onto the panel. Apply a liberal amount of glue onto the underside of the rexine and align them properly. Place them together along the edge first. Leave to dry. After the edge has dried up, start pulling the rexine along the contours of the panel. Keep applying glue on both surfaces (more onto the rexine side) and keep applying pressure and stroke the rexine as if you are pasting a sticker while preventing air from being trapped inside. It’s highly unlikely that air will get trapped under the rexine as the spongy layer kind of lets the air out. Where there are edges and lines on the panel, use the heat gun on the rexine and apply pressure. This causes the rexine to form itself well around the panel. Make sure you don’t overheat the rexine or it will start to melt. I tried heating a piece of rexine before actually trying this on the panel to get an idea about how long it can last with the heat gun pointed onto it. Cover the entire surface and you’ve got a neatly covered panel. Now’s the time to cut away the parts that are no longer necessary (in my case, the opening for the door handle). Cut the excess parts along the edges with a blade and fold them inside. Use glue to make sure that the folded edges don’t come off. Step 4: Put Everything Back Together Install everything and you’re done! I’m really happy with how mine turned up. I had to spend about an hour or so for just this one small panel. Takes a lot of time and patience. It was dark when I finished, so I couldn’t install the door card back into the car. Will do so tomorrow and snap another pic or two. Here are some (not so clear) photos until then. That's about it for now gents. Thanks for reading! EDIT: Continued here (more photos and information).
  8. Hi Guys.. Dashboard Crack is a huge and very common problem on Axio (Old). is there any solution without replacing a new. if not how much it will cost to replace a new and where can we do this thing with reliable. Tnx.
  9. My car's dashboard shows a Check Engine Light. I serviced my car from Pitstop Three days ago and suddenly, today morning I saw this indicator. Do you know why this would happen and What should I do about this? Please share your advices. Thanks
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