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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys I'm looking forward to do a slight modification to my car, having a Lancer CS1. wanna add side skirts, a spoiler & bumper lips. any tips as to where i can get a quality job done for a reasonable price?? attached below is the way i want to get da car modified.
  2. Hi guys, I'm new both to this forum and Mitsubishi. I am planning to buy a Mitshbishi CS3 2007 manual car for 2.3M, and am a bit worried about the price. I will have to spend about 60K for some maintainance repairs as it has done over 100000Km. Can anybody comment and advice, please? Thnx
  3. How much does it cost minimun for conveting.. how long usually does it take.
  4. Hi Expert I was start ride on Lancer CS3 from last month. I have following issue with my car. Previous owner has been used duplicate key while Original key keep in safe custody. It is very hard to start car with both original or duplicate key. For start the car need extra power to push key in to hole and need turn key with same power. Removing key from hole also not easy and key hit against some thing. When key turning normal pressure, Dash board digital clock and Radio back light got dimmed. What is the reason for this? According to one of my friend it is the symptoms of Worn out key barrel. Doors can open with key. If my ignition key barrel worn out, what is the my next step. Do I need to replace whole key barrel or Can I repair key barrel? Is any good place around Kandy to do this job Thank you for the support regards Amila
  5. carson

    Axio 2008 Issues

    Hello friends, After using the CS3-2007 for almost 2 years, I sold it the last weak. I enjoyed the time with it, and many thanks to you guys for helping me with my CS3. A few days back I bought a Toyota Axio 2008-X. It clocks 86000Km and transmission oil changed at 50000Km. A tech guy said that he hears a faint hum from the gear box. But on climbing an elevation it can be brought to 80+ Km/H easily and on a avg drive it can reach 100+Km/H with the Econ bulb on. Two days back we went on a outstation trip and believe it when I say it has done 20.3Km/L on Oct95. It has a very good emission report. So I doubt the tech guy's comment. What is your opinion? It has PRNDSB gear possitions. What is "S" ? Is it for sudden accelleration or is it to gain more power when needed (eg: for a climb) - kindly explain.
  6. hey guys , i have 2003 cs3 manual gear car , recently it started to stop the engine when i put it into reverse ... any idea ? Mileage 132. i was wandering it occurs when it comes to idle or something Thank you
  7. Hi Guys, We are planning to buy "Mitsubishi Lancer CS3 2008" or "Nissan N17 2008". More or less both are same except engine capacity (CS3 - 1600cc and N17 - 1300cc). CS3 will cost 2.3 and N17 will cost 2.2. As far your experience which one is more worth to buy? Thanks
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