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Found 11 results

  1. Friends, I have a Maruti nd im gonna sell it within next week. And now im willing to buy a second hand car. My budget is 1.8m. I wanna now whether chery Tiggo is good? Or tell me some suggestions for my budget plz
  2. Since it gives a grinding sound from left front wheel side, one of mechanic advised me to replace the CV joints.I have searched the CV joints everywhere but I couldn't find which suit for Chevrolet Cruze.Then I have remake(refilling using metals) the CV joint and fixed to the vehicle.But after wheel alignment this grinding sound gives again.Please advice me to solve this problem and to find a place to buy CV joint for Chevrolet Cruze.
  3. i’m having some issues with CV joints as most others have here who has the same vehicle. and some heavy noise when i going through a bump and stuff. (maybe shocks?) Can you guys suggest me a good place to fix these things up as my knowledge about cars is below avarage Thanks in advance!
  4. I have Chevrolet cruze 2003 car jeep model.There is sound coming from right side(Driving side) front side wheel once i getting strong bend to left by accelerating .Without accelerating no sound comes out in any speed or any angle.Also in straight way no any sound comes any speed. Please kindly advice me to what should i do.also let me know if anyone knows spare part shops to buy Chevrolet cruze parts. Thanks.
  5. Hi Can someone help me to find a Chevrolet Cruz Engine Mount (Gel). Brand new or used Please help
  6. Can anyone give me a total cost importing a used 2015 Chevrolet Camaro worth of $18,000 and $ 23,000 (2dr Cpe LS w/1LS (2.0L)) to Sri Lanka from 1. US 2. JAPAN ? Cheers,
  7. Hi Guys, Im hoping to buy chevrolet beat. But I just want to know about the vehicle little bit. If there is anyone know about this vehicle please let me know you ideas.As I know MAgcity imports this vehicle.Is this is economical car?If this is not god what are the possible cars in that range,I really appreciate your ideas. Thanks. 1. Market price 2. Fuel consumption 3. Spare parts 4. Second hand market 5. Magcity service.
  8. Hi All, I'm having an issue with my A/C. Sometimes it goes to "Auto" mode without me doing anything and no A/C at all. I have tried to turn the A/C off. Then the text call "Auto" start to blink in the display. After 10-15 mins A/C is on again. Seems like something wrong with the sensor, but I'm not an expert so I thought someone in the forum might have come across a situation like this and will be able to help me out. Thanks
  9. Hi Chevrolet owners/experts. I bought a Chevrolet cruze and noticed it does only 8KM per liter I tried 3 4 times filling upto 30Ltrs but still the same. What do I have to do? this is 2004 Chevrolet (1.3CC) and it is in a very good condition (as you can see from the out side) Also I want to buy 2 Air Filters (A/C) and do you know the place to buy those? If you know tell me where can I buy Chevrolet/swift Car cover and some rubber carpets at low cost. Tkx much guys!! G @ ADMIN: post this on Other Car section too.. If it is duplicating please delete the duplicate post
  10. Hello friends. I'm plan to buy a car price range around 2-2-5M. Therefore I'm interested in Zotye Nomad 2 and Chev Beat. I need to choose a good one that gives better driving pleasure, good fuel consumption and that has a good resale value. Please help to choose what is better?? Chev beat or Zoyte Nomad 2 Thanks.
  11. Hi Experts, I need a help! I wanted to replace my old (bad) rear tires on my Chevrolet Cruze and the size is 165/65 15. I went to few places and got following prices Slave Island GT (Indonesia) - 1 tire Rs 8400 some said 9200 Bridgestone (japan) - 1 tire Rs 13500 Sumo (Korean) - 1 tire Rs 9400 Some Thailand tire - 1 tire Rs 8950 Kalobowila - Dehiwala Bridgestone (japan) - 1 tire Rs 14300 GT - not available Near Havlock town GT (Indonesia) - 1 tire Rs 7900 Bridgestone (japan) - 1 tire Rs 13900 ALL of them told this is rare tire to be found. is that TRUE? as I know there are so may Chevrolet Cruze in this country so why its hard to find this tire size? I am so confused why there is no flat rate? Where can I find the factory/agent to buy direct? Do you guys know any better place? What is the best tire brand? tire comes with warranty ? You can help me with any info you aware. Please HELP! :speechless-smiley-004: G
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