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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Auto Lovers, I need your help. Im having a Toyota Allion 260 2013 model. Yesterday car got stalled after going through a water puddle. Road was having water for about 3-4 inches and I went through the water for about 100M's. When I took a turn there was a water puddle where it had about 1ft - 11/2ft depth for about 5 meters. Soon after I passed it, I lost acceleration. Then brakes dropped too. Then I stopped the engine and cranked again. still no acceleration and brakes were not up to the usual standard. In few seconds the CHECK ENGINE warning popped and I stopped the engine. Now I cant start my engine. It cranks but cuts off immediately. Please advice me why this is happening and advise some remedies. Thank you All!
  2. My car is axio hybrid 2014,,I service it two days back in Ratmalana Toyota lanka.I went 80 km in highway & suddenly engine stop without prior indicators.I try to start but fail to do so.At that time engine malfunction bulb displayed.Ultimately I have to bring the vehicle by carrier.What may be the cause
  3. Hi, I own a 2010 Hilux Vigo 3L cab. I was travelling down to Colombo from Matara via southern Expy and my speed was about 100 Kmph. I went behind a passenger bus for about 5-10 min and wanted to overtake the bus since it's blocking my view and that's kinda annoying. So I pushed my cab about 110-115 Kmph and suddenly I felt a power drop (lost some pulling power). When I checked the dashboard, I noticed that the "check engine" warning popped up. I again backed up to the left lane and tried several times pushing the gas but the vehicle is not responding to the level I push the accelerator. Then I reached to the Welipanna Service Area and switched off the engine and checked for any oil leakages or any unusual smells coming out (from wire shorts etc). But couldn't find anythin wrong. So I started the engine after about 10 minutes and noticed that the check engine warning was disappeared. Then I checked the status of the pulling power at some vacant area of the car park and it was came back to normal. Then I started my journey again and the vehicle was behaving normal and the previous pulling power was restored. Tried up to 140Kmph and had no issue. What I wanted to ask from the experts here is, I suspect something went wrong with my Turbo and came back to normal. Is anyone out there who experienced such issue? Can there be any other reason causing sudden power drops like this? Thanks in Advance Kasun W
  4. Dear AL Friends I am in struggle with an issue on my Allion 240,hope expert AL members will give better solution to escape from this problem.... Here i list my scenario 1. Yesterday after few miles run i saw oil leakage on engine bay. after investigation it is near oil control valve then i saw it to mechanic and he remove OCV , and sealed with 999 sealant. And also inform me to use water pump and clean previous oil leak areas( not engine area) 2. Then i travel to home without any issue and cleaned oil leak area from water pump and paste 999 sealant near ocv value area thoroughly. 3. Then after few minutes travelling Check Engine bulb start blinking. then i removed battery wire(-) around 20 mins and start. Then Check Engine bulb goes off. Again i start driving another 20 mins it shows again. 4 . Then i went to mechanic again and scan. it shows VVT system malfunction error, then he erased it and after another 20 mins driving engine lights ON. I notice after 10-20 mins driving that light blink after i search forums i found two reasons. 1. OCV issue 2. VVT sensor issue My dear AL friends what will be the issue behind this..Hope u all help me Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I have a toyota carina AT192 car. While i was driving 10kms suddenly check engine is indicated and car was stopped. Then I had to drag the car to a garage. then they attached a scanner and scanner indicates "Ignition system" and they said i need to replace the distributor. then I bought a distributor and attached it to the car and they replaced one of relays. garage people drived the car for around 6 kms and then that problem did not come back. after 3 days, again when i was driving the car for 2 kms, again the same problem occurred. then garage people attached my previous distributor back and checked. they brought the spark plug wire to top and spark plug wire is sparked some times but some times it does not. then they removed the computer box and checked. some capacitors are overflowed and computer circuit board has brown color patches there. then they asked me to replace those capacitors. still that replacing capacitors is in progress. so please tell me what would be the actual issue and what should i do for this issue? thanks in advance
  6. My car's dashboard shows a Check Engine Light. I serviced my car from Pitstop Three days ago and suddenly, today morning I saw this indicator. Do you know why this would happen and What should I do about this? Please share your advices. Thanks
  7. Hellooo Guys, Its been some time since I have posted a problem. My friend has a Elantra 2000 model and its has not been in a good running condition since i have known. Its milage is somewhat lower than usual. He is not much of a car guy and he has been taking it to every one suggested anything and spent heaps and still having the problems. Hope you guys will have some answers on this. I am really keen to help him on this. Ok. Here is the problem. 1) It has a starting problem. in Cold start first time starts for a second and stalls. Then second time it starts fine. 2) there is a vibration after starting and in few seconds it somes to a decent idle state. 3) The big problem started yesterday when it was drving fine but suddenly stopped. It was hard to start. Even when started there is a huge shake and sounds like its working on 3 cylinders. There is a major loss in power also. Hear indicator is normal but the interior keeps up heating (I do not know if this is related to the latter problem). 4) In the above case the RPM rarely go above 2000 and the "Check Engine" light keeps flashing. Can you guys please give me an idea to start with this ??? Thanx......
  8. Hi all, I have an accent 2000 1500cc manual car. Three weeks back check engine indication appeared but nothing was unusual.But i wanted to get it scanned and after scanning (error codes were P0444 & P0422) got to know that It was someting to do with the purge valve, which was then cleaned by a mechanic at a leading gurage in nugegoda. After doing everything light didnt come up for about another 100km+.Again the light appeared after about 100km,still nothing was unusual. when the car was taken to the same gurage a different mechanic without scanning cleaned the Air flow sensor and erased the code by removing the battery terminals. This incident happened a week ago. Apparently on today again the light appeared after about another 150-160km. Could anyone advise what could be done to rectify this issue. (still nothing is unusual on the car).
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