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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I hope to buy a used Nissan Cefiro 230JM (2006, 2300cc) or Bluebird Sylphy G11 (2010, 1500cc) car. But haven't experience on Cefiro or Sylphy. Need some advice and related information from the experts here, 1. Maintenance, Common problems 2. Fuel economy 3. Timing chain replacement interval What will be the good car for home use. (Monthly running will be around 200Km, Mostly one long trip for one month) Thanks for all valuable ideas and information. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, I am looking to buy my parents a car. My budget is 1.5 - 1.8 mil and I’ve narrowed down the options to a Corolla AE110 and Nissan Cefiro A33. The requirements are: Less breakdowns and repairs Long distance fuel economy Comfort and safety The car will be used for Once a week 30km round trip and the occasional long distance family trip. The car will be parked home for most of the time. My dilemma is that I’ve read threads regarding the A33 about its very high fuel consumption, some engine issue which made someones car obsolete(apparently engines aren’t available for replacement) but there are cars with good conditions and low mileages. The corolla on the other hand is more fuel economical but hard to find a good condition car and the mileages are very high. I’ve read that cefiro’s with the neo engine has better fuel economy. Please help me to come to a conclusion. Just need a car that my parents can use with peace of mind and less expenses (fuel and repairs) thanks in advance
  3. Hi Guys; So I have been using my Nissan Cefiro A33 YOM 2000 over 2 years now, It did very well but a week ago the started to give some trouble and I hope someone from the forum can help me assist in this; Usually, my car Starts at one start in a second, But at recent the car just keeps stalling, where I have to start over 5-6 times where gradually it picks up and finally starts, the idle isn't the stable and heavy scent of Fuel disposal through the exhaust for a minute. After starting the car and out to D, The car shakes a bit where you can clearly notice the first gear needs an extra push to go, But after that its smooth sail. During the afternoon it gets worse where I feel the car needs the extra push to catch up, the smoothness of the car has lost, and when the Ac is switched on the car vibrates even more when stopped or when you let go the break prior accelerating. Also, notice HEAVY LOSS ON FUEL during the process. When climbing a small hill, If i switch the AC off the car has the extra pull which is unusual as never I had to go through before. On the Electrical checup, it shows <Primary Ignition Code error> I have some knowledge on this car and I want to share my thoughts; #Could it have to do something with the Coils? (last I checked it was fine), #Could it be because of the sensors such as Cam, Crank & Shaft sensor (According to read), #COuld it be because of non-tuneup issues> the last guy did a lousy job (but was clean and had no problems then) . Please advise me what needs to be done. Highly appreciated. Thanks Bunny Boy
  4. Hi Guys, I'm planning on buying my first car and the choices I've narrowed down are 1. Cefiro 230 2. Cefiro 250 3. Bluebird G11 4. Mark X (bit over budget) 5. Premio 240 6. Corolla 141 7. Civic FD1 and FD4 Having combed through the threads, I could not find much details on the newer cefiro version although the a33 had been discussed thoroughly. What I'm concerned about is whether the newer version will have the same problems as the notorious a33? In general, given the above choices what would you experts choose? Also if possible user experience will be appreciated - I.e. fuel consumption (in traffic vs highways), frequency of repairs, availability of parts - on each of the above models (the information available on the forums right now seem outdated). Also if I were to buy one, to get a check done would you recommend c*r checks or t*y*ta lank* or is there some other provider I'm not aware of? Note: 4 people will be travelling regularly and monthly distance covered is expected to be below 1000 km and I have zero knowledge on cars 😬 😔 Thanks in advance 😁
  5. After hunting for cefiro's for weeks i have come up with the following reasons as to why cefiro's have a lower market value than other contemporary cars. 1) the A33 singapore imports have a fastly deteriorating interior. i checked out a '99 specimen today and my god! interior looks quite horrible. i think a person of the caliber who'd go for a cefiro would be very concerned about interior. this generally brings down the value of cefiro's and even the jap models without this problem tend to take a hit on the price becuase of it. 2) well it's not a "Toyota". Toyota markII is not a lot better than a proper jap cefiro(ok i know singapore imports are crap but jap ones are cool). but somehow people think that markII is lot more up market and pay sometimes up to twice the price on a markII simply becuase of that perception. come to think of it, a nice jap cefiro will pamper you lot more than an allion and you will have 2 million balance in the bank that will pay you interest to pump as much extra petrol. but people don't want to calculate the true "total cost of ownership" and make a decision thereon. that is called market perception and i don't blame anyone for that, "it's people's choice". 3) well it's not a Mercedes, BMW or an Audi. it cannot bring the same amount of social status or driving pleasure as do these established brands in upmarket. cefiro do not realistically belong to the same league and there's nothing wrong about it. 4) the general inconsistent fuel consumption of nissans. i have seen so many honest people who says their nissan fb15 (automatic transmission) does 9km/l in traffic and i also have seen so many honest people who says their nissan fb15 (automatic transmission) does only 7km/l in traffic. i my self have used a 1996 nissan pulsar with 1.5L engine that did only 6-7 km/l in traffic but i also have seen people prove to me that their's do 9km/l which is not bad at all. i think no party was lieing. there is something about nissans that offer inconsistent fuel consumptions and i don't attribute that to driving behaviors alone, it's something to do with cars for sure. the same is true for cefiro's. whereas some do 7km/l some other do only 5.5km/l, both kinds being identical on paper. 5) there are so many in the market and quite a few are these notorious singapore imports that ruin the general perception and price of the vehicle. besides so many coming to the market every week generally ruins the market for any upmaket car. bdw today i found in a manual 2L A33(jap specimen), quite a rare kind, but the bugger is demanding too much considering the troubles (hidden though) that it has. if any of you are interested, it's out there in the market but beware of it's hidden troubles and do a full diagnostic check b4 buying. i am obviously not going for it and that is why i spill the beans in conclusion i think nissan cefiro jap models are the best value for money luxury cars out there.
  6. nisala4423

    Cefiro a33 Problem

    Hey guys <3 i have a problem with my cefiro a33. when i drive the car over 100kms straight without any rest car start to stop accelerate. no matter how hard i give gas the car wont go over 3000 rpm same thing on second gear.. the car wont accelerate over 3000 rpm or 2000 rpm. if i turn off the engine problem will stop for 5 minute. there is no check engine light. also this wont happen in short drives only in long drives ( 100 - 150 km ) i cant show the problem to a expert because it will only occur when i drive for a really long time.. thanks
  7. Hi there, I am Ziyan, finally after like a month of waiting, the admins give me the ability to post a thread!!! Hurey! I have looked up a lot of information on autolanka, b Background (I won't bite if you skip) A vehicle has to match its owner, its like a marriage, I believe. I am an engineer and I like quality and power but honer efficiency. The car will generally gold 2 humans and 1 dog but can also be 4 guys. It will climb the Kandy hill and I could use some power overtaking vehicles quickly in slim opportunity thanks to the jobless cops napping under trees. I live in Colombo and my gal is from Colombo and daily commuter where I am a freelancer mostly stuck in my office room. My ideal car would be kind of a Tesla S if I was in US, neither am I in the US nor do I have money and am looking for a car some thing about under Rs. 3 million. I plan to use for a few years and step by step upgrade to some thing good. Question I got an offer for a Nissan Cefiro... 230 JM YOM 2005 2350 cc Automatic transmission Agent maintained The car has been used sparingly by a doing well guy, low mileage, thus my concern (may be fair as its not his only car) I thought the car comes with teak interior with leather seats. But a friend who has once seen the car said it didn't have either. I thought Cefiro was reaching the luxury end of Nissan. Googling around, I didn't find useful information in autolanka about the vehicle. So I thought of starting a new thread. Comments on durability Maintenance and Spears (been towards the high end, I think it would use different spares than the over used Sunny) availability Estimated fuel consumption (city limits/long distance) I don't like Auto, but lets face it, I don't see any manual coming these days. What if there is a gearbox issue, can it be repaired or has to be replaced. What would the cost be if you know. Your thoughts of the car. Resale (I think it sells alright, some go within weeks) In comparison to a Mazda 3 (2005+) which is currently my primary interset given its rather sexy looks. I have a fallback to a Lancer EX (2007ish I guess) if I don't find some thing interesting. Thanks in advance for any of comments suggestions you make.
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