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Found 15 results

  1. Hyaenidae

    Wading depth?

    Watching videos of the cars wading through flooded roads on SLTV (Sri Lanka Traffic Violations) page had me thinking: is there a way to determine the wading depth of the car by yourself if the manufacturer hasn't mentioned it anywhere? A google search told me that the cars which have an air intake through the wheel well are most vulnerable - do you guys know any cars popular in SL that have the air intake positioned like so?
  2. HELLO! I want to know your opinions on riding with 6 in an allion or a premio. Is it viable? comfortable? legal in sri lanka? Mostly for long trips to katharagama.
  3. Just to start the conversation, Is it legal to repair a condemned car, make it look like accident free from outside and resell it for the normal market value of non condemned version of the same car. Because a friend of mine just caught in something similar.
  4. Hi guys, My budget is 2 million. What would be the best option available in the market. Sedans preferred. Help me out people.
  5. toyotalover

    Toyota Passo 2016

    I'm interested to buy a Toyota Passo 2016 recondition unregistered vehicle. Currently i'm using Passo 2009 and i'm really impress with this model. So decided to go for the 2016 Passo model. Can anyone help me on this model please?
  6. thejan123

    Value of $35000 permit

    How much price reduce when exporting with a $35000 permit.?Thnx
  7. Hi everyone, I am looking to buy my first car and my budget would be between 2.5 to 3 mn. With the market prices these days, I am looking for some suggestions on the options that I could go for. I prefer a Japanese car. Currently having Toyota Vitz in mind. your expert suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi everyone, Happy New Year ! I am looking for some guidance to buy a used Mazda Demio 2008-2010 1300cc model. What are the pros and cons in this car? specific details to look for and fuel economy etc... Thanks in advance.
  9. Dear Members, I am new and looking for my first car. However, Since I don't have much mechanical knowledge on cars, I m afraid of buying a second hand one. Therefore, I wish to buy a reconditioned or brand new one. I expect your suggestions based on followings: Status: Reconditioned or Brand New Make: Any (but prefer Toyota) Color: White Or Blue Budget: 2.7 M to 3.3 M Year: from 2014 - if reconditioned Resell- Second hand market Fuel consumption Transmission: Any However, I feel, it d better to go for Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Swift s too.
  10. nisala4423

    How do people get E numbers

    Hey everyone i was wondering how people get EA type E numbers for older numbers. there are some vehicles (jeeps) books are not 100% original or chassis numbers are from some other vehicle. but they have a E number .. can some one please explain this to me how people do this and how to check a E number vehicle before buying thanks <3
  11. Nishan.dj

    Tax Reduction

    Hi Guys, Anyone happened to know any tax reduction (Most probably 30%) to be imposed by the government in near future? Thanks for posting a reply here.
  12. Hi there, Can someone tell me what are the best cars available for less than Rs.1,000,000/= and with good fuel efficiency.( PS: kindly mention the fuel consumption) thank you.
  13. King Ruba

    Ford Mondeo

    Hi to all. I'm new to this forum. I have an idea to buy a Ford Mondeo 2003 or 2004 car. Is that a good car? Can anyone tell me more about that? My budget is below 15 lakhs. Or what are the other options which suit for my budget? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I really wanted to buy good Japanese vehicle but the high prices of Japanese cars made me to think another option. Today I saw a Tata Indigo car and searched internet and I am interesting. Please tell me is it true that there is no second market for these cars? and Are there any major disadvantages with this model? and How about the fuel efficiency?
  15. chathuranga dissanayake

    Find Fiat Spare Parts In Sri Lanka

    please help me, anybody knws , Who is the FIAT dealer for Sri Lanka...? or where can i find genuine spare parts for (New) FIAT punto in sri lanka.,,