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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 1991 Nissan AD Y10. There is a knock(like misfire) when the engine is advancing. Every time I quickly push the throttle, engine knocks like it does not give response for a moment and then pulls. I tried replacing the carburetor and distributor. No luck with them. I suspect the issue is with the ECU which is fitted on the side right side to the gas paddle. I took the car to several garages and what I heard from them was, ECU does not play any role in connection with the ignition system of this car. I never have opened and checked the engine too. Can someone please help me with this. Anyone who experienced the same problem. Suggesting a good place to diagnose this would be a help too.
  2. Hi guys, i have Honda Integra 1988 few weeks back petrol started to leak from the carburetor can anyone recommend any person or place to rebuild the carburetor. This carburetor is from a EG8 when i was rebuilding the engine i replaced it with a reconditioned EG8 carburetor. i'm in desperate need of fixing this please help guys! Cheers!
  3. Hi folks, I was driving yesterday and stopped the car to pump petrol. After that was driving for about 1 minute and suddenly felt a jerk when shifting gears (in every gear shift). I noticed that the RPM drops to 0 when I shift gears , that is letting go off the Accelerator and press the clutch and shift the gear. The jerk happens because the engine is stopped and it then starts again as I put it to gear (Just like a push start). After few minutes of high RPM driving the issue was gone but after stopping the car and starting again the car stalled, had to keep the foot on accelerator to keep the car from stalling, then it was ok. So this basically happens time to time. The car is a FB13 with a Carburetor. This is the first time the problem occured but it had the following issues. * Car had a small miss and the idling was a bit rough. * Recently the idle up mechanism refused to work when I switch on AC or lights. So as a fix the makabass increased the idle RPM a bit because he was lazy to do a full diagnosis or a tuneup. * Have to press accelerator to start the cold engine but the Car starts fine when the engine is hot enough. ** Car misses violently when pressing and letting go of the brake only when the car is idle. We checked the brake booster and it was good, no vacuum leaks. Please note that the fuel filter and the air filter is only 200Kms old Could anyone help to identlfy the issue before taking the car to a garage ? Will have to wait for the next weekend for it. UPDATE Hi Guys! Wanted to update you on this topic, I went to a popular place in Seeduwa (a race driver *wink*) that was mentioned in the forum and got the carburetor repair done with mixed feelings, While the engine is smoother than before I still have few niggles. It still has a miss which occurs when suddenly releasing the accelerator while driving in a high gear (like 2nd ,3rd ), When this happens the car jerks a lot.This was there even before the repair and still not fixed, Note that this occurs rarely. I mentioned this to the "Bass" and his response was junk. He was saying like " Okkoma hadanna ba parana wahanane, duwanna puluwan widiyata hadaagana thiyenne" Which I think is BS. Most of the items from the repair kit was unused, and only a part of the carb was disassembled and cleaned. So I think it is a reason for the above issue. And I was expecting him to inspect water from the tail pipe and tune the carb as others have mentioned in the forum which he never did. Though I was charged close to 4K for labor
  4. I have a Nissan March K10. It failed the vehicle emission test. I went to a technician and he said there is a problem with carburetor jets (as i remember the jet size is 87). I could not find jets for my car, what should I do? narrow the area using lead or something? Plz give me a solution.
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