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Found 72 results

  1. Hi all! I`m planning to buy a car around 2M-2.5M as my first car. I can't think what will suit my requirements Usage: Twice a month traveling Capital to Up Country Up and Down (approx 500km Up and Down) since I`m having zero knowledge on vehicles it should be a less troublemaker. Spare-parts: should be available at a reasonable price. Resale value: I will use this for another 5 years and reasonable resale value is preferred Thanks in advance
  2. thejan123

    Suv rim color dip

    Hey, Srry i am a noob in this section But Can anybody tell me how much will it be for changing my rim color to matt black I have 19 wheels. And it would be great if you could suggest me a good place
  3. Good day All, New to the forum here ;) I'm looking to purchase a car manufactured between 1960-1990 for a full restoration project. Would love to see if any BMW e34 (1984) are available. Even a Datsun b210 is okay. Original book should be available. It doesn't matter if the car is in very bad condition as I plan on working on it from ground up. I'd really appreciate if you could let me know what cars are available. Thanks in advance!
  4. Waru

    Mazda Bj5p Repair

    Hi Guys .... one year before I bought Mazda bj5p . after few months ago have some gear box issue (over drive button blink .) after i went to Nilwala moters, they fix the gear box issue . now gear shifting problem is OK, but i feel have some issue in the gear shifting . (have some delay and feel gear shifting ). I happened only some time. what can I do for this ?
  5. I would be parking my Car in a closed garrage for 2-3 months (with a short run 1 or 2 times a month) as I would be travelling. Would appreciate if some advice could be provided by the AL memebrs on what should be done to keep the vehicle in good order while its parked. Also would like to know from where I could purchase a Steering Lock (the one that fits on the Steerng wheel) for the car. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. MAZDA BJ5P Can Use Tyre Size 195/70/R14 ?
  7. Hi Guys , Which one is the best car freshener brand you ever use in srilanka and recommended ?? 1.Remax CAr air frehsner 2.Carlifornia Scent 3.LittleTrees brand 4.GODREJ AER TWIST CAR FRAGRANCE FRESH 5.Airwick 6.Stella
  8. Buddhika MX7

    Buying a car

    I'm going to buy a car around 1.9 million. Guys please give me suggestions what I can buy in that range. It should be manufacture after 2010. Is there any Jap car? If not what are the best options I have. I'm not interest in alto or viva elite
  9. Guys, Can someone tell me about Peugeot 306 hatchbag 1997?
  10. RRokz

    Place For Hyundai Car Repairing

    Any one knows good place to Repair my Hyundai car repair near Colombo ?
  11. Since the lease is almost over thinking of splurging a bit on my Viva Elite 2013. Username is CarNoob - 1991 for a reason. Lol Thinking - Sound system upgrade (Currently stock) - Good Seat Covers? (Currently stock) - Alloy Wheels (Thinking Matt finish) (Currently stock) Specify if I should? If I should do anything else on top? And vendors/ Suppliers you would recommend? Regards, CarNoob1991
  12. nisala4423

    how much to maintain

    Hey guys i just want to know how much money will take for a modern day luxury car to maintain.(evolution/sahara 200/mustang ect) i always drive old 4x4 because its easy to maintain no electric stuff no sensors just simple easy im afraid to buy one how much is a service cost on those modern luxury cars
  13. Hi all! I'm continuing to do car research in advance of purchasing my first car, ideally costing under 3 million rupees. I plan to use it for at least 5 years after the purchase. Important question: what is better economically, getting a brand new one for around 3 mil (Picanto, Wagon R etc) or buying a second-hand one from early 2000s (Familia, Sunny, Civic etc) for around 2 mill? What concerns me is that given the old age and >100,000 km mileage of these used cars, am I likely to face heavy expenses in repairing and maintaining them within the course of 5-10 years, which might make the total cost of ownership equal to or greater than the price of a brand-new one? Thanks in advance for your advice
  14. Huck

    Eclipse Car Audio

    I have 2015 Toyota Vitz F Safety version. It has Eclipse AVN134MW car audio setup and already missing SD memory. Radio is working fine. I have search in internet but could't find solutions for following problems. Setup has USB logo. But I can not find USB out. Dual Multi functional steering wheel, but seem like it is not working(Can not volume up down) Seem like Bluetooth not support with setup. How I can connect phone to answer call? (call answer and drop buttons appear on steering) Can I change the car audio language to English Where can I fix those problems?
  15. Hi, I have got my permit (yay!) and for my luck govt. changed the tax allowance as well. But now I am bit clueless what should I buy with it. I have 2011 premio and a 2004 vits of which I will be selling one. I don't like to buy a another Premio/Allion. Today when I checked with the car importers along highlevel road in K'pona/Nugegoda, they were not willing to tell me what options I have. As I understand, the max CIF value I can bring in is USD35000. What are my options in that case. My budget for final figure is 6M or less. I prefer Japanese cars because they will just take from point A to B in a reliable way but I am open for Euro option as well in which case I will have to lookafter the baby bit more sedan, crossover /SUV, I am open for anything Most of my rides are within the city and comfort is important Fuel consumption is also a factor Is there a place where I can check the prices for vehicle bringing here of permit Thanks,
  16. Hi all, I actually got a sub-woofer fixed to my 20-year-old car (Peugeot 406 d8) today from a professional auto-shop and I"m wondering whether this would mess up the car in the near future? As a note I would like to mention that, the worker who fixed this connected the amp, to the car battery. Just wanted to know, whether it would cause any huge issues as an overall, to the car or it's wiring system? Thanks.
  17. Hi, I'm a newbie out here, so please do bare with my mismatches. I'm running a Peugeot 406 (1998) at the moment, and I"m trying to insert a proper audio set with a display (inclusive of the reverse cam). I would love to have all sorts of new features in the audio player such as playing songs via bluetooth, or from my iOS etc. Some of my friends suggested me to go with Sun Lanka or Pet#o. I'd highly appreciate if you'll could suggest me a good place where I can get this done within a day with a reasonable amount. Thanks.
  18. Shashike

    Your advice

    Hello friends Pls advice me to buy a japan used car & my budget 15-25 lks. Automatic transmission , fuel consumption within 12-18 kmpl.
  19. Jagg

    What is CIF price?

    Guys can I get an explanation on what is cif price and what's the difference between importing a vehicle in a buyers name details through a seller with CIF price payment and buying a vehicle in a showroom directly?
  20. SandyCarLover

    Suggest me a vehicle below 2M

    Hi guys, Can someone please suggest me a vehicle below 2M. I know it sounds stupid. I'm considering 1. Fuel efficiency 2. Resale value I was thinking about Panda, Estilo, WagonR, Mazda 323, MX7. what do you guys say
  21. Hi Guys, Help me with this question. What are the cars made for comfort in 1970's (Before 1976) which is available in Sri Lanka? Hopefully Peugeot 504 is one of them? Appreciate your replies. Thank you.
  22. What is the price for nissan fb15 super saloon 2000?
  23. NSK

    Buy a new car

    Hey broz, I want to buy a car. Registered or unregistered. My budget is between 20-28lks. So plz give me a idea and car list. I'm mostly like hatchback and suv. help me plz guys.
  24. lahiru007

    My First Car

    Hi experts, I'm new to this forum and hoping for kind responses from you all. I'll keep it as simple as I could. Well.. I am hoping to buy my first car (ever) and my budget is around 1.5M to 2.0M. And I'm looking for a sedan type Japanese car (YOM around 1995-2005).Later the better. If you guys could come up with nice suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Also, please note that I have a pretty basic knowledge about vehicles, but catching up fast. Thanks in advance, Have a nice day!
  25. Guys, I need some insight related to car - BMW 316i (1989-1990). I am hoping to buy one soon, but I don’t know anybody (friend or relation) who owns this model. So I have no idea about the car, any known conditions, problems associated with which I should look in to, when I'm buying one. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.