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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm a complete noob and I need some help in buying a car from Japanese auctions. Anybody has any knowledge on "R" (repaired) graded cars in Japanese auctions? Is it a risk that i should completely avoid? or can we find good deals under this category? Do we get any information like what was the repair done to a particular vehicle or at least what category the repair is or the severity of the damage? Thanks in advance
  2. What is the suitable sedan for 3.2 million rupees. Urgently response pls.
  3. RRokz

    Peugeot 306 Market Price

    ppls, I wanna know about Market price of Peugeot 306 1.4cc 2000YOM Petrol normal car.... . waiting your quick responce
  4. What are the pros and cons of buyig used Mitsubishi Montero, YOM 2000 - 2003 Petrol or Diesel one is better? How is service cost, insurance cost, parts etc. Will it be reliable? What are the difference between normal and limited version or others? Thank You!
  5. dilshandcs

    Buying A Used Hybrid Car

    I am planning to buy an used hybrid car around 41laks or below. I have prius 2010 and insight 2011 in my mind. But some people said that i have to face lot of repairs if i buy a prius. So they said to me go for an insight 2011. Please help me to select the right car which will have less maintenance and maintenance cost. What are the things to check when i buy that car? THANK YOU
  6. I'm planning to buy a Volkswagen PASSAT TDI 2004. I'm wondering whether it will be a good choice. Details are as follows. Fuel type: Diesel Engine capacity: 1,896 cc Mileage: 65,000 km Condition: Average 1st owner & maintained at Senok. That's what he said. Fully loaded with sunroof I did a small research and found these information. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Fuel consumption: 6-7 KM/L, 10-11 outside Reliability & Performance: Better than Japanese cars Maintainability: Very expensive & parts are available but not like Toyotas. Since I don't have much experience with VWs I thought of asking the experts. What's the reasonable price tag for this car? What are the common issues with this car? Any helpful information? Expensiveness of parts compared to Mitsubishi Lancers?(I had one) I have gone through the following links. http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/983-vw-passat-18t-2002yom/?hl=passat#entry128600 http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/14975-vw-passat/?hl=passat http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/8129-volkswagen-passat/?hl=passat http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/8062-vw-passat-18t/?hl=passat
  7. Hello Everyone, A bit of background: I was looking for an E36 for some time and I found a 1991 316i recently. The interior seems to be in good condition, nothing seems to be changed except the radio as far as i saw. On the outside, an M3 kit and lights have been fitted, which i don't mind although i wanted to go for the stock look. The paint was chipped on the front without a dent, and had bubbles in a few places. There was a lot of rust in that common place under the car just behind the rear wheels. I'll be going for a test drive soon. I asked a friendly mechanic to join on the day, to inspect the engine a bit, because the owner seems to be a fan of changing parts. But the mechanic is Japanese car fan and a jack of all trades sorta fellow, so I'm thinking he won't like this much anyway. Now to the issues: A signal light had been broken, and a door speaker was missing. The owner agreed to reduce the price for these parts. The engine is M40 so I feel like a thorough inspection should be done, with the timing belt issues and all. The owner had replaced many parts in his little time with the car (i'll take a look at the documents for these), and if these changes weren't done correctly, I might be in for a lot of trouble later on. Finally my questions: 1. I was wondering where I can buy the two parts that are missing, and any others that I'll require later on, and how much they'll cost. 2. Is a second mechanical inspection necessary? And if so what's the best place for it in colombo? (I was thinking prestige) 3. With the background I've given, are there any big issues with the paint and rust, etc, and are there any areas I should inspect thoroughly when I go for the test? 4. After buying a car, I'm planning on finishing up the documents and insurance stuff and then getting it serviced and fixed up at M****ys probably. Is there anything else I should do pre or post purchase? Thanks. P.S. Apologies if i'm reposting, but i couldn't find any threads focused on mechanical inspection and parts.
  8. Dex

    Buying E36 1991 -1992 Model

    Hello Good People, I am buying my first car and my preferred choice is a beamer E36 can url help with few tips like what to look and all, your help is greatly appreciated Thanks & Best Regards, Dex
  9. Hey guys ! Please help me out. My dad is planning to buy me a car like a Axio hybrid, but im not really interested in getting my own vehicle right now. So I've decided to use that money and start buying and selling vehicles. I just want to know you guys opinions, what cars have the most demand and fast moving, prices and how do I bargain from home used vehicle sellers? please give me all you're advice which I need to know to before I start this Thanks, I will appreciate any type of advice
  10. ireshlk

    Buying Peugeot 206

    Hello every one, im new to this forum :-) Im hoping to buy a peugeot 206, and im very new to this field having very little knowledge about vehicles. so ill be very gladful if any one experienced with peugeot 206 can share their ideas and suggestions. Im willing to know, 1. Average price of the Car - Through searching in the AutoLanka, i have found cars varying from 11 to 16. 2. Flue cost - i did call to few people and many says its about 15km/L, through i have no idea about this. 3. Parts availability and maintenance cost. And at last, is it okay to select this type of vehicle, if it is okay, please mention the necessary things i have to check before buying an second hand peugeot vehicle. Thank you very much,
  11. Dear expertise, Im a new for this vehicle industry and now i decide to buy used car. I selected Toyota starlet EP91 and going to buy it withing this week, Im going to buy it by paying full cash. My problem is, I don't know process of buying car. Can you pls tell me the process of buying car? document required to buy car? and any thing impotent when buying a car. Thank you regards Amila
  12. I guess we've discussed a lot relating to things to look out for when buying a car, but I dont recall reading much on motorcylce buying advice. So I thought a new thread could be useful. In this case; for me. I'm planning on buying a scrambler (200cc or less for now cos that's what the s'pore law says). Being a complete newbie to bikes I've joined a local forum to see what's happening in the local scene. But when it comes to mechanical advice I prefer asking a forum that I trust more cos we all know all forum's have their share of dumb-asses no matter when they joined or how many posts they have. The local forum has a buying guide, which seems quite comprehensive but still better safe than sorry i guess. So Any general advice you guys have is most welcome. I guess I (and anyone else) can post more specific questions as we go on. Thanks guys!