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Found 21 results

  1. Dear Experts Suppose when we are in the middle of a long trip, if we heard the sound coming from brake pads (to indicate that brake pads are worn and have to be replaced), how many kilometers can we drive without damaging the brake disk? Specially when we are at outstations, we may not be able to find a genuine brake pad set from near by shops. So, is it ok if we drive the car home under this condition?
  2. My vehicle is starlet EP82(petrol) , when brakes applied rpm drops by 200 , as this has been inspected by a gentlemen in this forum, there is a vacuum leak in brakes, is there any recommended place to check this and corrected. Highly appreciate any lead on this matter.
  3. Few months back my ABS unit starts to malfunction. The ABS light comes on time to time when driving. When i took it to micro they said the the ABS unit it malfunctioning time to time and it not a issue in the sensors. By the way they first tried by cleaning the sensors :). They also amazed about this because the car was just finishing 2.5 years and only ridden 9000km. I remembers the last time before this ABS problem starts to show up, at the smoke test they put thier engine sensor with the magnet kind of thing on something similar to this ABS unit. if that was the ABS unit can that magnet thingy can cause the ABS unit to malfunction ?
  4. Hi members, yesterday when I was driving my Demio when drepressing suddenly brake pedal went all the way to the floor. Luckily I was near a garage & took the car for inspection right away..however after about 10min or so brake system came back to normal without having to do any repairs..I searched the forum/Net and found out that, 1- Could be a brake fluid leak- which was not the case & the mechanic did a through inspection 2- Error in the braking booster- highly unlikely according to mechanic’s advice 3- failure in braking master cylinder- which mechanic suggested that if the issue happens again he will do an inspection on the component.could be an internal issue he said. he advised me to drive the car normally for the moment and not to panic. I am skeptical and I need a second opinion on this and appreciate if you guys could shed some light. thank you.
  5. What could be the problem if a Toyota vitz push start 2008 model is displaying the following; (a)Hand break alarm even if its released (b)p/s alarm (c)Battery alarm even if the engine is on
  6. Hi Guys, After sometime from this conversion (Front Disc), I am looking for a perfect matching disc unit for rear wheels of the J44 - 4DR5 (Mitsubishi) Jeep. The front was done with a molded discs and still runs so smoothly without any issues. I could do the same for rear but wondering if there is any discs that matches which I can buy from the market. Please share your reply. Thanks.
  7. Hi 2WD Nissan D21 1992 has a brake issue... when brakes are applied it pulls the vehicle to the right, it turns the steering wheel to the right, pulls to the right quite sharply.. to keep the vehicle straight i have to turn to left when brakes are applied.. i have installed new brake pads, the front disks have been equally polished recently, ball joints..etc has been installed, wheel alignment has been done, the mechanic said the brake fluids flowing equally to the wheels ( i am not sure how far that is true) what may be causing this issue ? any good mechanical garages to fix this problem in Colombo area ? ((( this is not the case always sometimes it runs perfectly all of a sudden it turns the vehicle to the right, sometimes it turns slightly but at times it turns sharply,,)
  8. hi all, I need to troubleshoot my 4dr5 jeep brake system. I decided to isolate all brake Lines one by one. I found there is item to do it. Called as brake line end caps. Anyone knows a place to buy theM? thank you
  9. Hi All, I recent a bought a 4dr5 jeep which was in a garage without running for few years. I hand over a well known 4dr5 mechanic. He told he replaced all brake washer, nozzles.. He tested the brake he could managed to brake with locking wheels (Assume he is not a giant :D) . I noticed a change in brake while I started to bring the vehicleNow brake is in a very very dangerous situation. I am afraid to take the vehicle into road . I controlled speed from the gear. And could came very slowly. And it was the very first driving moment of the vehicle. So I do not have a idea about before the repair. Anyway I do not like to go to above mechanic because he is charging too much (Brake repair 6500/- with brake nozzles, washer replace, no replacing brake pads) and he is dishonest. Any way I would like to troubleshoot it myself. Symptoms : Brake paddle goes down halfway without much effort after engine shutdown. Remaining half is harder. Brake paddle become loosen after engine start. I could hear the air flowing sound while braking. (After engine stopped). - I assumed vacuum works properly. Brake paddle becomes harder after for each paddling after engine stopped. I assumed vacuum works properly. Brake oil level keep constant. My conclusion : Remains air within brake oil ducts. Any ideas please? I need to find the root cause. How to check the vacuum system functioning? Thank you very much.
  10. Hi Experts,. Does honda civic EK3 car equipped with ABS brakes or not ? Appreciate expert comments
  11. Hi guys, I've a Nissan TIIDA 2008 car. I've tried to replace my front disks by my self. However after putting new pads, the caliper didn't fit. Since I didn't had a C-clamp, what I've done was, 1). remove the bleeding valve 2). fit the caliper with one pad 3). put a flat head through the caliper and push against the disk so oil will be bleed from the valve and the piston will give space to fit the caliper. I've done this to both front discs and replaces with new pads. But after i switch on the car and press the paddle, there is no brake at all So what I've done is loose the valve and keep paddling the brake. But I've seen i should close the valve before release the paddle. I haven't close it while releasing he paddle. Now i think more air is in the system. On the left side car had bleeding but when i move to the right side, almost no oil came when paddling. Just hiss sound and bubbles. paddle is squeezing very softly. I checked the brake oil level and it is close the max level in the tank. Can you please help me on what I've done wrong and how to fix it ?
  12. Hi, I have an toyota aqua 2013. This done about 17500kms. From few weeks back a small click noise coming from front driver side wheel area when applying the brake. And when i accelerate again that click noise coming and when speed up there is no noise. This only come when driving at low speeds. Now on my feeling that noise is very noticeable. I went to several garages and check, but they couldn't found any fault. They have checked all the mechanical s which related to braking. i.e. brake pads, calipers etc.I even when when to Toyota Lanka, Kurunagala & its also the same. I want to know, what it can be and place to diagnose this around kandy area.
  13. Hi Guys, Recently I have replaced all my brake shoes, rear and front. Now the when I pushing the brake there is some free movement in the brake pad. So in order to apply brakes I need to push deeper. Then the garage person check for any air in oil, and did something like "brake katuwak pannawa", not sure what that is. But result is still the same, and the garage guy said that, since you've replaced all the pads, it'll take sometime to sync and later the you dot need to push this much deeper. Is this the normal case?.. Or is there something wrong with my brake unit? Thanks.
  14. I'm so sorry if this is a re posting but I could not find any solution by searching on forum. Yesterday night I found that my check brake light has suddenly pops and goes off in the dashboard time to time while I was driving. When I got back home I checked the brake fluid level and found that it has gone to the Min mark of the reservoir (The gap between Max-Min is about less than an inch) But as a total tank capacity the lost amount is also less than 1/4 of the full tank capacity. I did a full brake fluid flush with B*G Dot4 8months back with brake washers replacement and filled up to the Max level after job done which is 100% sure. Also did a washer leak check about a month back at the service station and there was no leaks found. Will this could be due to gradual evaporation through 8 months of not refilling or could be due to a minor leak? If it is a leak there should be air sucked inside and the paddle should be spongy? I don't feel any strange in paddling and the braking power of the car. Please help.
  15. Guys, Good day ahead! I got the front wheel brakes converted from drum to disc of my jeep and the pics attached below. The known issue of 4DR5 Jeeps which is the inability to be stable by the time of applying brakes because of the fact that the shoes engage to the drum at different intervals. So the result is the vehicle to move left or right suddenly when the brake applies. When Speeding at 80Km/h or so, it gets worse because there is possibility of facing an accident. The issue was solved with the disc brake conversion and now it feels the difference while braking specially at the moments said before.
  16. Hi Friends, Please read this issue and comment what you know or experienced or heard about it. Thanks a lot in advance. I was having this idea for a long time which is to convert 4DR5 Drum brakes to Discs but many people advised with many ideas that some says don't do it and some says do so. Actually one of my friend did it on front wheels sometime back and he is saying he has better braking especially when running in the city. ( Better means, sudden stops due to motor bikers and three wheelers in a traffic conditions ) However I think the common issue with these jeeps are is that, the vehicle is pulled to one side when braking hard. ( Especially when we want to stop suddenly when the speed is aroud 70 KMPH or higher) To overcome this issue, I have pasted the drums and serviced the braking system ( From master pump to brake shoes, replacing washers and etc.. ) By doing that we can achieve a good level of braking without pulling to any side for sometime and again that issue comes. Then we have to get a mechanics help to adjust the brakes and this goes on and on. I called several people who said to be experienced of doing such conversions and all of them quoted very different prices. Some says they change the axles with ones with Discs and one person said, he does not change any axles but remove the drum and related parts and modify it with disc to match with Pajero caliper set. For that they say they get the disc Moulded from a place at Moratuwa or somewhere. However I inspected 2 jeeps they have done recently with the one of it is belonging to a friend of mine that I mentioned earlier. Those are seemed to be fine for me but I really don't know technically how successful that is in a long run. Also I am having a free wheel hubs at front and as per they, any of those are not required to change and Discs can be applied without any problem. The amount they quoted for that is 55000 for front two wheels. I am thinking of getting this conversion done may be in a month or two. So please advice any drawbacks you see on this. Also if you have done it before please post your experience. Its really valuable. Thanks again.
  17. Hi, there are two montero sports at my office with ODO at 45000km and 12000km. during the usage period of 45000km we happened to replace the brake pads 5 times and the vehicle with 12000km had front brake pads replaced once at 10000km. When I spoke to Uni**d Motors they say its normal as a brake pad is only expected to last from 10000km to 15000km distance. Meanwhile we have a montero 2013 and several prius cars, non of those giving trouble like this, one prius got a brakepad replacement only after 100,000km. What might be the reason for such wear-off.
  18. I'm looking forward to do a REAR disk brake conversion on lancer A72(known as lancer box). Because the braking ability is very poor now. Is it possible to do such conversion? I'm still an amateur in automobiles. need advice from experts.
  19. Want to clarify a small issue here. I understand that most people in Sri Lanka don't think that they need to change disk rotors. Usually what people here do is they wait until there disk is fully worn out or they stay till the disk is uneven to get it faced (resurfaced). If completely worn out they buy second hand ones. I know for a fact that many people in Europe change disc rotors every time they change pads or at least change every other time. However this could be a reason that they use heavy braking, specially on highways, as braking while speeding wears the pads much more. Even in Malaysia, Indonesia too people change disk rotors at least every 3rd time they change the pads. Braking in a vehicle is the one of them most important things, and one that there could not be any chances taken. So my question is, why Sri Lankan's don't change disk rotors more often? hence the reason why spare parts shops newer stock them.
  20. Hi guys, Hope everyones keeping well. The reason for this post is, I got a two door Starlet NP90 diesel with an engine running slighlty under compression. I still should be able to use it sometime but if ever I decide on replacing the engine, is there a possiblity for me to go for a Turbo Diesel engine? Would you recommend this and has anyone of you done this before? what might be my best swap option and what might be the cost? Also, I've seen some starlets with ABS. My car doesn't have ABS but the wire harness which connects to the ABS unit under the bonnet is here. Is there any possiblity of enabling ABS? Thanks in advance!
  21. dear friends, I recently owned Toyota starlet ep 91 MT and I use few topic to get advice from you guys. Again I need another help. Today I was try to drive my car on hill around 45 degree angle, (on a 45 degree incline slop ) in middle I stopped and I try to use hand break for avoid rolling back. But even fully pull the hand break leaver car start to rolling back, Is it problem with my hand brake, or Is it natural in that kind of angle? pls advice Thank you regards Amila
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