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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I hope to buy a used Nissan Cefiro 230JM (2006, 2300cc) or Bluebird Sylphy G11 (2010, 1500cc) car. But haven't experience on Cefiro or Sylphy. Need some advice and related information from the experts here, 1. Maintenance, Common problems 2. Fuel economy 3. Timing chain replacement interval What will be the good car for home use. (Monthly running will be around 200Km, Mostly one long trip for one month) Thanks for all valuable ideas and information. Thanks.
  2. Hi All, I have a Bluebird Sylphy 2004 Car. It has a Kenwood u-353 audio system. I don't get good reception on the tuner when I drive out of colombo. I think I need to install a new antenna. I can't see any antenna ports on my vehicle. Can you guys give me some help here? And also Do I need to remove the dashboard to remove the audio system to plug a new antenna. I can't see a way to remove the audio system. Thank you Lakmal
  3. what can i say? i just had to. the moment i saw this car, i was transported to the botanical gardens in hindi movies where i was hiding behind one tree and the datto was hiding behind the other and we were running into each others arms in a field of flowers, with kuch kuch hota hai playing int he background. apart frmo Givantha's i highly doubt there another 510 out there as pristine as this. everything is in there, in working order, AND looking like it rolled out of the factory yesterday. completely amazed at its condition, for a 45 year old car... for now, i'm just gonna run it. can't have a another project in hand. this is to be a daily driver, mind you. and i will bring it up to scratch soon. once the teg is out,
  4. Hey Guys, One of my friend has a Bluebird sylphy 1.5. manual gear vehicle. 2004 model and registered in 2012. KS-xxxx . I am not a car expert. Vehicle looks very good and interior is looking superb. He is the 2nd owner of the car. It has only driven 45000km . They have all the service records. He is asking for 25 lax for the vehicle. Will it be worth the money? Please let me know your ideas. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have a plan to buy a nissan sylphy g11. I kno nothing about this vehicle. Need to kno about , fuel economy , reliability, availability of spairs ,cost of spairs and all other pros and cons related to the vehicle.please share your experiences. Thanks .
  6. Hi All, Anyone knows an expert mechanic for Nissan Bluebird Sylphy who i can show my car to? Thanks in adavance
  7. On behalf of a friend who's looking for a SU14 alternator, Please see his request:
  8. Hi, Finally i sold my Lancer CB8 and looking for another car, its really helpful if you guys can help me choosing a one from below list. My selection critria Maximum budget - 1.6Mn Fuel Type - Any fuel consumption - higher than 8.5kmpl Transmission - Manual Main considerations - Maintenance Cost, Spare parts availability , Handling , comfortability and should be a manual one. Mitsubishi Galant 1998 - 99 Toyota Corolla/Sprinter 110(Pre facelift) 1997 - 99 Nissan Bluebird 1997 - 99 Toyota carina 190/192 1996 - 98 suggestions are warmly welcome. thanks
  9. Hi All, I'm planning to change my car. Currently I'm using a Ford Laser (YOM 2000, 1.6, Auto) for last 4 years and need to sell it and have a change. I would like to get your opinion to select the best I can get for below 2.0 mil. Following models are in my mind and would like to know your ideas about those models as well. Preferred a sedan having YOM after 2000. I'm not a daily user of my car but I use more during the week ends and travel long distances as well. Honda Accord - How about the fuel consumption Toyota Carina SI MyRoad - Would it be possible for my budget? Nissan Bluebird Sylphy Nissan N 16 Highly appreciate your suggestions and ideas Thanks in advance
  10. Hi guys. The last time I came here was when I had the instrument cluster issue with my Bluebird SU14. That issue however, got resolved after I took it to CN Electronics in Hendala, Wattla as I stated in my previous thread. Today, I've got another minor issue with my SU14 again. I was planning to sell my SU14, so I thought I'd give it a proper sellable value since it had a some black smoke coming out. Thus, I took it to Kaduwela to service the diesel pump and injectors, which went quite well. However, thats where the issue starts. After the service was done, which took 4hrs and 9000 bucks (replaced diesel filter as well), the engine noise increased. Like as if an increased tappet noise. The more gas you give, the faster the noise sounds. So I took it to a guy who is close to my place (trustworthy fella) and he said that it wasn't a tappet noise, thus, clearing the cost of adjusting/replacing the shims (which I hear is quite expensive for a DOHC engine). This happened only after the service of the diesel pump. On an additional note, the black smoke wasn't there right after the service but, now it has come back again. The pulling power also has a vague difference (negatively of course). They did some adjustment on the injection system (not sure if im saying it right). If I'm right, they adjusted the advance/retard of the diesel injection. Now, I hope I have explained sufficiently and if anyone understood the entirety of the issue, could you please be kind enough to let me know how I should resolve this. Thank You
  11. I own a Nissan Bluebird SU14 Eprise (Diesel), YOM 1999, Manual. The problem I have is that the car gauges randomly stop working while driving and the rpm and speedometer drops to zero, heat meter drops (the entire meter board stops working). The gauges randomly stop and sometimes it comes back on in a few minutes but generally it stops working for hours. Also, the ABS check light is constantly on. (A mechanic also told me that if the gauges don't work, the battery doesn't get charged... so I'm afraid to drive my car). So, once the gauges stop working the car starts to jump when I give it a bit of gas. Moreover, sometimes when I take my foot off the accelerator, the engine keeps reving at 1250rpm for a few seconds before it drops to 750rpm (idle). It's all kinda messed up. Thus, I took it to a diagnostic guy and he told me after checking, that the ECU is faulty because the car was not getting connected to the diagnostic tool. But an electrician told me its the faulty gauges meter board (instrument cluster)... Does anybody know what the issue is?? It's such a pain.... Or do you guys know a specialist at ecu probs... also, how much does an ecu cost for an su14?? can we get a reconditioned anywhere in colombo? Thanks guys...
  12. Hi all, I just purchased a Nissan Bluebird SU14 Eprise. It's diesel vehicle which has done 144000 on the ODO. The issue i'm having is that while driving when I shift to the third gear and leave the clutch, the car bounces while moving forward. So I quickly press the clutch and the car runs smoothly for the momentum. The problem occurs when I go to the third or fourth gears only where when I slow down and change to the second, it runs perfectly. I did the clutch test where you put the gear in the third while on standby and you leave the clutch while accelerating and as it is supposed to, the vehicle stopped instead of trying to move. Has anybody had this issue?? Do you guys know what causes this or what this issue is?? Thanks guys
  13. Hi, Any one of you guys have the Bluebird Sylphy G10 Manual? Did a quick seach, couldnt find it. Even some links in old posts turned up empty. If you do, please do share
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