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Found 13 results

  1. Hi All, I bought a vios 2007 (Belta body) recently. Inspection report highlights few running repairs to be done. 1. Weak tie rod ends & steering rack play present 2. Crank shaft oil seal leak - fly wheel side 3. Front right drive shaft oil seal leak 4. Front & rear lower arm bushes cracks. 5. Front multi links leaking grease. I need your advice on this. Specially a good reliable & economical place to do this things. Thanks
  2. Hi all, toyota yaris 2006 car shakes and rpm varies while idle.car was checked by carchecks before two weeks and there were no any major issues like in timing chain,ecu. what is the possible cause and cost? awaiting your comments thanks
  3. Dear Experts and readers, I want to to whether buying following car(I dont know the model and I hv not used a bmw before) is worth or not, my main concern is resale value and repair cost for current condition... I can get it for 0.9 million. All ideas are much appreciated Thank you very much
  4. Hello everyone. I am looking to buy a new car for like 32 lakhs. I am not a car expert so your ideas will help me alot. I have some options in my mind. I was looking to go for a Hinda Fit gp1 but I saw a post that it has some mechanical problems like engine oil draining. Belta and Yaris and wagon r are my other options. I am going to buy this with a 5 year lease and will be using it for next 5 years. I would use this vehicle for my daily works. Please give me your thoughts and help me to find a good vehicle.
  5. What is the suitable sedan for 3.2 million rupees. Urgently response pls.
  6. Hi I am currently thinking about buying a Mitsubishi Verada 2002 car. Is there anyone who knows about this vehicle? I want to know followings. It has a 3500cc engine a. How is the fuel consumption? b. any known issues with the engine? c. How is driving experience? d. Spareparts availability and cost. e. Any genuine advices are welcome Thank you dear experts
  7. Planning to buy a vehicle ASAP. I have narrowed down my selection to following (they are all Toyota..call me a racist) For now I'm swaying between Vitz and Axio. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Most of the travelling will be on Highway and off roads nearly 1500 km per month in total. 1. Toyota Vitz 2016/2017 (1000CC) 2. Toyota Axio 2007/2008 3. Toyota Belta/Yaris 2011
  8. Hi All, Currently I'm using a Mazda Familia BJ5P (JDM, YOM 2000, facelifted) car as my daily office drive for nearly three years. I initially wanted to buy a FB15, but had to settled with BJ5P due to the limited budget. From the first day I fell in love with this car and in two words I can sum-up the value so far I got as "exceeding expectations". When consider the price I paid (1.7 mil in very early 2014) I'm more than satisfied with the comfort, handling/ driving pleasure, fuel economy, reliability etc. It never let me down so far - may be due to I'm doing the regular services properly and using carefully. I don't want to sell this car since at the moment I'm satisfied with it. Planned to sell it after 2 more years and odo is now reaching 120,000 km and timing belt to be replaced soon. Meanwhile now one of my office friends is suddenly selling his Belta (2008 model, 1300cc) looking for an upgrade before the coming budget. His Belta is in mint condition and he is the second owner. It is properly maintained, no accidents and carefully used, 73,000 km on odometer. He claims he can easily sell his Belta for 3.6 mil within couple of days. He would like to reduce the price around Rs. 50,000 - 60,000 for me and wait for few days if I'm willing to sell my BJ5P and buy his Belta. Also gave me a friendly advice; better to sell my current car now since it is already old, there will be a difficult time after this budget and after that finding a reliable, well maintained car is really hard and selling an old car is difficult. In my gut feeling (I'm not an expert in autos) I think this upgrade is worth for just above 3.5 mil since I know the car. My inner mind says use this opportunity, otherwise I will have a tough time later with selling my current car and hunting for a good car. I already had a test drive. What I really felt during driving is there is not much of different. Probably my current BJ5P is comfier and has better handling (may be I'm biased towards my current ride). What I understood was there is no big difference in driving pleasure/ comfort. Only thing I get is a newer car, better fuel economy and "Toyota badge" for resale in few years. Now he wants to know my decision. According to current market I think I would be able to sell my BJ5P around 1.9 mil - 2 mil. I don't want to go for a lease. I can manage this with a small personal loan and I already have a 1 mil FD in bank (this budget is not an issue, car is passed the test). I'm in a dilemma whether should I upgrade or not? When asking from other friends some says it is a waste of money if I'm upgrading without a need and some says that upgrade is worth and go for it, since it is a "Toyota" it will be like a FD (I'm not a fan of Toyota or any specific brand). And one of my relations said my current car is still in great condition and do the T belt repair and keep it for another couple of years, and instead of upgrading, he suggested to buy a block of land of few purches nearby his surrounding (in Homagama area). He said land value will be almost doubled in 2-3 years (I have no idea whether it is true or false). Please let me know your opinion with below options (I'm not an expert in automobiles, investments or financial planning. But I consider loans/ leases as headaches and disturb my peace of mind. I'm an average professional with an average income and it is sufficient to keep my simple, peaceful lifestyle). Option 1: Sell my current BJ5P car and upgrade to the Belta. (need to get a small personal loan here) Option 2: Keep my current car. Also keep extending the 1 mil FD in the bank and keep the peace in mind. Option 3: Keep my current car and purchase that land (need to get a small personal loan here) Thank you in advance.
  9. Dear all, I am having a 2007 Toyota Belta which I purchased one year back. Recently a slight jerk was noticed when slowing down from around 50 to lower speeds. The jerk happens only once during the slowdown and occurs very rarely. Therefore, I went to reputed mechanic and he did a OBD scan. Even though the check engine light was not lit up, an error code was recorded which indicated that the engine knock control sensor was malfunctioning. Have any of you guys experienced this problem?? If so, please shed some light regarding this matter. :( Thanks in advanced. FYI I bought it when the ODO meter reading was 67 000 and now its 84 000 kms. A full tune up and a CVT gear oil change was done when purchased.
  10. Dear AL Members. I willing to upgrade my car in to Belta 2007/2008 or Allion 240 , Still i am moving above two options. i expect your expert answers please. And Same time There are several Grades in Belta ( example G Grade). Please let me know what are the differenciates between Grades. Your consideration and answers are highly appriciate
  11. I'm planning to buy a new car and my budget is around 2.7 Million (Max). So far I have checked the following models. Toyota allion 240- 2002 Toyota 121 G grade 2005 -1500cc Toyota Belta 2007 - 1300cc Toyota yaris 2008-1300cc Toyota Vios 2008-1500cc Toyota VITZ-1000cc 2010 Don't suggest other car models like Mazda Axela,lancer models or honda cos i'm a toyota fan I'm looking for a car which have good fuel economy,comfortable,good design and reliable car which wont give me troubles (engine and transmission) in the long run as I'm planning to use this car at-least for another 5 years. I plan to run 800km per month(500 km on highway and other 300km on colombo city limit) So, I really appropriate help from you guys to select one model from the above for me or any others you suggest, based on above details. Also if you can share your experiences (fuel consumption and reliability) of the above models that would be highly appreciated. Thank you and looking forward to see your comments.
  12. my list finally came down to above two cars. Please advice me what should i go for.. my budget is around 4 million. 1) Nissan TIDA 2010 UNREGISTED 2) Toyota Belta 1300cc - 2010 UNREGISTERED My main concern is easy maintenance, durability and fuel consumption. Experts please let us know your opinion and new prices of these models. Thanks!
  13. my list finally came down to above two cars. Please advice me what should i go for.. my budget is around 3- 3.4 million. 1) Toyota Corolla 121 LX , G ,X grade 2003-2004 2) Toyota Belta 1300cc - 2007 My main concern is easy maintenance, durability. Experts please let us know your opinion. Thanks!
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