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Found 5 results

  1. Randeewa

    Suzuki swift 2008

    My brother recently brought Suzuki Swift 2008 (DBA-ZC71S. 1300CC) and there are some things to clarify. 1. When AC on the radiator fan noise is noticeably very very high is this normal of this model? 2. Engine heat is very very high more than other similar capacity cars (But heat gauge needle is in the center always). I used to own a Chevrolet Cruze and engine is M13A which also on Swift beetle older models never heat this much. (DBA-ZC71S has different engine and i need to clarify is this normal for this model? After 1/2 hour drive cannot even touch the bonnet stand. Fuel consumption is 6 to 8 without heavy traffic. I feel that there is some issue on cooling fan or engine cooling system. Any expert or Swift owners please reply me. Thanks
  2. Hi all, Two years before I purchased a Mazda BJ5P with the help of you all. It was for my family and I drove it most of the time. My honest opinion is that car is a reliable, cool and fun to drive. I did use it as my wedding car as well . After two years I sold it. Well, the reason is nor since both me and my brother is living in Colombo now car just sit at home until one of us get back. So I wanted to go for a bit smaller car which my sister could drive. My preferences were Suzuki Swift Jeep Model 2004, Chevrolet Curze 2004. BTW I did my homework guys. I read everything related to these vehicles in the forum. Last two days I went to see 8 car of above models. Looking at those cars I'm very disappointed. Most of them looks they were being raped by owners. Engines leaking oil all over the place, power windows not working or creaking, Cabin is dusty like hell etc. Honestly I can't believe how someone can use a car like that. The best car I would was a 3rd owner lady drive. That also have slight oil leaks and it is a basic car ( no ABS, P/S ). It also giving a bit of vibration when on D so I guess engine mounts are not good. Yesterday evening I looked into March AK 12 ( Yes, I read all forum threads ). Should be a very comfortable car with all features. So I'm going to raise the fuel consumption topic again. In most threads people start giving unrealistic figures and from there on thread discussion is off topic. My BJ5P realistically did ~9kmpl is Colombo, Outstations ~12kpml(Trip to Katharagama gave bit beyond 12 so ) and highway ~15kmpl( Driving ~80kmph). I have heard most 1.3 engines ( vitz, swift ) do ~12kmpl on city. So AK12 being more low and wide car would do less I think . I read 10 is also difficult to achieve in AK12. But outstation it should do at least ~13 and highway ~15. So please someone had a AK12 please give me a realistic figure please. Thank you
  3. Hi Guys, Im looking for this car which my dad owned back in 80-90's just when I was born Please gimme a shout if anyone comes across this ride.. .. its a 1973 VW Beetle 8 (Sri) 7520... ( Yeah thats me on the hood )
  4. Does anybody know and can recommend a good mechanic who can troubleshoot an old VW? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hai brothers, So I got my first car, a vw bug 1960 And I was wondering where can I add AC to this? Ive seen 5 or 6 with AC in srilanka but I donno where to find them anymore. Ive already asked VW motor works, and im waiting for a quotation Any place you guys know of? And wot disk break kits would you guys recommend? Thanks in advance
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