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Found 11 results

  1. From few days in my Honda Fit GP5 2014, the car audio system (pioneer AVH-265BT) can only operate on the reverse gear. If I'm not on the reverse gear setup is fully locked and I can't control anything. (Buttons are not working and display is turned off) To go to the menu or change the channel I have to put my car into the reverse gear. Does anyone have a clue about what's going on here?
  2. Since the lease is almost over thinking of splurging a bit on my Viva Elite 2013. Username is CarNoob - 1991 for a reason. Lol Thinking - Sound system upgrade (Currently stock) - Good Seat Covers? (Currently stock) - Alloy Wheels (Thinking Matt finish) (Currently stock) Specify if I should? If I should do anything else on top? And vendors/ Suppliers you would recommend? Regards, CarNoob1991
  3. Huck

    Eclipse Car Audio

    I have 2015 Toyota Vitz F Safety version. It has Eclipse AVN134MW car audio setup and already missing SD memory. Radio is working fine. I have search in internet but could't find solutions for following problems. Setup has USB logo. But I can not find USB out. Dual Multi functional steering wheel, but seem like it is not working(Can not volume up down) Seem like Bluetooth not support with setup. How I can connect phone to answer call? (call answer and drop buttons appear on steering) Can I change the car audio language to English Where can I fix those problems?
  4. Hi all, I actually got a sub-woofer fixed to my 20-year-old car (Peugeot 406 d8) today from a professional auto-shop and I"m wondering whether this would mess up the car in the near future? As a note I would like to mention that, the worker who fixed this connected the amp, to the car battery. Just wanted to know, whether it would cause any huge issues as an overall, to the car or it's wiring system? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm a newbie out here, so please do bare with my mismatches. I'm running a Peugeot 406 (1998) at the moment, and I"m trying to insert a proper audio set with a display (inclusive of the reverse cam). I would love to have all sorts of new features in the audio player such as playing songs via bluetooth, or from my iOS etc. Some of my friends suggested me to go with Sun Lanka or Pet#o. I'd highly appreciate if you'll could suggest me a good place where I can get this done within a day with a reasonable amount. Thanks.
  6. ash_raz

    Car Audio

    Hi, I am having some confusions regarding car audio. I might sound stupid. But would appriciate your assistance I am having an EK3 which has 4 speakers and two channels(which is left and right) where 2 were allocated to each channel. so my questions are When you look for speakers at shops. They come in pairs(and some they come with a seperate tweeter). But my car has 4 speaker. So if i am in need to improving the sound quality, do I have to buy 2 speaker sets(which will have 4 speakers all together) or are there 4 speaker systems on sale? What should i consider before i buy a speakers is one sub-woofer enough to provide a bass punch?? or are there a number (like in home theater systems 5.1 channels etc) What does an amplifier do? and is it necessary to install one?? I am planning to install a pioneer DEH-P9400 setup and JBL speakers (not finalized yet) Please advice me
  7. ninjamonkey

    New Audio System

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to install a dual din AV system for my can. Budget is around 40k. Would like to hear your recommendations on where to buy and what to buy.
  8. Devapriya Bandara

    Suzuki Swift Zc71S

    Hi Friends, Good day for all of you. I recently bought a suzuki swift ZC71S model. It has factory fitted CD receiver unit. But this CD receiver only tunes between FM 87-90 frequency. Does anyone has idea a way to convert this to support FM 87-108 frequency range. Thanks in advance. Bandara
  9. Hey guys, i need the wiring diagrams of audio /radio installation on a peugeot 406 petrol 2003. hynes manual did not help. thanks
  10. my kdh201 have came with rear audio wiring from factory. But theres no audio signal coming for rear speakers. wiring diagram and actual player rear i/o snaps are attached. i tried directly connecting speakers to the i/o panel, but still no audio coming out. is this a problem with my player. This is the original player came with van. Is there any settings to change.?? Thanks.
  11. Hi All, Recently I have installed a JVC setup from the Gi*Ber* & Sons and I have noticed lack of bass from the system (clarion speakers). After the installation their opinion was to have a speaker box to get more bass. Anyway when I go home I double check the speaker wiring by removing the head unit again and surprisingly the + and - wires of rear left speaker was altered. Then I installed the wires correctly and the problem solved and now I have good quality sounds. Just for your information, If you also having less bass then the first thing you should do is check the speaker wiring with + and - terminals from the speaker to head unit. BR Tharindu.