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Found 40 results

  1. faizanj

    What is the best choice?

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a car first time, so i am still could not finalize the car model which is going to buy, i am seeking for help from your side. thanks in advance. actually, i need to figure what will be the economical car? considering following points 1. Maintenance cost (parts, services etc) 2. fuel efficiency 3. second market 4. current price (my budget is 3million, going to buy used car) I selected following car models toyata vios, vitz, aqua, prius, corolla 121 Hope you will help to fiqure out the suitable car for me (i wont expect more features, base car is enough for me) if there any other (car model) suggestions also welcomed...
  2. JayCee

    Toyota Tyre Repair Kit

    Hi guys, I used the tyre repair kit in my Aqua and wondering where I can get a refill /new liquid. And what is the compatibility of a non Toyota tyre repair liquid with the same pump and equipment. Thanks.
  3. Praveen_Auto

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    What would be the best option. Below is my travel pattern. Monthly travel distance - 700km (maximum) - daily office route (10km up & down) - Colombo to Makola twice a month (90 km) - Misc. trips (short ones) - Once in 6 months (Kandy) Option 1 I know that all the Aquas 2014 our there is needing battery replacement in no time even if the reports indicate 95+ capacity. Let's say I planned to find a low mileage (40000-50000 km) one with a decent battery.... Option 2 Vitz 2015/16 is the other recommended option. I know that the fuel economy is not so great. But at least it's a from a recent year (2016) and I don't mind the compact look as it's a bit smaller compared to an Aqua. Suppose I can find a low mileage 2016 one with good maintenance. In any case I'll be selling whichever car in next 3.5 years. So considering the whole life time usage whatdo you guys think I should be looking at?? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using AutoLanka.com mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  4. Haritha Tennakoon

    Shock absorber for aqua

    Can anyone help me to replace shocks with good quality for good price. Toyota Lanka said it around rs 100,000. And I asked from a shop. They have a brand called Kobe. Their price is around rs 25000 for both front and rear. Thanks
  5. Guys, Any idea what this symbol is about? It’s in my friends 2015 Aqua
  6. Hi, I would like to get an advice on whether buying a hybrid vehicle (Vezel 2014/15 Aqua 2013/14 and FIT 2014/15) which has been used in sl for a while. Many of my friends say that all of them will be required to change the battery(most used ones have done more than 50000km). This could cost from Rs. 300k -700k. The other issue is apparently vezel has a gearbox issue that would cost approx 700k. As I see alot of these vehicles being available to buy, I am seeking advice if it is a good choice to do so. If so which model. If not any alternative that would fall below 4.3m
  7. Hi, I need to know about Aqua 2014 model. Indicators are working properly but "BEEP" sound not functional i-e No Beep sound. Kindly guide me reason for this problem. thnx
  8. Dee Gee

    Prius C vs Vitz

    Hello, Buying a new car with Govt. permit is a challenge this time. Would like opinions from you people whether to buy a Vitz or Prius C. Prius C starts at 3.6 B/New from Toyota. Vitz has a large range. Since my budget is below 4 million, I cannot go for anything larger. Prius C (or Aqua) has tight rear leg room, it seems. And ground clearance is also low. Hybrid resell value is also a challenge. Your views please....
  9. I need to buy a hybrid car.Which hybrid car should I buy?..feel free to comment the fuel consumption(km per litre)
  10. Dana909090

    Toyota Aqua Ready mode issue

    hi Guys, i own a toyota aqua 2012 with milage neary 50,000 KM . so far no issues but since last month i face a strange issue when starting . this is push start converetd before 2 years back . the issue is when i push start button with break padel pushed as usual it doesnt come to ready mode but all the dash board switches on. it doesnt happen frequently but after that you need to 2, 3 attempts to come to ready mode . i face no issues with battery mode it runs as usual with minimul engine start ups . any one can advise ?
  11. aamarakoon

    Seat belt warning beep

    Does anyone know how to toggle seat belt warning beep in Toyota aqua 2016?. Just bought it unregistered. Seat belt dashboard indicator works but no audible alarm. Tried the internet. Odo button push and hold method doesn't bring the beep on off option.But opens the safety sense menu.
  12. Want to bye buy a car pls please recommend these tow two Honada Honda GP5 or Toyota Aqva Aqua ?
  13. With a budget around Rs. 4.2 M which car out of the followings will be better i.e. Vitz 2018 or Fit GP5 2014 or Aqua 2014?? Especially in terms of, - standard of the car - fuel worthiness - maintenance costs (including hybrid battery cost)
  14. I recently purchase a Toyota Aqua 2013 model which has done 62000Km Couple of days later the 'Check hybrid system' and 'Check Engine' indicators were shown. After taking to Toyota Lanka, I got a system scan done and the error code was P0A80, which is for Replace Hybrid battery pack. They identified the issue to be a voltage drop in one of the battery cell. They recommended to do a battery service, but while removing the battery they found the battery has already been serviced as well. For the moment I have temporarily got the code deleted. This is temporary and the error will appear again (I got it twice). The recommended solution is to replace the battery pack. Agent price is extremely expensive, but few other places said it would cost around 200,000. I wanted to know if replacing the problematic cell would be a good option? has anyone done this? if so what are the good places which this can be done. I spent 4 Million for the car and don't have another 200K at the moment. Anyone got any solution?
  15. Hi I am currently thinking about buying a Mitsubishi Verada 2002 car. Is there anyone who knows about this vehicle? I want to know followings. It has a 3500cc engine a. How is the fuel consumption? b. any known issues with the engine? c. How is driving experience? d. Spareparts availability and cost. e. Any genuine advices are welcome Thank you dear experts
  16. Praboda Fernando

    Amazing fuel on Aqua (2013)

    It's my first hybrid vehicle, was thinking either to buy GP5 or Aqua. With help of this forum and by looking at physical condition of the cars finally decided to buy an Aqua. What i most like about Aqua is amazing fuel on 92 octane. Usual in heavy traffic it easily goes to 20 KM per L and in a night i had my best performance so far, it did 32 KM/L for 33 KMs from Warakapola to Gampaha. Shearing my experience...
  17. Praboda Fernando

    What aqua does with this button?

    Any Idea what aqua does with this button? no difference for me either it's ON or OFF
  18. Hey, guys, I need help with buying a car <link to third party classifieds site removed> from an online marketplace. this is my first car and hence have no idea of what I should look into. Can anyone please list me out on what things I should Look before buying the car. Can anyone please help me with this?
  19. I'm planning to buy a toyota aqua. My budget is around 4 million rupees. I don't know anything about buying a used hybrid car. 1. What kind of model should i go? (There are 2012,13 g grade and some 2014 models available for this price in classified sites) 2. Is it worth buying a 4-5 years old hybrid car for 4mil.? (I heard there can be battery related issues) 3. Is there anything special to check when buying an used aqua? My main concerns when selecting aqua was the fuel economy, reliability & resale value.
  20. Submitted by Benjamin Yong on September 30th, 2016 Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Driver technology powers each one of the company's hybrid vehicles. We all know the Toyota Prius family of vehicles are fuel-efficient. Some may even know it’s because of the automaker’s Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) system that powers every hybrid model. But how does it work? Find out below. At the core of HSD is a twin motor-engine setup. A gasoline engine acts as the primary means of propulsion and an electric motor provides backup power and recovers surplus energy. The computer automatically switches between the two to deliver maximum fuel efficiency and a comfortable driving feel. Let’s dive a little deeper into the technology. When the vehicle is initially started up and all the way up to the mid-speed range, engine efficiency is at its poorest. As a result, the gasoline powerplant is shut off and the car runs solely off the high-output electric motor. During normal cruising, the main power switches over to the warmed up engine running at high efficiency, which directly drives the wheels. A generator is also engaged — via a built-in device that splits and diverts engine output — to produce electricity for the motor. In scenarios calling for rapid acceleration like passing on the highway, power is supplied simultaneously from both sources to boost performance. As soon as it’s time to slow down, the process happens in reverse. While the driver lets off the accelerator and/or gets on the brakes, the wheels turn the motor, now operating as a generator, converting rotational and braking energy into additional electricity used to charge a high capacity battery. This is known as regenerative braking. When the battery level dips down to a low level, the engine switches on the generator to begin the recharge cycle, ensuring the system maintains a healthy charge for optimum operation
  21. Hey guys, Long time lurker of the form. But this is my first post here, so if I'm posting this in the wrong section or something please let me know. Car Model - Toyota Aqua 2015 There is a ticking sound(like a rock rolling inside a metal can) coming from the front right side of my car. This only happens when going slowly(10-20kmph). The breaks and turning the car does not seem to have an effect on the sound. It goes away as soon as I accelerate beyond that. This issue just popped up yesterday. Checked the tire and couldn't find anything visibly stuck or rubbing against the metal. Any ideas what could be causing this? Also, any recommendations on where to take the car for further inspection? Around Dehiwala/Papiliyana. Thanks! -Nipuna.
  22. ish40002

    toyota aqua

    hi friends any one know the place to buy this part( aqua front bumper automatic pole).........
  23. Hi guys, Im hoping to buy a new vehical.currently im using a civic es1 with a cvt gb.it is very economical , im getting 11/12kml in traffic,15kml in out staition,16/17kml in highways.I usually run 2500km per month.Now im looking a more economical vehicle . My main concerns are Fuel economy, Comfort Handling Out look My budget is around 4.3m max Please guide me to find good solution.
  24. I have a Toyota Aqua NHP 10. It has inbuilt hard disk (Capacity Unknown) and i have copied some songs through CD's.I wanted to use a SD card to play music without copying it to the hard disk since i do not know how to delete tracks which are already copied to it. Is it safe to use an average SDHC card with an adapter to play music with the car setup? Will it make a problem to the existing settings of the setup and later locked? Appreciate if anyone can share the experience as i couldn't find a post relating to this. Many thanks!
  25. Hi all, I own a Toyota Aqua. And I do my regular services at C*rePo*nt. Last time when I took it there for the service that guy who changed oil requested me to do an engine bay wash saying that area is so dusty. Upto that point I only allowed them to use the high pressure air (Because from the place I bought the car asked me not to wash the engine bay as it might cause further damage). The reason that serviceman told me was that due that dust it might create an unnecessary heat in the invertor and may lead into early problematic situations. Also he stated that they use a special chemical instead of water. So I allowed them to do so. During the process I saw them using high pressure water. Since I was in a hurry to my workplace I was not able to ask them why they used water as well. So my questions are 1) Is it okay to do such an engine bay wash especially for a hybrid which is filled with complicated electronics? 2) Will the dust really remain as a causative factor for heat generation in the investor (like the dust layer acting as a heat insulator) ? 3) If it is necessary to do the wash how often should I do it (I know this question may sound stupid as it depends on the amount of dust collected. But I mean generally is it necessary to do it like I change oil in every 5000km's. I use solely this car for driving within the Colombo city) Thanks in advance!