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Found 32 results

  1. Dear friends If we don't consider the fuel efficiency, can we drive Wagon R or Alto as a normal petrol car if Hybrid battery has expired?
  2. I have some extra cash lying around was thinking of putting a couple of vehicles for taxi service. Are there any ppl who have done this or doing this? what are the prospects for a decent income?
  3. Hi guys, I've got an Alto 800 (2008). The driver side door of it needs to be slammed to lock properly. I could see that the door beading is a bit worn out which makes the slamming noice louder. I've tried lubricating the door latches / locks as well. Any idea of how to fix this problem at home? Appreciate if you can put some references to parts shops if need any. Thanks.
  4. Hello all, I want to buy a small car with my budget 3 million as my 1st car.I consider about best look,good reselling value after 5yrs,good safety and affordable fuel efficiency. My current selections are Kia picanto,Suzuki celerio,toyota wigo and japan alto.when i think best look my 1st selection is picanto. Does picanto have above features? I want to resell it after 5yrs Looking for your valuble ideas and advices Thnks
  5. Hi Guys, I need a Alto k10 old model service manual, I googled it but could't find a way to dowload. If anyone having it , Please let me know . or mail me @ [email protected] Thank you
  6. Hi, so I'm new here and loved reading some great explanations from many. I'm here to ask for similar help on a specific issue that I couldn't find a good answer to. I would like to buy a car and the budget is 1.8-2 million. I was scouring for options and first thing I came up was the Geely Mx7 Mark II. It's within budget and seems like I can get a 4-5 year old one with reasonable options. I also hear that while the interior is not very sturdy, the important parts like the drive train etc are based on a toyota corolla, and even fits corolla parts. (I know the corolla as a really reliable car since our family had AE100 and 121) I also thought about some 2-3 year old Altos which I got to know as reliable and good for hard use as well, and quite fuel efficient, but they are not in anyway safe or comfortable, and really cramped. So would like to avoid it unless there's really no better option. Other option is older Japanese cars. The one I set my sights is a Mazda Familia BJ5P, which actually looks really good, comfortable and spacious, while everyone says Mazdas are very reliable. I found several within budget eith YOM 2000-2002. I loved Hondas as well, especially Civics, but ones within budget are 1996 or so, so guess I'll avoid those. (Same with Toyotas) People say the Honda Citys are good as well, I'd like to know whether they are so actually, since they are assembled elsewhere than Japan. I found several with Vtec engines with YOM 1999-2001. Is it true that 20 year old Japanese cars are better than 2-5 year old Indian or Chinese cars? ? So could you help me out here. What I need is a spacious, reliable and a reasonably safe car. Fuel economy 10+ in city and 13+ outstations is fine. What I really would like to decide between is, Geely MX7 MARK II (2013-2014) MADZA FAMILIA BJ5P (2000-2002) HONDA CITY VTEC (1999-2001) Any good alternative suggestions are welcome as well. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to choose my first vehicle. I have no prior experience with vehicles. So far, Japan Alto is the vehicle I found that meets with my requirements. Following are my requirements. My budget is < 2.7 million. I will be daily traveling from Maharagama to Maradana and back A few (around 4) trips to anywhere in the country per year Low maintenance cost and fuel economy are my priorities I'm a bit reluctant to buy vehicles with high mileage due to the possibility of frequent repairs and low fuel economy. I don't like WagonR (Please mind my preference). Can I get some advice on this? Please suggest me some cars and any knowledge on Japan Alto. If I go with Japan Alto, which grade should I buy. ( L, S, X, Turbo RS ). Are price differences between grades really worth the price? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  8. HI Guys, I met with an accident yesterday, and the car left side was severely damaged. I would much appreciate if anyone of you can tell me a place to repair & to find following body parts - Front Buffer - Left Side Fender - Bonet - Left side front door - Left side mirror thanks
  9. Hello Experts, 1.Please kindly guide me to select one among these cars.. Alto Japan 2017 Daihatsu Mira 2017 Wagon r fx safety 2017 2. Budget is 2.5- 2.8 milion 3. My purpose is to driver Uber full time 4. Considering fuel economy Thanks in Advance...
  10. Hi, I m looking for a Family Vehicle (Car or Van) around 1.3 m. Please, guys any Ideas? Thankx
  11. what will be the new import duty for alto japanese model HA36s. Does this car fall under the mild hybrid category (just lyk suzuki spacia)(s-ene)? Also if you can help me pls advice differences of its grades (L/X/F,etc..) many thanks.
  12. ඇල්ටෝ 800 (2010) 65000km මගේ වාහනයේ සාමන්‍යයෙන් කාපට් හෝ රලු පාරක යද්දි "ටක ටක" සද්දයක් එනවා. යමක් වදිනවා වගෙ. ඉස්සරහ වම් පැත්තෙන් තමයි එන්නේ. නවත්තලා තියලා යන්න ගත්තම ටිකක් වෙලා ගිහින් එන්නෙ. වලක වැ‍ටුනාට සද්දෙ එන්නෙ නෑ. ගරාජ් දැම්මම කිව්වෙ rack එකේ දැති ගෙවිලා කියල. rack බුෂ් මාරු කලා. දැනට දුවලා ‍රැක් එකක් අලුතෙන් දාන්න කිව්වා. මේ ගැන ඔබගේ අදහස් මොනවාද? rack දාන්න කොපමණ මුදලක් වැය වෙයිද?
  13. Any guys got hands on 2016 Japan Alto, They are everywhere in car sales but seen few in the roads. Are they good as a economical daily runner, manufacture claims 34-37km/l Any openion or critics
  14. Hi All, The next periodical service of my car (Maruti Suzuki Alto) is around the corner. Now 20000Kms done. I'm thinking of whether to put it a local service center or to A*W Service. What is your suggestion? Will A*W do a good job? Now I feel that the clutch and steering wheel is bit tightened. Can you pls help me as to what should be done in a full service? Regards Rookantha
  15. Hi all, I bought a 2002 Japanese Alto 1 month back. This car was alright until yesterday night when I had to panic break to avoid a collision. I was travelling at around 40 kmph and the vehicle skid when I applied break. It felt like all the wheels locked up and the vehicle slid about 2 meters. The steering didn't work at this time. However, the car performs okay during slow breaking. Did any of you guys face this problem?? If so, how do you solve this. FYI, the ABS light doesn't come on in the dashboard.
  16. Hi all, My Japanese alto gave a slight clicking sound when turning the steering wheel (to the left) and accelerating. This sound was diagnosed as a CV joint failure by my mechanic. Therefore, we replaced the entire left side shaft along with the inner and outer CV joints. Brand new CV joints were not available and had to settle with second hand Japanese parts from Delkanda. However the sound was not sorted out. After another trip to the garage, the right shaft , joints and rack boots were replaced. This also resulted with no improvement of the sound. Now the odd part is that the mechanic is now suspecting a bush of the AT gear box as the cause. He is saying that I have to replace the entire gearbox in the worst-case-scenario. Have you guys experienced this type of an issue? If so, how do you diagnose this?
  17. Hi guys, I recently came across three Japanese Alto's (YOM 2002 to 2004, 650 cc) with 4WD. One owner claimed that he removed the 4WD components to make the vehicle more fuel efficient. Therefore, my question to you experts is how 4WD effect the car's efficiency, performance and most importantly the resell value. All the three vehicles that I saw ranged from 1.7 to 1.8 million. Thanks in advanced.
  18. Guys im finding a car around 1-1.2mil. My requirements are, Should be Economical because im going to use it for daily riding. And the vehicle should have less maintain cost. Its not about the looks. Should be lil comfortable and love my pocket.
  19. I am Planing to buy a Suzuki Alto (Japanese) 2001-2004 model. But I found a car from the market named Mazda Carol with the same body and specifications. It was somewhat cheap than the Suzuki Altos that I found in the market. Please let me know the differences between these two cars , the average fuel consumption and the availability of spare parts. Thank you. Any comment will be a great help for me.
  20. Hi all, I'm going to buy 2015 used alto car . But i'm in a bit confusing situation about the prices displayed in web sites . As you know Alto was around 14.8lk and after budget 17.75lk People has advertised several ranges of prices for used 2015 Alto's . Some people expect more than new ones price . Made me mad. But there should be a optimum price for a buyer . Please help me on this .If you are me what price you think as a good price for buyer. Many Thanks
  21. Which small car is best to buy ? 1. MARUTI SUZUKI ALTO 2. HYUNDAI EON
  22. Please suggest good tyre brands for my Alto car.Currently it has MRF orginal tyres done 50K Kms. front tyres are still OK.rear tyres are worn out. As per my knowledge there is no more MRF car Tyre dealer in Sri Lanka.What whould be next best tyre.
  23. Dear friends, I'm going to buy my 1st car . My maximum budget is 1.6 Million. I have few options .1. brand new Alto, 2. Used Hyundai or KIA , 3.Used Toyota, Nissan Or MAZDA. When I asked from various people they give opinions in favor of all 3 options.Therefore I need your valuable advises to select best car out of these. I hope to use this car for about 5 years without much problems. I will not able to spend much money for expensive repairs and maintenance. I need considerable resale value, little bit of comfortable . manual or auto,(auto is more preferred). I would be much thankful to you if you can help me.
  24. Dear friends, I'm going to buy my 1st car . My maximum budget is 1.6 Million. I have few options .1. brand new Alto, 2. Used Hyundai or KIA , 3.Used Toyota, Nissan Or MAZDA. When I asked from various people they give opinions in favor of all 3 options.Therefore I need your valuable advises to select best car out of these. I hope to use this car for about 5 years without much problems. I will not able to spend much money for expensive repairs and maintenance. I need considerable resale value, little bit of comfortable . manual or auto,(auto is more preferred). I would be much thankful to you if you can help me.
  25. HI People, No this is not a thread about fuel or oil changes and crap... No Im not a hypermiller. I have been a member since 2012. Yet I post very rarely. But I read all em threads daily, I have had a lot of help from U guys in the past as well. Okay enough on that... Its like this, we got an Alto 2015 for my sister(not my choice as I personally like Italians,Euros and american vehicals).Reason we went for it was brand new, reliable and economical.Her money so I dint go against it... we paid and waited 6 months for it. That was also a month earlier than they promised. I even called Komi once bcos he was also going to sell an alto he ordered for his wife. Sadly I lost his number.. Now here is the real deal. Its economical to the core, BUT its bloody boring as hell.Only in bends in the hill country you can get some feeling. But if u keep doing that Im gonna fly off. Handling is horrid,tires are shitty. After 3rd gear it takes ages to speed. Max I've done is 120.U wet urself not cos its fun, it feels really unsafe. As if ur gonna lift off Into the sky and into Gods arms..(Not funny).. And the BREAKS, MY GOD THE BREAKS... A mountain bike stops faster.. so far the only thing added is a spoiler. Oh and got it tinted.. nope I dont want a neon or integra stickers on the windshield... I want to make it faster,more fun to drive and do something unique on the outside. Only tuks are more visible in roads than altos now.followed closely by vesis. I saw somebody has done a Turbo convo on a k10 alto. My God thats awesome.. I want help from all u experts to make the car a a (beast?) Roughly what I think It needs- Engine upgrade, break upgrade, suspention upgrade,interior and exterior upgrade..pls help me everybody No I dont care about resale value. Selling and buying something else is also not an option. I have a weird taste in cars. Hate common cars,this is very common.. But I like to make it a unique Alto. Thanx in advance. Sorry for the long rant Heres a pic of her free image hosting
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