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Found 11 results

  1. Hi Guys, It's been awhile since i last posted here. So I'm planning to sell my Toyota Aqua which was with me since 2011. Was wondering what options i have with my next purchase and Toyota Allion 260 (2012 upwards) is something that struck my mind. Since i'm used with the hybrid petrol consumption has always been a plus with Toyota Aqua and i should say it's a pretty trouble free car. Now that i have come across the battery issue, I'm planning to fix a battery and sell that car. What do you guys think of 260? Or would like to welcome your suggestions with another choice. My budget will be approx 5M.Cheers!
  2. Hey guys,, anybody know a good place to buy a rear bumper for my allion 260 ,2007 in kurunegala and the approx cost ,? Thanks
  3. Hi. Im using allion 260 2011 model and it done around 136000 km. Im experience some low vibration and idle RPM is 600 with and without AC. Recently I have done the engine tune-up in ASNU LANKA(Ultrasonic injector clean).Before tune-up there was a rough idle error in scanning report. After the tune-up it was ok.But still idle RPM is same.After one month I went to same place and scan the car and no errors in report. Technician suggest to check the throttle body. (Use testing throttle body.) Still RPM same with new throttle body. After that they suggest to go to agent and check the AC solenoid valve. Next week I plan to go there. Any suggestion for this problem? Before 1 year earlier I have replace the battery and battery remove without providing supply to car. With AC- Without AC -
  4. Hi I am currently thinking about buying a Mitsubishi Verada 2002 car. Is there anyone who knows about this vehicle? I want to know followings. It has a 3500cc engine a. How is the fuel consumption? b. any known issues with the engine? c. How is driving experience? d. Spareparts availability and cost. e. Any genuine advices are welcome Thank you dear experts
  5. I'm looking for a car around 4.2M budget. I personally prefer Honda gp5 s. My only concern is hybrid battery replacement. But would like to get more details of comparison. ? Maintainance cost running repairs..etc
  6. Guys, need some honest opinions. Is there anyone who converted the appearance of a 2007 Allion 260 to a 2010 Allion 260 by changing the Old Lights and Buffers to new ones? If so, do we need to change any brackets or do they get fixed to the same brackets?
  7. Can somebody help me to find a wheel cup for Allion 260 2012
  8. Hi, I have recently bought a toyota allion 260 2007 car. And it's rolling back in a hill even though the gear is in D. The problem occurs when you stopping in the traffic and when you lift the foot from the break it rolls back even though it's in D. And also at idel the RPM meter drops below 1. I don't think it's because of the hill is too stiff, becz it's around Colombo and i have driven the same route again and again with my previous car (toyata vios) and i haven't experienced any thing like before. What would be the issue in my car ?
  9. hi friends, I'm new to this forum and wish to get some advices from you all. I'm using a toyota allion 260, m.y 2013, wine red. I had a very unfortunate accident just in front of my house. I was waiting to reverse my car into the garage and the car next door came and hit mine since I had parked my car just in front of his gate and he reversed the car towards the road from his garden. I was tuning up my radio and didn't notice this man is reversing out and I don't know how did this man reverse the care without seeing any of of the mirrors. However he came and hit the rear door (driving seat side) of my car and got damaged slightly in three places. I showed this to one of my best baas and he advised me the best option is to replace the door with a new one as, doesn't matter how clever you repair it, but you can never get it 100% back to the original condition since this door has a very sophisticated shapes and it's not possible to repair the dents and get that shape back to the original condition. So I decided to replace the door. He asked me to buy a door and said he'll do the paint so that none can find out it has been replaced. Now I'm thinking of getting this done by Toyota itself, I have the insurance. Does any of you have experience of paint works in Toyota ? When they do painting, do they only care only about the color code? or do they match the color with the FADED color in the other areas of the body of the car since my car is about 3 years old by now and the color has faded out and it doesn't have the original shine or the thickness. If they just match the color code and paint, only the door will look like very new and it'll be highlighted that the door has recently been painted. What experience do you guys have? What would you suggest? This is my first car and I have no any previous experience like this. I'll be very thankful for any advices, suggestions.. Thanks
  10. Hi, I am using a Toyota Allion 260. It's onky 3K km done. Y'day I rolled down all glasses when I get in to remove the heat. then I rolled up all. But the glass at Driver's side went all the way up dis-locating the groove. It went up more than 1-2 inches wrt to usual. Then I just make it down about 5 inches. Now its in dis located position. I want to know how to remove the door panel?. I did remove the arm rest and there was one screw there. removed the triangle near the mirror. afraid to go ahead since there could be more to remove before pulling the panel out. Any clues please?
  11. Trying to decide between BMW 320D vs Allion 260 and I need your help. Been lurking over this forum for quite a while, did my own online research reading tons of past threads but if any of you can share some honest insight specifically on this, that's gonna be a huge help - for me and many others! Don't think this question/comparison has been done before. Aight, my goal is to figure out what'd be the better choice out of these two - BMW 320D vs Allion 260 (almost the same as Premio). If you need a manufacture year for the benchmark, let's use 2011. Not planning to get it down, looking at buying a car that's already been imported - so probably gonna be the 2nd/3rd owner. I'll be using this mainly in Colombo and suburbs. Not a family man, just a cool bloke here (family men can be cool too!). I'm not going to be a cheapo - I want to live my life to the fullest, but also not going to forget the fact that SL is one hellova peculiar market - thus wouldn't want to drift too much away from it and live in my own world either. Neither I'm a fanboy of any brand and a pretty much newbie when it comes to vehicles - thus here I am on a public forum asking for expert advice! My observation/thoughts - Roughly a 2011 Allion 260 would be around 55-60 lks whereas a 2011 BMW 320D would be around 65-70 lks. The difference is one million; now I'd love to go for a BMW but my main concern is if BMW offers the same/more features as an Allion (probably a "stupid" question already but heck, I'm here to learn and grow). In my own comparison, here's what I know so far. I should also note that I did some intensive research and chose these two cars are two great contenders overall. Resale value - Both (tho Allion, bearing a Toyota badge seem to have a more stable market value; less depreciating.) Fuel Efficiency - Allion Parts - Allion Prestige (common, let's be honest ) - BMW Features/Specs (my main concern) - Allion? (Again probably another stupid remark but on almost all Allions, and their specs I did see tons of "bells and whistles") Driving pleasure - BMW? (Assuming BMW has less features, can it exceed the overall experience we get in an Allion?) Build quality - Both? Requires less maintenances (comparatively) - Allion Probably for those who are well versed with the subject this might not even be a worthy comparison - as you'll know what's the best right off the bat, but just sharing your honest opinion without trolling/going with the wave would be of immense help. Please feel free to ask if you need any of my inputs, to craft a better response.
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