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Found 4 results

  1. sira

    GP1 AC issue

    My GP1 (2011) AC was repaired by Stafford on a same day they changed the Air bags.they have done a service and replaced 8 "O"rings ( i was not there actually ,I admit to garage and collect it in afternoon) . charged me 13K. it was OK for 2 weeks and today suddenly AC stopped working in a middle of the hot day. before that, car was at the car park with the AC running around 10-15 min. then when i start the journey, with in 2, 3 min time I realized this issue. I checked the AC fans and compressor Click sound , nothing. I let the car to cool down for 30 min and tried. AC start working again. compressor and fans are fine now. What could be the issue? one AC man said it could be a fail safe mechanism has been switched on and stooped the total AC system due to some kind of issue. high pressure or temperature ..etc may be i have parked the car and let the AC running for 15 min and there will be less air circulation with condenser ..etc. has any on come across this kind of issue?
  2. My vehicle is blowing visible air from one of the AC outlet, can you please advice what should I have to do to prevent that.
  3. gsumithm

    A/c Not Working At Idle

    Need help from experts & owners who experienced same situation before. My car is Kia Rio(2003 model) Continuous rattling noise came from engine bay from compressor and it was compressor clutch plate. As suggested by A/C technician I replaced, 1.Compressor clutch plate 2.Pulley assembly 3.Bearing 4.A/C hose (since there was a leak-confirmed by dye test) 5.Filled gas Now I've noticed that the AC will no longer blow cold air if I've been idling too long (either parked, sitting in traffic, at a long traffic light, etc.) Once I start driving again, it cools back down like normal. Now technician is suggesting me to replace compressor which will cost me 17,500/- (reconditioned), 34,000/- (brand new) Already I've spent 12,000/- regarding this issue. Now i'm bit confused and seeking some advice on 'what to do' ?
  4. JanakaDissanayake

    Mazda 323 Bf3P 1986 - Aircon Problem

    Hi, I recently bought a 1986 Mazda Familia 323 (BF3P) 2 Door Hatchback edition. I noticed that the engine is going retard as soon as I switched on the Air Conditioning. Later I found out that there's an Vacuum Advance Diaphragm connected to the Carburetor to mechanically pull the throttle when the Air Con is turned on and this device is not pulling the throttle enough to compensate for the AC compressor load. I wasted almost a week looking for a replacement part in Delkanda & Panchikawatte but failed to find the exact part. I would be delighted if someone can point me to a place where I can buy it. This is the culprit that makes me loose my cool! http://1drv.ms/1n1rWNe Thanking you in advance, Janaka.