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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys complete newbie here, Can I please get some help with finding a great looking car which has enough spare parts for a budget less than 3 mil, also is it okay that if I focus on the looks first? as a first time driver what kind of features should I be mindful about? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! ps- currently looking at ford capri,cortina, Audi 80, Mitsubishi lancer ex to Mitsubishi galant (Early 2000's) since I think they look pretty amazing
  2. Hi, I use a Honda civic gen 10 2018 and today after running around 27500 kms the service due icon appeared. When checked in the maintenance it lists 3 things with service due in 28 days. Please check the attached screenshot and below details. B: Chassis inspection 2. Dust and Pollen Filter 3. Transmission oil As i ve heard transmission oil should be changed in 40000kms. Can someone please advice if i need to change Transmission oil as well.
  3. Hi guys, I'm planning to buy my first car and need help and advice I saw this ad for Ford Fiesta 2011 automatic transmission for 2.6 mil. Before I reach the seller I want to clarify few things # things to check and ask the seller about the car # do you guys have any experience of using this version? If so please share your thoughts # How about maintenance and availability of spare parts? # any other makers I should check/consider Please let me know your thoughts and any advices. Thanks
  4. Hello experts, I'm regular reader in autolanka forum. I wanted to purchase a vehicle within a month of time. I travel - 15kms per day usually ( not in heavy traffic I'm working from home) - Weekly trip aroumd 50kms. - 1/2 times a month long trips aroumd 200-300kms. - For the long trips high ground cleareance is essential - Most of the time 2 to 3 people will travel - Right now I'm riding a motor cycle. - My budget is around 2 - 2.5million. - Looking for something fun to drive but do atleast 15kmpl in long trips. - I dont care weather its a wagon, hatchback, sedan, suv or a van if it is in my price range. Looking forward to see your valauble feedback. Thank you.
  5. Hey guys, I managed to get myself a used car recently and I have a bunch of general questions regarding a few things. Servicing: What are some good places for this? I've a Toyota, but I assume going to Toyota Lanka isn't really an economical idea. Repairs and Parts: Again, places. I want to DIY a bunch of things on the car, and would love some input. Currently there's a leak in the windshield washer and I want to get the tubing replaced, how should I go about this? Dashcams: I feel like this would be a good investment. Anything you guys recommend? I felt like there isn't much info around for new car owners, so if there's anything that would be helpful, please share. Much thanks in advance.
  6. I'm going to buy a car around 1.9 million. Guys please give me suggestions what I can buy in that range. It should be manufacture after 2010. Is there any Jap car? If not what are the best options I have. I'm not interest in alto or viva elite
  7. Guys, Can someone tell me about Peugeot 306 hatchbag 1997?
  8. Hi all! I'm continuing to do car research in advance of purchasing my first car, ideally costing under 3 million rupees. I plan to use it for at least 5 years after the purchase. Important question: what is better economically, getting a brand new one for around 3 mil (Picanto, Wagon R etc) or buying a second-hand one from early 2000s (Familia, Sunny, Civic etc) for around 2 mill? What concerns me is that given the old age and >100,000 km mileage of these used cars, am I likely to face heavy expenses in repairing and maintaining them within the course of 5-10 years, which might make the total cost of ownership equal to or greater than the price of a brand-new one? Thanks in advance for your advice
  9. Hello guys! I need some advice for buying my first car. My maximum budget is restricted to around 3 million, so I have few options. What do you think is best - buy a brand new manual Kia Picanto (around 3 mil the last time I checked) or import something like a 2015/2016 Vitz from Japan? Or forget both and go the local second-hand route with possible risks involved? I won't be actually buying one until a year or so, but I'm doing some research in advance anyway. I have zero prior experience with cars. Thanks for your opinions and advice!
  10. How much price reduce when exporting with a $35000 permit.?Thnx
  11. sira

    GD1 and GE6

    Dear Friends I'm looking for GD1 or GE6 which above YOM of 2006. how good is it? 1. Fuel consumption 2. Spare parts 3. Known issue 4 . Any other current market price Thank you Sira
  12. sira

    ES 8

    Dear Friends Looking for a ES8 and some of them said ES8 VTi with Multimatic will give you a very good fuel economy. 10Kmpl in colombo and 12-15 out station. but multimatic gear box you need to maintain well ES8 Exi is not very good with fuel economy how true is this? sira
  13. Hello Everyone, I have narrowed down my search to buy l400 van(1996) / Musso double cab(2006 equipped with 2.9 Benz engine) I'm after space, ground clearance, and average fuel consumption. Will be used as trip vehicle. What will be the best ? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Cheers to Everyone! I'm a newbie to the maximum.. I started following this forum very recently and I have found it extremely usefull to me just as for you guys. So thumbs up to everyone who is sharing there experiences and knowledge.. Guys! I'm looking to buy a car for our family as soon as possible. These are the things I'm really considering at this moment. 1.) Our budget is around 1.5M (Max of 1.7M) 2.) As we are getting a part of it by a loan from dad's office the vehicle need to be registered within the past 12 years. 3.) This won't be a daily runner but, having a fuel economy of 11/12kmpl on citys is somewhat expected. (This might not be practical for this situation) Maybe used about 100km per week, this is just a rough idea, not so sure. 4.) Manuals are prefered, would go for an auto unless we don't have any good condition manuals in the market. (As we are hoping to buy one within atleast 2-3weeks) So right now these are the vehicles I have been looking for, Mazda Demios, Fiat Puntos and some Peugeots. I have no idea of buying Indian stuff and dad doesn't like perodua kelisas, marchs, swifts etc.. Test drove a Peugeot 307, a 2002 one registered in 2007. Used in UK, 150k on clock upto date. It felt so great with almost every aspect, but then again I'm a total newbie when it comes to inspection. I guess I was too excited since it was the first time, I even forgot to check wheher it had power mirrors :yahoo:It's 1.5M, 10kmpl on citys as he said. Petrol, 1.3 if my memory is right no alloy wheels, body condition was good. Is it worth for a 1.475M? And guys I'm sorry about the length of this post.. Just two more clarifications, In the 307 the signal light lever on the left and the wiper lever on the right. is it same for all european vehicles in SL? And how much would be necessary to maintain a usual car for an year apart from the insurance? Thanx in advance!!
  15. Hey Guys, My Lancer had an issue with its clutch today morning, I started it as usual to leave to work and found out that the clutch was very loose and found it very difficult to shift between gears... I open the bonnet every morning as a practice to check on the water and oil situation on which ever car I decide to take out to office, and I was quite sure there was no issues with the clutch fluid in the car.... I had to shut down the engine and start it back up to get the pressure on the clutch back up again so that I could get back home.... There were no oil leaks of any sort in my garage. My assumption was that the clutch washers might need to be replaced... I faced a similar issue with my toyota crown along time back... I'm not sure if this could be the issue and look forward to find out if anyone else had gone through the same mishap before... The car will be hitting UM today to get this issue sorted out... Please advise me on your opinion...
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