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Found 5 results

  1. nisala4423

    Cefiro a33 Problem

    Hey guys <3 i have a problem with my cefiro a33. when i drive the car over 100kms straight without any rest car start to stop accelerate. no matter how hard i give gas the car wont go over 3000 rpm same thing on second gear.. the car wont accelerate over 3000 rpm or 2000 rpm. if i turn off the engine problem will stop for 5 minute. there is no check engine light. also this wont happen in short drives only in long drives ( 100 - 150 km ) i cant show the problem to a expert because it will only occur when i drive for a really long time.. thanks
  2. My car is a 2007 Allion 260 A15, it has a very sluggish acceleration, I have to step on the accelerator hard to get it going, when I release the accelerator it slows down rapidly. This started happening after I changed the plugs to NGK iridium and I did a tune-up also. It wasn’t noticeable first but after 2-3 months, started happening frequently and I think its getting worse. It’s really annoying when driving long distance, putting the gear to S allows a good acceleration though. Also it has a slight vibration when idle, with or without ac. RPM is at about 750. I have replaced 2 engine mounts which were worn-out a bit, but the problem is still there. Fuel consumption is somewhat ok, with some hard acceleration it did 15.5kmpl on colombo-kandy route. I know allions are heavy and has a sluggish acceleration, but when I bought this car it had a reasonably good acceleration.
  3. Nissan unveiled its first 100% electric production car in 2009 with the name Leaf on it. Since then, going through many improvements, the Leaf has captured a different niche in the automobile market. Even in Sri Lanka, due to its affordability which worth as its spatial practicability, the Nissan Leaf has been a major consumer choice. The powertrain with the 110 Horse Power electric motor is powered by a Lithium-ion battery which can be chosen among the 24kw and 30kw. Each battery provides 2 significantly different driving ranges, 200km and 250km respectively as its being claimed by Nissan. Practically these numbers vary significantly but for a daily city rider, the Nissan Leaf is a perfect choice. The car learns by itself the riding style of the driver. Then in the next full charge, it will show the possible traveling range according to those data. Simply, If you drive so aggressively for a few days, and then once you charged the car, it will show you a lower possible range. Anyway, these values also change in real time according to the way you accelerate. The good part is, if you are a daily city driver (short distance), then you might not need to charge the car every day because the battery doesn't get discharged when the car is stopped. Thus, in electric cars, the range is the most critical factor in production as well as when buying. That is a one reason the car became a controversy in both negatively and positively. The build quality of the car is quite good as a family car. It has plenty of leg room for both the front and rear seats with a great ride comfort. The sophisticated infotainment system is very detailed and straight forward. The electronic transmission nob adds a huge technological feeling to the cabin. Being an electric car doesn't mean that it cannot go fast but it means the total opposite. Even in Nissan Leaf, the electric motor produces 280 Nm of torque which gives a thrilling acceleration. We actually tested the car for the 0 to 100kmph speed test. With some additional information, we published our 4th episode of Tarragon TV series. Watch it, enjoy, leave us your feedback and subscribe to our youtube channel for even better videos in future.
  4. Hi, I am experiencing some slight hesitation when i accelerate from a stand still. I cleaned up the distributor cap and the contacts to the wires but I still seem to be having this problem. While driving the car pulls very well (no misfiring). During idle there is zero vibration. Any idea what I need to check? How do I know if my distributor is working fine? Thanks.
  5. Hi, My car is EK3 1996 EXI manual one. My car having an issue with the acceleration as below. When the accelerator is pressed and keep steady, I feel like car is not pulling forward properly and the car doesn’t get the speed as it supposed to do. (feel like car doesn't pickup well) This doesn't happen all the time and in such cases, what I do is release the accelerator and press it again. Then, it gives proper pulling power and car speed gets increased. (this also doesn't work some times ) I feel this issue mostly when going on higher gears (3 or 4) and also feel acceleration is jerky. Any help on this is appreciated. Thanks Ruwan
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