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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I am looking to buy my parents a car. My budget is 1.5 - 1.8 mil and I’ve narrowed down the options to a Corolla AE110 and Nissan Cefiro A33. The requirements are: Less breakdowns and repairs Long distance fuel economy Comfort and safety The car will be used for Once a week 30km round trip and the occasional long distance family trip. The car will be parked home for most of the time. My dilemma is that I’ve read threads regarding the A33 about its very high fuel consumption, some engine issue which made someones car obsolete(apparently engines aren’t available for replacement) but there are cars with good conditions and low mileages. The corolla on the other hand is more fuel economical but hard to find a good condition car and the mileages are very high. I’ve read that cefiro’s with the neo engine has better fuel economy. Please help me to come to a conclusion. Just need a car that my parents can use with peace of mind and less expenses (fuel and repairs) thanks in advance
  2. Hi Guys; So I have been using my Nissan Cefiro A33 YOM 2000 over 2 years now, It did very well but a week ago the started to give some trouble and I hope someone from the forum can help me assist in this; Usually, my car Starts at one start in a second, But at recent the car just keeps stalling, where I have to start over 5-6 times where gradually it picks up and finally starts, the idle isn't the stable and heavy scent of Fuel disposal through the exhaust for a minute. After starting the car and out to D, The car shakes a bit where you can clearly notice the first gear needs an extra push to go, But after that its smooth sail. During the afternoon it gets worse where I feel the car needs the extra push to catch up, the smoothness of the car has lost, and when the Ac is switched on the car vibrates even more when stopped or when you let go the break prior accelerating. Also, notice HEAVY LOSS ON FUEL during the process. When climbing a small hill, If i switch the AC off the car has the extra pull which is unusual as never I had to go through before. On the Electrical checup, it shows <Primary Ignition Code error> I have some knowledge on this car and I want to share my thoughts; #Could it have to do something with the Coils? (last I checked it was fine), #Could it be because of the sensors such as Cam, Crank & Shaft sensor (According to read), #COuld it be because of non-tuneup issues> the last guy did a lousy job (but was clean and had no problems then) . Please advise me what needs to be done. Highly appreciated. Thanks Bunny Boy
  3. nisala4423

    Cefiro a33 Problem

    Hey guys <3 i have a problem with my cefiro a33. when i drive the car over 100kms straight without any rest car start to stop accelerate. no matter how hard i give gas the car wont go over 3000 rpm same thing on second gear.. the car wont accelerate over 3000 rpm or 2000 rpm. if i turn off the engine problem will stop for 5 minute. there is no check engine light. also this wont happen in short drives only in long drives ( 100 - 150 km ) i cant show the problem to a expert because it will only occur when i drive for a really long time.. thanks
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